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Nature has humungous amounts of remedies for so many health problems we face in our day-to-day lives. Whatever the season, our face is the first victim of any kind of climatic changes as it is the most exposed part of our body.
The face has to deal with external pollution, climatic changes, dust and many other troubles.
The most common skin damage which is caused during the summers is skin tan or pigmentation. Oily skin is majorly prone to painful and awful looking pimples as the dirt gets clogged in pores. Face packs for oily skin remove excess oil from the skin thereby preventing pimples and acne. Dry skin is prone to maximum damage during winters as the skin tends to lose its natural moisture making it flaky and crackly. Oily skin is said to be most sensitive as it is highly prone to dermatological disorders like acne and pimples.  Oily skin gets aggravated during summers as the heat from the sun tends to produce more sebum, which is coupled with dirt and sweat. Appearance of dark spots, aging spots or blemishes on the facial skin is caused due to increased levels of pollution.
Human skin has an amazing mechanism of forming new cells and shedding off old and dead cells. These naturally occurring enzymes, vitamins and minerals in papaya face pack, exfoliate and replenish skin cells and bring in a natural glow to your skin.
In order to gain the natural benefits of this fruit, one can apply mashed papaya directly on your face and leave it for 10 minutes. Walnuts are the richest sources of Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids, which belong to the class of essential fatty acids. All these active ingredients of walnuts are especially useful for revitalising and rejuvenating your skin.
Walnut face Packs for Glowing Skin can be prepared by taking 3-4 walnuts and blending them in a blender with 1 tablespoon of powdered oatmeal, ? teaspoon honey, 4-5 drops of wheat germ essential oil and yoghurt. The main active ingredient in turmeric is curcumin which is highly therapeutic, boosts your immune system and also acts as an anti-oxidant. Mix one spoon pureed mint, two spoons milk, one spoon honey and ? spoon turmeric powder and make it into a fine paste.
Active ingredients Are you looking a solution for uneven skin tone, pigmentation or dullness? Multani milli, also called as fuller’s earth is a clay substance which has minerals such as aluminium silicate, offers high absorbent properties. This face pack helps in cleansing clogged pores, reducing pigmentation and lightening your complexion and blemishes.
Yogurt contains lactic acid, which is a highly beneficial acid that provides smoothness to the skin and also prevents skin from premature aging. All these essential minerals and acids act as wonderful moisturising and anti-aging agents. Gram flour also popularly called as besan; it is a wonderful exfoliating agent, which gives natural glow to the skin. Mix a table spoon of gramflour with 1 tablespoon of milk and add ? teaspoon honey and a few drops of fresh lime juice. Importance of the ingredients Using neem in your face packs can keep you away from pimples, acne, blemishes and gives you a clear and glowing skin. Dry neem and tulsi leaves under the sun until all the moisture is absorbed and powder them.
People with oily skin can add sandalwood powder or multani mitti instead of honey and apply this paste on your face.
Aloe vera is a wonderful natural ingredient provided by our mother nature, which is being used as a base for many ayurvedic medicines.
Importance of the Ingredients It is a naturally occurring anti-oxidant, moisturizer, anti-aging agent and also reduces pain and inflammation.
Mix a pinch of turmeric, 1 teaspoon of honey, 1 teaspoon of milk and a few drops of rose water. Feeding your skin with right amount of vitamins and minerals which in turn show their magic on your skin. Using natural ingredients for many skin disorders like pigmentation, skin tan, acne, pimples etc. Madhavi is a senior editor at UrbanWired with deep love and passion for all things health, wellness, fitness and fashion. We all want the type of skins that they show on TV and films-flawless, with no marks or blemishes, and with a beautiful and natural glow to it. Dry Skin: Dry skin is characterised by lines and wrinkles, especially on the face, a tendency to get flaky and itchy and a rough texture.
Oily Skin: Oily skin types have a shiny surface, lots of acne and pimples and marks on the skin.
Combination Skin: Combination skin is a combination of two types of the above mentioned skin types. Sun: Sun is the most harmful thing for your skin with UV rays that directly attack the skin and damage it. Harsh Weather: Rain, dry winter, humidity, all affect different skin types differently, encouraging the outburst of blackheads, pimples and acne.
Chemicals: Chemicals present in makeup and skin treatment products adversely affect the pores in our skin and cause breakouts and wrinkles on the face. Wrong Cream for Wrong Skin Type: We often do not understand our skin type and use an oily cream on oily skin or a drying cream on dry skin, which further damages our skin.
Normal Skin: With  normal skin, there are no visible signs of damage that other people might experience. Add a bit of jasmine oil to lavender oil and use it to add tightness to your skin and to reduce the natural oils in the skin.
Use essential oils like rose, lavender and neroli to create a homemade moisturiser for your normal skin.
