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Most parents will have to suffer through their baby getting a cold, and it is not nice thinking that there is nothing you can do to help them.
Breathing moist air (from humidifier or cool mist vaporizer) will help to loosen the mucous in the nasal passages. If you feel ita€™s not the correct time to bath a baby, simply pour hot water in bath tub & close all the bathroom doors to get steam and stay there for 15 minutes. Warm liquids relieve congestion and chicken soup gives relief from cold symptoms which were proved by studies & experiments.
Coconut oil contains lauric acid, which is anti microbial fatty acid that helps in protecting the immune system. Breast milk is rich in anantibiotic property which is specific to your babya€™s environment. Neti pot, when used with a mild saline solution, flushes through the nasal passages, moisturizing the area & thinning the mucous. If your child is suffering with fever, then give a five minutes sponge bath in lukewarm water.
Other than vapor rubs, you can also use essential oils to massage on baby chest, back & feet to get relief from the cold. Apply petroleum jelly to your babya€™s nose (outside), which helps to reduce the irritation. Do not give aspirin to your babies, it trigger on the rare condition called Reyea€™s syndrome, which makes the condition fatal.
Call your doctor when your baby starts rubbing at their ears or cries when sucking during the feeding.
Using colic home remedies involves learning baby massage and use herbal and homeopathic remedies. How To Give iBaba RemedyIn a small baby one tablet should be dissolved in boiled water and given with a tea spoon slowly.
Positive Affirmations For Birth And Delivery Jul 15, 15 08:34 PMThese positive affirmations for birth and delivery will help you focus on your birth and prepare mentally and emotionally. Thrush is an infection caused by candida fungus, forming creamy white, raised lesions in mouth, mainly on tongue and inner side of cheeks. Thrush may affect anyone from babies, toddlers, younger to older adults, mostly the ones whose immune system got weakened, due to one or the other reasons. Many women may experience vaginal thrush at some point in their lives, majorily in their thirties or forties or during pregnancy. Some women may not show any sign of infection until they go for cervical smear test but in rest of the women, specific symptoms of vaginal thrush exist.
Potential triggers can be tight clothing that hinders adequate ventilation, bubble bath or vaginal douches, use of antibiotics or chemotherapy. Symptoms are quite similar to those in women and the affected men show red patches on penis or foreskin, cottage cheese discharge with burning, itching or discomfort under the foreskin or at tip of penis, or discomfort while passing urine.
In infants, thrush symptoms include distinctive mouth lesions, fussiness or irritability due to difficulty in having breastfeed.
Women with infected breasts may have itchy, sensitive or red nipples, flaky, shiny skin on areola region, unusual pain while nursing, painful nipples or severe stabbing pains inside the breast. This first batch of structural home remedies for insomnia deals with your (sleeping) habits and behavioral patterns.
Go to bed only when you're sleepy, and if you can't fall asleep in 15 minutes or so, get up and go out of the bedroom, do something monotonous but you still like to do. Don't do any seriously stressful tasks or exercises right before sleeping, and yes sex is the only exception to this ruleClear your head before you go to bed. Structural home remedies for insomniaDeveloping rituals before bedThis insomnia treatment is closely connected to the one above. Structural home remedies for insomniaUsing your bed what it's made forAnd that means only sleep and sex are allowed in bed. Structural home remedies for insomniaExercisingYes exercise is good to use up your energy and get tired, but don't do it too close to bedtime. Food and drinks obviously play an important role in everybody's life, but not everybody has the right feeding or drinking habits. You could be waking up in the middle of the night because your system is low on calcium and magnesium.
Structural home remedies for insomniaA light snack before bedDon't eat large meals or eat sugary snacks before bed but also don't go to bed hungry. Final noteHow much sleep you need is different from individual to individual, it is up to you to decide what is best for youAlso remember that all people are individuals and all cases are different. So, drinking plenty of fluids hydrated & flushes and thins your child nasal secretions.

