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Osteopathy is a safe and natural therapy that is suitable for people of all ages and levels of health and fitness.
Michael graduated as a Bachelor of Osteopathy from the British School of Osteopathy (regarded as the most prestigious Osteopathic college in Europe).
Osteopathy is the treatment of choice for many people suffering with back and neck problems and is recommended  by NICE (National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence) for treatment of these areas.  However, osteopaths are trained in the treatment of all parts of the body, including hip, knee, shoulder and foot.

Avenue Osteopath Sutton, Surrey is near the towns of Stoneleigh, Ewell, Worcester Park, Epsom, Morden and New Malden. Because osteopathy has a holistic approach to healthcare, the osteopathic treatment plan will include, not only treatment in the clinic, but advice on lifestyle changes such as dietary and posture advice, exercises and stretching regimes.

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