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We have been flooded with questions about Ayurvedic hair care what does and doesn’t work. Now, there are a MILLION different mixtures you can make for home made shampoo, conditioner, scalp treatments, etc. The benefit of adhering to a Ayurvedic regimen is that you will be using products free of silicones, preservatives, synthetic ingredients and harsh sulfates. However, you can also decide to incorporate highly effective elements of Ayurveda into your regimen, such as Henna treatments, Coconut pre-shampoo conditioning treatments and herbal pre-shampoo conditioning treatments.
Want to include simple elements of Ayurveda without committing to an entire Ayurvedic regimen? While there are many ways to use the products mentioned in this post, the following products are Ayurvedic treatments that have been the most effective during my hair journey.
Kalpi Tone: Kalpi Tone works to strengthen hair at the root, strengthen the hair shaft, and promote hair growth.
A facial pack is an intensive healing treatment that makes use of moist heat to remove deep-seated impurities. For preparing home mud pack, take a spoonful of Fullers earth (multni mitti) , two teaspoons of rose water , tomato juice , mix well and apply all over face and neck , Then leave on for 15 to 20 minutes and wash or wipe with cold water or rose water . Collect  2 slices of banana , 1 slice of apple ,1 tsp of honey ,  1 piece of orange , 1 piece of peach, 2 pieces of strawberries and raspberries With a blender or mixer take a bunch of rose petals and blend mix in mask mixture. Ayurveda Doctor , Panchakarma Specialist, Holistic Healer, Psychological Counselor, Yoga teacher, Health article writer, Blogger from the land of Ayurveda i.e Nepal. Kala Namak is a special type of Indian mineral salt, also known as Sulemani Namak, Black Salt, Himalayan Black Salt and Kala Loon. So here is an overview of what Ayuvedic hair care is and how to incorporate in your hair regimen.
The practice  is  made up of natural, herbs, powders, oils and techniques to promote hair health, growth, thickness and length.
But if you are anything like me you don’t have the time or the patience to sit there and mix up Indian herbs and powders in your kitchen. Ayurvedic regimens typically include cleansing the hair with herbal infusions, and conditioning the hair with nourishing oils.
These inclusions are extremely beneficial for the promotion of healthy, thick, vibrant hair; yet require less time commitment than an exclusive Ayurvedic regimen. These products also include numerous traditional Ayurvedic herbs which is a plus for those that aren’t into complex hair regimens which requires the purchase of tons of different ingredients. This is a great pack for skin purification, rejuvenation, blemishes and other skin related problems. Contrary to its name, Himalayan Black Salt is not black at all but rather dark red with a grey glare.Production of Kala NamakHimalayan Black Salt is obtained from the mineral halite.

The drawback to practicing an exclusive Ayurvedic regimen is the amount of time it takes to prepare treatments. Those that wish to keep their regimen simple will also appreciate that this powder includes other herbs beneficial to hair care [like amla, maka, hibiscus, and methi just to name a few]. Pre-shampooing will help ensure the hair stays moisturized even after shampooing with a product that contains sulfates [which is usually drying to hair]. Using the right face pack that suits the skin type makes the skin fairer, cleaner and much smoother. It is extracted from mines in India, Bangladesh, Nepal and Pakistan, as well as from the Indian salt lakes Sambhar and Didwana. Indians believe that the health of the hair, skin, and nails indicates the health of the person. Ayurvedic regimens can be as simple [incorporating a few elements], or as complex [following a strict regimen, cutting out commercial products] as you choose.
Another benefit to this quick and easy pre-shampoo treatment is that it also works to strengthen and nourish hair follicles; preventing hair fall and promoting hair growth. To get kala namak, first the raw salts need to be baked in a furnace for an entire 24 hours.The process requires that they bake in ceramic jars with activated carbon, with a few seeds of amla, baheda and bark of acacia added. Basically, Ayurveda  is alternative medicine that is native to India and there are forms of Ayurvedic treatments for skin, medicine, etc. To rinse out, add a few generous size dollops of cheap conditioner [like V05, or Suave] to your hair and work it through in a gentle, massaging motion. If you have pimples, blackheads or boils, a purifying facial pack may be just what you need. Rinse immediately, as the tiny flecks of herbal product should rinse clean with the aid of the conditioner.
Even if you don’t have any unsightly blemishes, a facial pack will provide moisture to dehydrated skin (oily skin can get dehydrated, too). Usually, the salt crystals darken but when they are ground to fine powder, it turns pink.Even though Himalayan Black Salt can be obtained from natural salts with the aforementioned impurities, more and more it's being made artificially. The artificial method for obtaining kala namak includes combining sodium chloride with small quantities of sodium sulfate, sodium bisulfite and iron sulfide, which is later reduced with carbon in the furnace.It's also been proven that a similar product can be obtained by reductive thermal treatment of sodium chloride, 5-10% sodium carbonate, sodium sulfate and a little sugar. Ingredients of natural face packs consist of fresh fruits and vegetables that nourish the skin and greatly enhance natural beauty; enzymes contained in them tone the skin and provide the necessary nutrition. However, natural Himalayan Black Salt contains vitamins and iron and definitely possesses a higher nutritional value than its double. Composition of Kala NamakThe composition of kala namak includes sodium chloride, sulphates, sulphides, preservatives and magnesium. The pink color of Himalayan Black Salt is due to the stabilizing sulphides, while its characteristic and specific smell is owed to the hydrogen sulfide in its composition.Benefits of Kala NamakKala Namak has no lack of health benefits.

Experts claim that natural Himalayan Black Salt has a lower sodium content than table salt. According to them, kala namak is even suitable for people on salt-free diets and those suffering from hypertension. The sulfur and salt found in the water alleviate pain in the joints, bones and muscles, plus they disinfect.
That is why people around the world use a water solution of Himalayan Black Salt in order to treat infections and local inflammations. This same type of salt water can be used for inhalations for treatment and cleansing of the respiratory airways. Kala Namak in AyurvedaAyurvedic medicine recommends Himalayan Black Salt for a number of diseases. Thanks to the laxative effect of Kala Namak, it is excellent against constipation.It’s also recommended for gas, bloated stomach, acids, goiters, hysteria and more. Since natural kala namak contains many different minerals, it has excellent effects for people suffering from anemia. According to Ayurvedic healers, Himalayan Black Salt has rejuvenating, soothing and cooling effects on our body, it improves digestion and vision.Kala Namak in CuisineHimalayan Black Salt is used primarily in culinary recipes traditional for India, Bangladesh and Pakistan. So if you’re planning on preparing a dish whose recipe calls for using kala namak, don’t be fooled that sea salt or plain old table salt would do a good job of substituting it. You can sprinkle a fresh piece of apple or banana with kala namak to best experience its taste.However, the taste of Himalayan Black Salt is not liked by everyone since it is so specific and reminds one’s taste buds of eggs (or more accurately rotten eggs). But it’s also for this reason that it’s used by vegans and vegetarians who have stopped eating eggs.
In vegan cuisine, Himalayan Black Salt is used to season salads with tofu, to imitate egg salads.
Besides it, chaat masala contains cumin, grated mango, coriander, dried ginger, black pepper, asafetida and dried chili. Once the spice cools, grind it and add it to the tarator along with the kala namak and asafoetida.
Finally, salt and stir.Dangers of Kala NamakEven though Himalayan Black Salt helps for a number of health problems, it shouldn’t be consumed in large quantities.
Persons with hypotension (abnormally low blood pressure) also need to be careful when cooking with kala namak because it can further lower blood pressure levels.

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