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An acne is a rather hard and red swelling of the skin, majorly due to the excess accumulation of a protective secretion of the skin known as the sebum.
Olive oil serves as a fantastic anti-oxidant, thus getting rid of hard spots and blemishes often left behind by acne affliction.
Olive oil has anti-bacterial properties, thus hindering the growth of the acnes bacteria that feeds on the sebaceous secretions of the skin to be alive. As an anti-inflammatory, olive oil reduces the harsh spots and redness of the skin and assuages the pain from the swelling.
There are several ways in which olive oil can be used to treat acne and other skin blemishes. Take a bowl and mix a good quality extra virgin olive oil to finely grounded sea salts and make a paste. Take the glass jar and add one-eighth of lemon juice to one-fourth of extra virgin olive oil. Additionally, you can use an olive oil treatment in conjunction with several other skin treatments to ensure healthy breathing of the skin. Known to have the least side effects, olive oil works wonders on your skin when most beauty products fail.

More often than not, the problem of acne lies with unsound hygiene and a lack of proper and balanced diet. The case of the adult acne is quite severe because of the exponential levels of stress our daily lives hand out to us.
The secretions from these sebaceous glands get blocked behind the pores of the skin, thus resulting in acne. It is not only a fantastic base for creating healing essential oils but the oil of the olive has many therapeutic properties. It can be either administered in isolation or taken in combination with other components for a healthy looking skin. It is also a good idea to massage extra virgin olive oil onto your body and your face from time to time keep the skin supple and moist.
A diet excessively rich in fat and carbohydrates may lead to a considerable amount of acne outgrowth. Usually in adolescent children the growth of acne is exponential because of hormonal secretions. Olive oil does not block skin pores, and can be used as a base oil for almost any cosmetic product.

Often, the trick is to drink a lot of water and indulge in the consumption of green leafy vegetables.
After having gone through a thorough olive oil treatment for your skin, you can now treat yourself to a steam facial.
Let us know how you have been dealing with your acne and feel free to share with us your own natural remedies. It has been observed that switching birth control pills also contributes to the growth of zits. A lot of health problems can easily be addressed if you switch your cooking oil to olive oil. Birth control pills contain substances like cortecosteroids and zinc that lead to an arrogant outbreak.
Take caution not to slide too near to the steam as that may lead to severe burns and scalding.

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