This is the reason why breast fed infant contract lesser infections compared to those who are given formula. Clearing the nose of mucus will help the children to breathe smoothly & makes them feel comfortable while sleeping. The recommended oils are lemon, Lavender, eucalyptus or sandalwood but dona€™t use peppermint oil.
Gentle Pressure for Gas Position your colic baby on your arm with your palm against his abdomen. Relieve Constipation If your colic baby is constipated make sure to help him have a bowl movement by massaging his tummy very gently in a clockwise circular motion or hold your baby over an infant potty. If the baby is in great distress it can be given 15 minutes for up to 8 doses until relief is noticed; then every 2 hours as needed. Usually, such crying bouts last for a few hours daily and occur at least three times a week for more than three weeks. In severe cases, babies can also show symptoms like frequent vomiting, a change in stools, unstable body temperature, poor weight gain and fatigue.Colic can be distressing for both the baby and the parents. Candida fungus is normally present in the mouth, skin and digestive tract of all but is usually not harmful as its amounts are kept in check by helpful microorganisms and bacteria. During period of stress, certain illnesses or under medications, the delicate balance gets disrupted, leading to uncontrollable growth of candida, causing thrush. Usual symptoms include redness of vagina or vulva region, irritation, soreness or itching of vulva, white cottage cheese like discharge that can be either thick or thin, but normally odorless and discomfort or pain while urinating or having sexual contact.
Though, it is not considered as sexually transmitted disease but it could pass on from one partner to another during foreplay of oral, vaginal or anal sex.
The infection gets easily passed on to mother, with back and forth spread of infection to baby’s mouth and mother’s breasts. Like we mentioned our bodies are routine junkies and when you develop certain set rituals before bed this prepares our body for sleep. So a healthy well balanced diet with a lot of fruit and vegetables, some milk products, water, whole wheat bread, brown rice or pasta, less fat, no refined sugar or white flour products.
Make sure to take the advice of the pediatrician or general doctor while using these remedies. They are simple but effective colic treatments that work by helping your baby release trapped gas. It is also called panthothenic acid and it is needed for the normal functioning of the gastro-intestinal tract. This problem is found in 5 to 25% of infants at some point.It starts when a baby is 2 or 3 weeks old and resolves gradually within a few months, usually by the time the baby is 4 to 6 months old.
Parents of colicky babies can suffer from relationship stress, breastfeeding problems and even postpartum depression.You need to handle the situation properly and be thankful that in a matter of weeks or months, the colic will end. It may also occur in other regions of the body, causing vaginal thrush in women or diaper rashes in infants. The lesions have a cottage cheesy appearance and under severe cases, can spread further into or beyond esophagus causing pain, difficulty in swallowing, sticky throat, heavy chest after eating or fever.
Since, Candida albicans cause this infection and therefore, is also popularly known as vulvovaginal candidiasis. Whatever, just get me to sleep to begin with." We hear you and are here to lend you a handQuick fixWe assume you already tried some of the quick fixes to get you to sleep. Also start making plans for the next dayThis insomnia treatment will clear your head so you can block out unpleasant thoughts and think of pleasant memories, the good days; let your fantasy run away with you. When you go to sleep turn on a small turning fan or some light music at very low volume, this will drown out the outside noises. This is called "elimination communication" when the caregiver learns when the infant baby is going to have a bowel movement and put the baby on the potty as soon as possible. Antibiotics kill the gut of friendly bacteria which are needed to keep the immune system strong. Some babies like the sound of a white sound machine, some like classical music, some lullabies. At times, it can be a problem in older babies, too.The exact cause is unknown, but one suspected reason is that air trapped in the abdominal cavity leads to pain and discomfort. It may reach other organs like liver, lungs and skin in individuals with immune-compromised disorders like HIV or cancer. If not, please do and see if they might do the trick for tonightSo you're still with us, that can only mean you're looking for structural home remedies for insomniaNormally transient and short term insomnia can be fixed and prevented when you remove or correct the underlying cause or causes. Don't do anything that really excites you or that makes you do something with a specific goal like housework or laundryWhenever you feel sleepy go to bed.
If you know your baby is constipated, boil 6 dried prunes in 250 ml of water for 20 minutes.
Mom and baby should take a good probiotic on regular bases to restore a healthy intestinal flora.

Put Your Baby on A Swing Mechanical swings help baby stay in an upright position and fall asleep while rocking back and forth.
Also, babies born to mothers who smoked during pregnancy or after delivery have a greater risk of developing colic. It acts as an anti-flatulent, aids digestion and relieves gas.Add a pinch of asafetida powder to 1 tablespoon of water. Warm Applications Colic treatments that use mild heat are also very effective in relieving colic pain in babies.
Colic in baby can be caused by a decrease in the number of good bacteria which aid digestion.
Warm a magic bag or bean bag for 1 minute in the microwave or prepare a water bottle and place it on the baby's abdomen.
Water prune is one of those colic home remedies that works well even in very small infants.
Do not give your baby store prune juice because it is pasteurized and may contain sugar or other ingredients. Also make sure to purchase a high quality product specific for infant because infants have a different flora composition than adults. You can also use the magic bag to warm your hands and then apply gentle pressure on the baby's abdomen.3.
Put Baby On A Sling and Go For A Walk Most baby like the smell and the body heat of their mom. Oil MassageRegular oil massages will also do wonders for any baby suffering from colic pain. Grippe Water Herbal Remedy Among all the popular colic home remedies, Grippe Water has the highest reputation. Grippe water is the generic name for a herbal remedy that contains ingredients to soothe colic pains. This remedy is very safe and very effective in treating colic in babies because it contains Chamomile in homeopathic dilution and magnesia phosphorica in tissue salt preparation.Chamomilla helps soothe digestive upset, gas and acidity.
You can make your own Grippe Water by making an infusion of organic fennel and ginger herbal remedies. Magnesia phosphorica helps treat intestinal spasm and cramps.This remedy works wonders when the main symptoms of baby colic is severe painful abdominal contractions.
Knee Pushing ExerciseGentle exercise is essential for your baby to ensure smooth digestion. Among all the colic home remedies I know, this is the most effective in 80% of colicky babies. Now repeat the bicycle motion alternating legs and then both legs up toward the tummy and both stretch out.
Give your baby a break and do this exercise 2-3 more times each evening or each time the baby is gassy.
When To Seek Medical Care Colic home remedies are a great solution for many colicky babies, but talk to your doctor if your baby has severe symptoms. Seek medical care when your baby is in great distress for long periods of time or if there is vomiting, diarrhea, constipation or retained urination. Paediatricians often diagnose colic in baby if a baby cries for three or more hours per day, at least three times per week, within a three month period. Help for Mom and Dad Colic home remedies are not just helpful for your baby, but also for you. This time is probably the most difficult time for parents, so do not expect to be able to do everything perfectly, ask for help and allow time during the day to take care of yourself.
If you are nursing your baby, avoid eating broccoli, cabbage, kale, collards greens, garlic, onions, turnip, and especially spicy foods. Also, stay away from fried foods, fast food, dairy products ( except all natural yogurt), wheat products, eggs, and beans. Take a walk, have a tea with a friend, whatever makes you happy and helps you relax for a few hours. Do gentle exercise if you feel up to it (do not exercise during the first 6 weeks of postpartum). Deal with stress by saying positive affirmations, receiving postpartum massage, take a yoga or meditation class.9.

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