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Once infected by this bacterium, it takes almost two to three weeks for the symptoms to appear.
If ever does anyone suspect the symptoms of chlamydia, they must not delay in getting the treatment. This herb that belongs to the Legume family of plants is being used since years in Chinese medicines for its various medicinal properties. Turmeric is found to have anti-bacterial properties and hence, can be effective in curing chlamydia naturally. However, it is essential to maintain good skin hygiene and use proper shaving techniques to prevent folliculitis. You can wash the affected area with a mild antibacterial soap multiple times on a daily basis to keep the area clean and prevent the growth of infection. You can apply a mixture of vinegar and water several times to treat the symptoms of folliculitis. Intake of cleavers can provide relief from staph infections and other skin related problems including folliculitis. Direct application of tea tree oil on the skin can provide relief from the scars caused by the problem of folliculitis.
Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) is incurable, though there are remedies and natural cures to let you live a healthy and long life, even with the virus.
Almost over 7 million cases of Genital HPV are reported each year.  HPV affected individuals are mostly women and the treatment of such symptoms and signs of HPV is mainly focused on them.
An estimated 50% of women get infected through any one of the HPV viruses in their adulthood, at some point.It is seen that the level of lycopene, in a woman’s blood, suggests how quick her body’s going to kick out the body’s HPV.
It is often recommended that one should not try any therapy on the HPV, as not all alternative therapies are safe, or effective. With the information in hand that HPV is often kicked out by the body within a year or so, one should focus on building up and following a healthy diet with a regular exercise routine to build one’s immune system stronger. Try and build up the Lycopene in your body, by feasting on edibles like Watermelon, Tomato (and it’s by products), Papaya, pink guava, pink grapefruit, etc. If one’s having abnormal cell growth on their genital parts, they a re advised to go to their health care provider. Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) is one of the best natural homemade remedies to bring down the scars and warts brought up by the HPV. Avoid rancid oils and try limiting, if not barring, consumption of Alcohol, peanuts, junk foods, etc. Use Vitamin E oil on the infected skin, also put some crushed garlic over it and cover it with a tape.

Total restraint of sexual intercourse is suggested, but it is also unrealistic for an adult. Though it is unclear how much protection condoms give from HPV viruses, but the use of latex condoms should not be taken lightly. Only your healthcare provider/physician can offer you information and recommendations for you to decide about your healthcare choices. Chlamydia is caused by the bacterial specie of genus Chlamydia known as Chlamydia trachomatis.
In women, heavy menstrual flow, bleeding between periods, pain during sex or while passing urine, unusual vaginal discharge and lower abdominal pain might be some symptoms of this sexually transmitted infection.
This is all due to the fact that garlic has been provided with marvelous anti-biotic as well as anti-cancer properties which make its use versatile.It is a healthy anti-oxidant too. Astragalus root extract boosts the immune system and this helps in eradicating the infection. Yoghurt is quite effective in reducing the itching and in soothing the burning sensation that is caused due to the infection. Moreover, it changes the pH of vagina to make the survival rates low for any harmful micro-organism.
Grind this herb, boil it in water, allow it to cool and then use it every day to get rid of this infection. Turmeric is an easily available natural remedy and many of us might have it in our kitchens.
This compound contains antibacterial properties and can help in clearing staphylococcus bacteria from your skin.
You can apply cleavers on the affected part of the body to obtain relief from the skin infection. To use this remedy, you need to create an ointment by mixing goldenseal root powder with water and apply this ointment on the skin.
Honeysuckle flowers can be mixed with water to prepare a tonic and consumed on a frequent basis to obtain relief. Rubbing the affected area with baking powder can make the skin smooth and cure the infection. You can dissolve cooking table salt in warm water and wash your body with this water to reduce the itching and burning sensation. HPV or Human Papilloma Virus is not the same as genital warts, though they share some similarities.
Higher level of lycopene-blooded women tend to remove HPV at around 8 and a half moths time approximately, whereas the low level lycopene-blooded women tend to do the same at about a year or a moth less.
Also try building up your body’s Vitamin content, especially vitamin E, C and Folic acids.Avoid processed foods and go for fresh food, specially the green leafy ones.
Most probably they might go for Cryosurgery, Removing tissue with the help of hot wire loop, removing the tissue with laser treatment, etc.

Though HPV will hurt a lot when applied on the warts and infections, it works in removing the warts and infections. This bacterium is only transmitted through unprotected sex as it can be present only in semen or vaginal fluid.
Whereas in males, the symptoms can be a discharge of white or watery fluid from the tip of penis, pain while urinating and pain in testicles. Besides the medicinal drugs, there are several natural remedies as well that can cure chlamydia.
As mentioned, garlic is gifted with anti-biotic property and hence, it is quite effective in curing chlamydia by eradicating the chlamydia trachomatis bacterium.
It can kill a wide variety of pathogens and thus, can also kill and eliminate the chlamydia causing bacteria. This herb shows an anti-bacterial action and hence is an effective natural cure for chlamydia. Common symptoms include skin rashes, pimples or pustules located around a hair follicle and itching. You should continue to use this remedy till the time you obtain complete relief from folliculitis.
Genital warts are normally low risk HPV strains, however, high-risk HPV strains, such as Dysplasia diagnosis, have much greater chances of turning into cancer. But if treatment is what you desire, be sure to consult with your doctor and reliable sources, as cervical dysplasia has the chances to turn towards cancer. Start enjoying the green leafy vegetables like Broccoli, Brussels sprouts, pumpkins, carrots, plums, etc. The signs and symptoms of HPV are curable, but if the same goes on to higher levels, it may cause cancer. Learn about some of these natural treatments in the following content of this article which is all about ‘natural cures for chlamydia’. This remedy is effective in treating the urinary tract symptoms that occur due to chlamydia.
This natural cure should be used before going to sleep at night to obtain effective results. The delay, between the exposure and the emergence of warts, or other infections, may vary from months to years.

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