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Integrated Energy Therapy is also thought over three session to learn to channel healing energy to removed stagnant energy. There are also two other courses using Integrated Energy Therapy which are available. Healing Angels through the Energy Field is a beautiful day course which teaches us to connect with 8 different rays or vibrations of our own energy field. Steps of Transformation is another course offered which is designed to help us  release old wounds, hurts and limiting beliefs from the past and expand into our future with confidence, clarity and direction. Reiki Energy Healing is taught over three seperate days and each day will have an energy attunement which amplifies your ability to feel and use energy for healing purposes. Each course is a full days training (Steps of transformation is 2 days) with manual provided.
Bio Energy Bio Energy Therapy is a non-touch intuitively guided therapy for the treatment of physical illness, emotional and mental blocks. Baby Massage Baby massage greatly enhances the early bonding relationship between mother and baby and has many benefits.
Indian Head Massage Indian Head Massage aims to restore wholeness and harmony to the mind, body and spirit of the person. Possibly the most natural form of healing as light touch to anyone in pain can offer such tremendous relief, alike a mother to a child.

Years of bottled up fears, emotions and feelings can be purified and liberated giving an incredible sense of freedom and forgiveness without having to live out the memories.
Energy Healing attunes you to the vibration of Healing alike tuning a radio onto the station your looking for. It  gets into the space between our atoms and molecules, sifting through our destructive cells and purifying the energy connecting all our cells. Energy Therapy clears out this heaviness bringing light energy into our bodies, minds and emotions. Each classes energy healing ability is amplified providing deeper healing capability for your client. You will also learn how to feel for energy leaks in the aura, feel for heavy stagnant energy and how to bring light energy into the energy field. It is no wonder we feel so good afterwards as our cells not only work harmoniously but dance merrily in a constructive force.
Training you to firstly heal yourself, and if and when you are ready you can channel this energy to help your family, pets and friends. Oh the joys of being enthusiastic and naive: I am quickly having to learn and go back to the drawing boards, I am ever thankful for the help and guidance that I have been given along the way.

There are many who have this gift naturally simply by being open to it, especially children. So what gets posted here is going to be a mix of business set up information, little tips to help you maintain your health and details about courses, study days, information evenings being held here.So what is Imbloc? Old traditions are associated with St Brigid which quite likely predate the Christian ones and possibly had associations with early pagan goddesses such as the divine hag (Cailleach) or maybe even the Sheela Ni Gig.
It was said that if the weather was find on Imbloc then the Cailleach could go out and collect more firewood to see her through the winter, ie winter was going to drag on a little longer but if it was bad weather then she would not go out for wood and winter would end sooner. Let's wait and see what happens it is a glorious sunny day so far here but either way using BodyTalk Access everyday to help ward off colds and 'flu, keep energy levels up and stress levels down, what more could one ask for?

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