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Grapefruit Seed Extract provides a wealth of antioxidants making it the perfect immune system booster.
To ease a sore throat place a drop of medicinal grade tea tree oil on your finger and suck it off; repeat as needed.
To be rid of bacteria in your mouth, salt water draws out the bacteria and provides a bacteria fighting environment.
To help your body fight infection, cut through phlegm and ease a sore throat sip a mixture of hot water, 2 Tablespoons apple cider vinegar and 1 Tablespoon of raw honey. Take doses according to directions on label to bind toxins and sickness-causing germs in digestive tract.
Bentonite clay works similarly similar to activated charcoal in that it binds and flushes out toxins.
If you’re having trouble sleeping well just take 3 capsules each 30 minutes before bedtime.
Elderberry Extract has been tested repeatedly and is found to shorten the duration of illness by as much as four days in addition to being highly effective at fighting up to 10 strains of flu virus.
Keep a supply of thyme essential oil or dried thyme on hand in the event that you fall ill with either the flu or with a common cold.
A number of studies have found that licorice root extracts can fight off the flu, including strains of the avian flu virus. To get rid of any nausea the flu may cause you, rub 4-6 drops of peppermint oil on your abdomen, focusing on the naval area. Coconut oil has naturally high levels of lauric acid, that the body converts into a compound with strong antimicrobial properties.

High levels of omega-3s make this ideal for reducing inflammation (great for those swelling sinus areas), while the naturally occurring levels of vitamins A and D help promote immune health.
Use a eyedropper or a Netipot to pour a nasal wash through your nose to help clear up sinus troubles and congestion.
Herbal teas, homemade bone broth, and hot lemon water, all help boost the immune system and soothe you when feeling sick. Tea tree oil is also used as a natural remedy to treat congestion when added to a hot bath. Your body needs rest to recover and Valerian Root made a HUGE difference for me in being able to rest well at night. Nearly all of the scientific studies conducted on elderberry have used a commercial product called Sambucol, which you can find in liquid form from a number of different companies. Thyme is an expectorant, which makes coughs more productive (it clears your lungs out which will help you feel better sooner).
While ginger is known to aid with nausea, be sure to eat with a meal to prevent an upset stomach as fresh ginger can be more harsh.
Peppermint can also be used to reduce a fever by rubbing 5 drops of the oil onto the bottom of each foot.
These 26 natural home remedies for a cold and the flu are the best of the best that I swear by.
Extra caution should be taken when administering these remedies to children or if you are pregnant.
For ear aches, place 1 drop warm garlic oil in each ear; or place a small garlic clove in ear and let it sit for 20 to 30 minutes.

You can brew an herbal tea by steeping two teaspoons of fresh thyme in a cup of boiling-hot water for 10 minutes.
At night, bust congestion by placing a few drops of the oil on a soft cloth and place it below your pillow so the fumes will diffuse throughout the night. For congestion relief, just put a drop on your tongue and inhale – the peppermint will do the rest! Chamomile helps reduce inflammation and has a calming effect, which can result in better sleep.
Next time the flu or a nasty cough or cold hits your home, use these home remedies for natural healing.
Always talk to a doctor or pharmacist if you’re taking any prescriptions, as licorice has been found to interfere with some medications. Mix well, and while standing over a sink tilt your head to one side and slowly pour it through the nostril that is facing upwards.
Homemade cinnamon tea made with one tablespoon of cinnamon and one teaspoon of honey helps get rid of coughing and congestion.
While suffering lots of congestion or a painful cough, I also mix the eucalyptus oil with a little coconut oil which acts as a vapor rub. Be sure someone else is home that can help you as you may experience dizziness and lightheadedness after the bath.

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