Use fruits like apple or grapes mixed with green tea or milk to make natural chemical-free toners for your normal skin. Rub coconut oil in your hands and apply it on your face smoothly and evenly before sleeping.  Coconut oil will give moisture and counter the dryness and flakiness of the skin. Almond oil is a good source of vitamin E and is known for its anti-inflammatory properties. Oily skin has a lot of oil naturally and any weather condition like heat or humidity makes the skin pores extremely saturated, casuing breakouts in the form of acne and pimples.
Apply lemon juice directly if it doesn’t burn, or add distilled water to it and apply with cotton till it dries. Apples have malic acid that is a good antiseptic and astringent and very soothing for oily skin with breakouts.
Sensitive skin is very sensitive to all sorts of harsh chemicals and even mild acids like those present in lemon. Sensitive skin will react to lemon juice, so instead of using it directly, mix it with olive oil and apply on your face. Rose water is very good for sensitive skin and you can use this treatment every time you want to counter the effects of bad weather conditions. So, follow a skin care regime diligently, use a sunscreen, cover your face when out in the Sun and do not experiment with too many different types of makeup and chemicals. You need to find a good moisturiser for oily skin as well as the oiliness of the skin is only external and you need good moisturising elements under the skin.
A good diet of fruits and vegetables, and less of fast foods, will help in giving you glowing skin. Samridhi is a writer, filmmaker and a fitness enthusiast who has been into body transformation and fitness mechanisms for over two years now.
Content (text, audio, video) on this website is only intended to provide general information to the reader and is not intended to be used as medical advice, professional diagnosis or treatment. It is true that real beauty is not just skin deep, but having a beautiful skin on the exterior too, is an added bonus which most of us would sacrifice an arm and a leg for! There are hundreds of skin care products available in the market, which promise to convert you from this shy, introverted and ugly duckling to an outgoing and beautifully fair person in just seven days! Bleaches and fairness creams contain chemicals like mercury and hydroquinone that help to instantly lighten the skin, but have deadly long term effect as they cause wrinkles and sagging of the skin and could even cause cancer later on if used regularly.
Why do we have to punish our skin by using such dangerous chemicals when there is a much natural, cheaper and safer way to have a glowing skin?

Turmeric is an age old ingredient that finds its place of honor in most of Grandmas recipe for a blemish free skin and is effective in getting rid of acne. Given below are some combinations of these kitchen products, which when used can give a dramatic effect and cause your skin to glow. Few drops of lemon juice added to a tablespoon of milk and massaged on the face and neck will soften the skin and also bleach the face.
A tablespoon of cucumber juice, with a few drops of lemon juice and a pinch of turmeric powder can be used to whiten the facial skin. A slice of unpeeled potato, soaked in water for five minutes can be rubbed on the face to brighten the skin. Paste obtained from grinding cucumber with lemon juice is a good astringent, which can clean and bleach the skin.
A paste of milk, with sandalwood powder and turmeric powder applied daily on the face for 5 minutes improves the complexion. Apply 2 tablespoons of Fullers Earth, mixed with 1 teaspoon each of lemon juice and buttermilk.
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Everywoman wants to have flawless skin but flawless and radiant skin largely depends on the kind of lifestyle you lead and on your food habits.
Prepare a moisturizer for your dry skin by mixing a quarter cup of rose water and glycerine.
If your skin type is normal, you can regularly use a face mask for glowing and spotless facial skin. Though all possible measures have been taken to ensure accuracy, reliability, timeliness and authenticity of the information; Onlymyhealth assumes no liability for the same. Tomatoes are a common ingredient in every kitchen but you would hardly hear anyone talking about its skin health benefits.
When you think of turmeric, you would instantly think of a spice widely used in India and other Asian countries, but it's not just that! Take 1 tablespoon of cucumber juice, few drops of lemon juice and a pinch or two of turmeric powder.
Natural treatments for trivial problems have become popular because they work efficiently with negligible side effects.
The irony is that our facial skin is extremely sensitive when compared to any other part of our body. In fact, you will find solutions in the form of ingredients at home, in your very own kitchen. Pigmentation, tan marks, skin burns; if you relate to any of these words then you have been the victim of the generosity of the sun’s rays.
Oily skin has more open pores when compared to dry skin as the sebaceous glands are most active here. Multani mitti face pack is the best suited and highly recommended natural remedy to remove excess oil from the skin. Dry skin tends to form wrinkles at a very early stage as the natural collagen that is present in the skin depletes.
To keep you away from these problems and to maintain a healthy and glowing skin, there are several home remedies that are highly effective.
