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Periodic urine tests during pregnancy are needed for determining the health condition of the mother and the growing fetus.
Usually presence of excess protein in the urine is a sign of infection of the urinary tract. Pregnant women suffering from pre-ecamplsia or pregnancy-induced hypertension have high urinary protein levels.
However, in some cases the levels of amniotic fluid may differ, depending on various reasons.
As discussed above amniotic fluid is the protecting fluid inside the sac that plays a major role in baby’s overall development inside the uterus.
It also acts as a protective shield and safeguards the baby against any kind of infection that is carried through mother’s blood in the baby’s body. Sometimes, though, this system breaks down, resulting in either too much or too little fluid — both of which can present problems.
Many times placenta related problems may be the cause behind decreasing levels of amniotic fluid. Many times due to an injury or a jerk the amniotic membranes may rupture, resulting in the leak out of the fluids. Developmental problems with the fetus may also disturb the levels of amniotic fluids in the amniotic sac.
A drop in the levels of amniotic fluid can be risky for the pregnancy, depending on the gestational age of the fetus. Although low Amniotic Fluid Levels are common in pregnancy, it is still important to treat it as soon as possible, before it results in fetal immaturity, fetal distress or any other potential damage.
When this condition is diagnosed, doctors suggest a close fetal monitoring and distress test to count the moves, kicks and other fetal activities. Many times doctors suggest the mothers to drink plenty of fluids or Oral Rehydration solutions to keep themselves well hydrated and protect the loss of fluids, especially during pregnancy in summers. For me, most of my headaches came from a damaged liver due to unnecessary prescriptions I took as a teenager {before I knew better}. Headaches from dehydration can occur all over the head, or the back, front, or sides of the head. Use Reflexology by finding sore spots on my hands and feet and rubbing them off and on until the soreness goes away. You may think that it would be a lot easier to just pop a pain reliever in the mouth, but those pain relievers are not good for you and they only cover up the symptoms and do not deal with the root cause.
I very rarely have to take pain relievers for headaches since using these natural treatments to get to the root cause. I have had good success with apple cider vinegar in water ( 1 Tbsp to 8 oz) for sinus headaches. I have read that it’s difficult to work with the menthol crystals, so I have not attempted it.
All jokes aside, a dear friend and Sister in Christ, Donna, went home to be with the Lord on Feb 5 past; she had been experiencing major headaches for some time.
Thank you for an excellent piece of important information that applies to ALL of us at some time or another. I started to get help for some of my headaches when I pinned down some of my triggers to a migraine.
I am prone to headaches if I get low on sleep, dehydrated, or sometimes from traveling and having bad posture. Although there are some common signs of brain tumor such as headache, seizures, nausea or vomiting, memory problems and changes in personality, the exact signs vary from person to person depending on the size, location and type of the brain tumor. The sudden changes in the normal flow of electricity trigger convulsions or jerking and twitching of the legs and arms. The growing tumor may press on the optic nerve or the optic nerve may swell due to increase in the intracranial pressure following obstruction in the normal circulation of the fluid in the brain, leading to vision problems.
Muscle weakness that occurs when the tumor grows in the brain stem or cerebellum or invades these areas causes difficulty in walking.

The tumor and the increase in fluid pressure induced by the growing tumor may compress and damage the delicate brain tissues, resulting in numbness or paralysis of certain muscles of the body.
Urine tests during pregnancy are needed for diagnosing gestational diabetes, urinary tract infections, kidney problems and pre-eclampsia.
It indicates that the kidneys are working hard to meet the various physical demands of pregnancy. It is a fluid that fills the amniotic sac that surrounds the baby while it is still developing in the mother’s uterus.
One of such conditions is called Oligohydraminos or too little Amniotic Fluid inside the amniotic sac.
It acts as a cushioned bag for your baby, protecting him from sudden jerks, injuries or trauma, in case you have a fall or an accident. The fluid and the sac together help maintain a constant temperature inside the womb, making it easy for the fetus to move around comfortably.The amniotic fluid also helps in creating space for the baby’s organs to grow and protects the umbilical cord and the placenta to function properly without getting compressed in the limited space inside the womb. If placenta is not supplying enough blood, oxygen and nutrition to the baby, the recycling of fluid and fetal urine may get hampered and thus the amniotic fluid may not be formed properly.
Sometimes, the formation of fetal kidney or digestive system is abnormal which may result in plenty of abnormalities causing the urine levels and amniotic fluid levels to decrease. Amniotic fluid is essential for the development of baby’s limbs, digestive and respiratory system, muscles and bones. Apart from the regular treatments, your doctor will suggest you to take plenty of rest, avoid stress and proper meals. One of such test is Fetal NST (Non Stress Test) which is performed to assess baby’s activities and if any abnormality is noticed then a pre-term delivery is suggested.During the last few weeks your ultrasound monitoring frequency may increase as you care giver might want to keep a close eye on the baby just before the labor. IV fluids are also a safe solution to increase the fluid levels that helps in a safe pregnancy and a risk free labor. There are more than 400 acupressure points on the body.It is believed that vital energy called qi (chi) flows through these meridians or energy pathways. The Third Eye- for Chronic Fatigue and Eye StrainThe Third Eye acupressure point (GV24.5) is good for calming your mind, improving memory, relieving stress, chronic fatigue, headaches, eye strain and insomnia.
In about a third of brain tumor patients, seizure is the first noticeable symptom of the ailment. Double vision, blurry vision, loss of peripheral vision and in the worse case blindness can occur if the brain tumor is left untreated. Memory problems, especially loss in short-term memory, communication and speech problems, behavioral changes and cognitive impairment occur when specific areas of the brain are damaged by the tumor.Behavioral changes usually develop when the tumor is located in the cerebral hemispheres and corpus callosum.
Diabetes insipidus, breast enlargement, vision changes and headache may be triggered by abnormal changes in the levels of hormones secreted by the pituitary gland. During pregnancy, it is normal to have a urinary protein level between 15 and 30 mg per deciliter.
Usually a woman suffering from urinary tract infection will experience pain while urinating.Along with excess protein, blood might be present in the urine.
It indicates that the high blood pressure level is harming the kidneys of the pregnant woman. The sac and the fluid act as a safety cushion for the baby, protecting him from jerks, trauma, injuries or any other hazards. Oligohydraminos is a common pregnancy related problem and has several risks involved with it. The membranes surrounding the amniotic sac act as a protecting shield for the baby till the birth time.
However after 20th week of pregnancy your growing baby has a major contribution in increasing the levels of amniotic fluid.After 15 – 20 weeks your baby’s urine is the main content of the amniotic fluid. This level is measured by a method called Amniotic Fluid Index (AFI).This condition can occur any time during the pregnancy but usually more visible in the last trimester.
If such a condition occurs, the mother is induced artificially to deliver the baby or if the due date is still far then the fetus is closely monitored through ultrasound till the final labor.
Also, if a person is carrying twins, and the placenta is shared, amniotic fluid levels may get disturbed and lose the balance.

If the level of this fluid gets affected, the fetal development may be hampered causing intra uterine growth problems or may result in IUGR.
Other complications involved with a low amniotic fluid level are compressed organs, a compressed umbilical cord or a sudden c-section delivery. Also fluid based injections can be given to help in the formation of more fluid and thus reducing the chances of a C-section delivery.
Christopher’s Sen Sei Menthol Rub in the sinus areas works really well in opening things up. There are 12 major meridians that connect specific organs, thus organizing a system of communication throughout the body. Joining the Valley-for HeadachesThe Joining the Valley (L 14) acupressure point is popular for getting rid of headaches. In several cases, the headache improves gradually during the day and returns in the following morning.
The rising pressure in the skull or the edema of the brain may lead to gradual loss of hearing. Urinary protein levels above 29 mg per deciliter might indicate presence of an underlying health problem, which might be harmful for the mother and the fetus.
A pregnant woman suffering from this condition experiences fatigue, nausea, headache, abdominal pain and breathing difficulties.Severe pre-eclampsia might affect the eyesight, leading to blurred vision. These membranes rupture just before labor, letting out the water or the fluid to break out and helping in baby’s delivery.
The normal process is that your baby swallows the amniotic fluid while floating in it and excreting it again by recycling it in the form urine. For most of my headaches I simply took a pain reliever {such as Tylenol} because I knew of nothing else to do and the pain was unbearable, leaving me unable to function normally.
It also helps relieve toothaches, neck pain, shoulder pain, arthritis, constipation and hangovers.This point is located in the fleshy area between the thumb and index finger, at the highest spot of the muscle when both the thumb and finger are brought close together. This point is considered beneficial for spiritual and emotional imbalances as well.Close your eyes and locate the Third Eye pressure point on the knobby spot on the bridge of your nose between your eyebrows. Hold your head over the pot and cover your head with a towel or blanket to create a tent of sorts.
Pregnant women with urinary tract infections could drink a cup of cranberry juice daily to heal the painful problem. Pericardium- for Nausea and VomitingThe Pericardium (P6) acupressure point is considered useful for getting rid of nausea and vomiting caused by a variety of reasons including motion sickness, pregnancy, post-surgery and post-chemotherapy.
Sea of Tranquility- for Emotional HealingAlso known as Conception Vessel 17 (CV 17), the Sea of Tranquility acupressure point helps restore a sense of calm and relieves anxiety, nervousness, depression, hysteria and other emotional imbalances.
The high blood pressure impairs transportation of adequate nutrient rich blood into the placenta. It also relieves upset stomach, headaches, chest pain, and carpal tunnel syndrome pain and discomfort.It is located between the two large tendons on the inside of your wrist, about three finger-widths below the base of your palm. It also helps boost the immune system.It can be easily located on the center of the breastbone, about four finger-widths up from the base of the bone.
You can press this point when you are in the prayer position with your palms joined, fingers pointing upward, and the knuckles of the thumb pressing into the breastbone.Make sure your spine is straight, preferably supported by a straight-back chair. Leg Three Miles- for Stomach ProblemsThe Leg Three Miles (ST 36) acupressure point is commonly used to improve digestive disorders including indigestion, diarrhea, constipation, bloating, gas, abdominal pain, nausea and vomiting. Plus, it boosts the immune system, fights fatigue, strengthens the body and promotes general wellness.Bend your leg and place your fingers just below the knee cap, beginning with the index finger at the base of the knee cap.
You will find the Leg Three Miles point at four finger-widths down from the base of the knee cap, where your little finger rests just to the outside of the shin bone.Apply moderate to deep pressure on this point for a few seconds daily. Consult with your doctor or other health care provider before using any of these tips or treatments.

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