Papaya is rich in vitamins like Vitamin C, A, antioxidants, minerals like magnesium, potassium etc. They are also rich in vitamin E, carotenoids, melatonin, ellagic acid and polyphenolic compounds. Walnuts are also rich in anti-oxidants that help in fighting free radicals and delay premature aging. It has many antiseptic and anti-bacterial properties that have amazing healing and therapeutic properties. It is a traditional skincare ingredient which is highly beneficial for oily skin in maintaining sebum levels and treating acne. It clears dead cells from the epidermis layer, which gives rise to glowing and radiant skin. It is an age old agent which is used even today for scrubbing purposes as it exfoliates dead skin cells. Because of these properties, it can be used for both dry and oily skin and also for acne prone skin.
Blend them into a paste by using aloe vera gel that is obtained from the leaves of aloevera. Let it be treating ailments or beautifying your body, nature has answers for all our questions. She is a master's graduate in human resource management but fell in love with healthy living.
But flawless skin on televison comes with air brushing, good lighting and due to expensive makeup artists. Normal skin is characterised by few lines or marks, no acne and and a radiant and even complexion. It usually gets irritated and red when something touches it and breaks out into acne and eruptions. Usually we all have combination skin with an oily T zone or dry cheeks or a dry T zone with sensitive cheeks.
Your T zone is the part with your forehead and your nose and is usually different from the rest of the face.  The skin around our lips and under our eyes tends to be more sensitive while our cheeks face the brunt of our makeup and chemical attack. If you don’t moisturise daily and regularly, your dry skin may become flaky and rough, sore, red and tchy. The juice in the tomato is known for its soothing properties for skin with pimples and oil. Do not use hot water or very cold water on your face as it shocks your skin.  Similarly, before sleeping, make sure you remove all your makeup and your skin is clean and moisturised. You also need to eat a diet full of good fats like, nuts and milk, as fats are very important to maintain the suppleness and quality of skin. With a keen interest and health and overall fitness, she believes that the human body is a great gift and it is up to us to maintain it with as much perfection and care as we can. The skin is the largest and most visible organ on our body, weighing about 15% of the complete body weight. Little do we realize the harm we are doing to our skin, as most cosmetics have ingredients in them which are so deadly and dangerous that, despite their short term benefits, has a disastrous effect on the skin later on? Similarly, most other chemicals used in cosmetics like mineral oil, Ethylene Oxide and chemicals to make synthetic fragrances cause premature ageing, wrinkles and sagging skin. Look around in your kitchen and you will find that what you use in your daily cooking and diet to keep your body healthy and nourished, is in fact useful in producing dramatic and beautiful effects on your skin too.
Make a paste of 2 table spoon of milk cream, 1? table spoons of wheat flour and few drops of lime juice. Beauty Tips: UrduTotkay provide you the best home made Totkay for your daily life, even beauty tips in Urdu and English as well. If you have or suspect having any medical condition, kindly contact your professional health care provider. I thought only my blog provides good information regarding health and fitness but your blog is amazing too! But it has been difficult to maintain the fairness in today’s time, with a lot of pollution, hybrid and junk food and stress.
Whether you want to reduce acne or cure large pores and rashes or sooth a nasty sunburn or simply to revive the glow on your dull skin, tomatoes are beneficial in many homemade beauty treatments.
It’s natural oil-absorbing properties makes them good for oily or acne-prone and dull skin. Banana, rich in antioxidants, phytochemicals and moisture, will nourish and revitalize your dry skin as well as smoothen your rough and aging skin. Instead of going to beauty parlor and spending bulk from your pocket, you can consume it or apply it over your face directly to get skin health benefits.

There are several face packs for glowing skin, which can do magic for your skin without much effort. Now-a-days pollution plays a big role in making our skin prone to acne, pimples and many other skin related problems. Constant cleansing with milk and toning with an astringent can keep dirt away from the skin. Dry skin needs to be cleansed, toned and moisturised to maintain the moisture levels in it. This fruit which is naturally rich in many vitamins and minerals is highly beneficial for skin. Rose petals are high in antioxidants, vitamin C, B and K and have many anti-bacterial properties. Leave the pack for 25-30 minutes and wash it with warm water by massaging gently in upward movements. This is one spice, which is profusely available in the Indian markets and has wonderful benefits for skin. Fruits and vegetables contain enormous amounts of vitamins and minerals along with medicinal and healing properties that are highly beneficial for mankind.
Given how uninformed people were about personal health, fitness and fashion; she felt compelled to educate, enlighten and entertain the average joe and jane around the globe. We bring you 10 best home remedies for glowing skin which you can do in the safety and comfort of your home with no side effects and extra expense. No two skin types are similar and the way your skin reacts to environmental conditions and chemicals, depends on your skin type. It is characterized by a sensitivity to chemicals and creams and almost anything causes  the skin to burn, itch and become red. To keep this type of skin glowing, you need to follow some basic tips and you will be the owner of beautiful and glowing skin forever. The sugar granules and the astringent in lemon will help exfoliate the skin while not making it too dry.
The combined action of cucumber as an anti-infectant, honey as a moisturiser and lemon as an astringent make for a very good face pack for sensitive skin. If you don’t take care of your skin, you can become more prone to premature aging and pigmentation. So take care, pamper your skin with the right types of oils, ingredients and foods and watch it bloom and glow!
We do not undertake any responsibility or liability of any health issues caused by following advise on this website. Taking care of our skin and keeping it healthy and nourished should therefore be our prime concern. From the humble turmeric to the more exotic avocado, these fruits, vegetables and condiments will ensure a long lasting, and more beautiful you, with no side effects.
Oats and ground orange peel are great for exfoliating the skin and getting rid of dead cells and impurities. Not only does it helps to clear the blackheads but reduces the discoloration spots on the face too. Apply this pack on your face, leave it for a few seconds and clean with a wet cotton ball. One has to take extra care of the skin in order to prevent it from losing its natural moisture, glow and fairness. It’s also a good anti ageing, anti-inflammatory and skin whitening agent that soothes sunburns and makes skin smooth and fairer naturally. Do not take too much turmeric or else you will end up with a yellow face instead of glowing skin. Many ingredients that we use in our kitchen actually form good home remedy face packs for glowing skin . Therefore, it is utmost necessary to take care of our facial skin in order to maintain its glow and health. To avoid this, face packs that can retain natural oil levels in the skin are recommended for dry skin. A beach outing or an outdoor vacation in sunny summers are always very tempting but they can cause skin damage in form of sun tan and pigmentation. It is ideal to choose home-made face packs for dry skin as they can improve your skin texture and can give natural glow to your skin. So, it is necessary to get rid of those dead cells for a refreshing and glowing look on your face. Regular use of rose petals in your face packs gives natural glow and radiance to your skin.
Turmeric face packs for glowing skin are very widely used in india as it is one ingredient that beautifies your skin and keeps you away from many infections. Therefore, Neem leaves are a very useful ingredient in many of the home remedies for glowing skin.
Exposed to the harsh ultraviolet rays of the sun, dust and pollution, the skin is subject daily to nothing less than third degree torture! This face pack prevents wrinkles and gives a glow to your facial skin.Apart from using the above mentioned home remedies for glowing skin, limit your consumption of spicy foods, garlic, non-vegetarian food items and dried fruits such as dates.
People buy more and more cosmetic products to make their skin radiant and beautiful, but these products gives temporary benefit and harms in long term.
Both honey and lemon works as a natural bleacher which will not just lighten the skin tone, but will also keep the skin supple and glowing. People with oily skin and acne scars can get benefits from using turmeric on a regular basis.
Cucumber gives you a very smoothing effect during the summer season when applied to the skin. Face packs for glowing skin are basically the traditional remedies that treat skin disorders and help bring out a glowing skin. There are many natural face packs that are helpful in regaining the lost natural glow of your skin and that also help avoid tanning. To avoid this series of reactions, oily skin should be cleansed regularly to get rid of the dirt that gets stuck to your skin.
There are different home-made face packs for different skin types, which can be used as per the type of skin you have. Responsible for nourishing the skin and keeping up the natural health of the skin, they also maintain the natural moisture and pH of the skin. Therefore, it is necessary to use mild and effective treatments to maintain the texture of your facial skin. Even though skin cells keep rejuvenating on a regular basis, our skin starts wearing out with age, due to stress, weather, pollution, and harsh chemicals, causing wrinkles, dark eyes, dull patchy skin, and pimples.
They are cheap and easily available and are a natural way to have wrinkle free skin, free of toxins. You will get rid of excess oil from your skin thus reducing your susceptibility to pimples.
Eat fresh vegetables and fruits and drink plenty of water to naturally detoxify your skin and see the result. Papaya face pack and aloe-vera face packs can do wonders to your skin and help in removing sun tan.
Face packs like almond and milk, papaya face pack, sandalwood with rose water, honey and banana face pack can be beneficial for dry skin. The risk of forming wrinkles at an early stage is high for people with dry skin as they tend to lose moisture very easily.
These natural and easily available remedies can help you regain your lost charm and glow, that too, instantly and at very low cost. As a result, you will get the smooth, clean, blackheads-free glowing skin in just a few minutes.
The skin of the Papaya is an antioxidant and contains an enzyme called Papain which helps to get rid of dead cells and clears impurities from the skin.
Most vegetables like cucumber, potatoes and even spinach could be used to enhance skin texture.
The powder of pulses like Chana Dal and Green Gram Dal are also effective in getting rid of unwanted hair and are regularly used even on infants.

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