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A condition where an individual feels the urge to continuously eat or being close to eating nothing or negligible amounts of food can be best understood as a symptom of food disorder.
There are many dangerous effects of eating disorder as it can eventually result in painful death too. The forceful avoidance of oily substances, juices, intake of water, or substances that are rich in carbohydrates might result in dehydration of the body. The other cause that can be attributed to this is usage of medicines for throwing up of eaten substances, forceful vomiting and improper medication for becoming slim.
If you experience sudden growth of hair line near back, arms or facial area, it can be attributed to languo. A situation wherein the food after initial bout of digestion with harmful acids gets deposited into the esophagus can be better understood as Esophageal Reflux. Eating disorder usually leads to the stage where one experiences lack of sleep or no sleep at all known as insomnia. Wheat grain is the basic ingredient that is utilized in the making of various breads, cereals, pasta, noodles, biscuits, cakes and cookies. It is a rich source of starch, protein and other essential minerals and vitamins required for the normal metabolism process in our body. This kind is excellent in manufacturing flours for pastas, Mediterranean breads, bulgur and semolina. This type of wheat grain variety is brownish in its appearance, hard in its texture, high in gluten content. It is mostly grown in the plains of Canada.This wheat variety is dynamic and is best suited for the manufacture of all-purpose flour. The hard spring red wheat is an exotic variety of wheat grain extensively used for manufacturing designer baked goods such as croissants, bagels, crusts of pizza, hearth breads,rolls and many more.
It is versatile in almost all types of hard baked bread varieties due to its high gluten content of about 13.5%. This kind of wheat grain is very useful in the manufacturing of soft bakery items such as pastries, muffins, pies, cakes and all other products requiring low gluten in them. This flour gives the necessary texture when other ingredients like salt and baking powder is added in them. This wheat grain is much sweeter in taste than the other varieties mentioned above.It is of a much milder flavor than the other red varieties of wheat grains. Stroke is a severe health disorder associated with abnormal functioning of the brain due to insufficient supply of blood to the brain. Due to improper blood circulation in the entire body, including the brain, the cells of the brain stop functioning in a proper manner, eventually leading to stroke.
It is essentially important for an individual to take proper care of his or her health, so that the risk of being affected by stroke is avoided. Most of the sufferers of stroke are diagnosed with Ischemic stroke, which occurs as a result of blockage in the blood vessel. Blood clotting occurs due to excessive accumulation of cholesterol and fat in the blood vessels, consequently inhibiting the supply of blood to the brain. This type of stroke is associated with a burst of blood vessels in the brain, subsequently resulting in bleeding. In few cases, there is a build-up of protein amyloid within the arteries, which leads to hemorrhagic stroke.
Though both the types of strokes are different from each other, however, the risk factors associated with both of them are similar. Smoking, alcohol consumption, obesity, unhealthy diet and irregular exercise are the major factors responsible for occurrence of stroke. All kinds of junk foods, sugar-rich foods and processed foods should be excluded from the diet, as per the healthy diet plan. This would help in maintaining optimum blood sugar level, and would prevent the cholesterol level from going up. The intake of sodium in the diet should also be reduced to keep the blood pressure under control.
Last but not the least, bad lifestyle habits like tobacco smoking and alcohol consumption should be eliminated from the diet to remain in good health, and guard against occurrence of stroke.
There are several treatments which can help to treat pneumonia; however, the treatment often varies taking into account the cause of the disease and its severity.

Pneumonia can either occur due to a bacterial infection or viral infection, and is referred as a respiratory infection. Group B streptococcus bacteria mainly affect newborns; and Group A streptococcus and Staphylococcus aureus mainly affect kids over five years.
Children may be affected by viruses like respiratory syncytial virus, parainfluenza virus, and flu virus or influenza. Though babies with bacterial pneumonia can be treated through antibiotics, however, babies with viral pneumonia do not benefit much from antibiotic treatment. Pneumonia in babies, which is accompanied by symptoms like high fever and respiratory distress, often requires hospitalization. Congestion in baby’s chest can be treated by keeping a humidifier in the room which would help in keeping the air moist. However, it is best advised to prevent pneumonia in babies by making sure that they receive their routine vaccinations on time.
Ascites is a medical condition when there is excessive accumulation of fluid in the abdominal lining (peritoneum) of a person’s body. When small amounts of fluid are present in the abdomen, it may not produce any symptom; however, with the increase in amount of the fluid, major signs and symptoms of ascites become visible.
When cancers, as mentioned above, spread up to the abdominal lining, the abdominal cavity fills up with the ascites fluid, resulting in bloating. This may also lead to lethargy in a person and the person may not be able to do much of physical exercise due to feeling or tiredness that strikes much earlier than the normal capacity of the person. When ascites is severe, fluid may migrate or move around the lungs, leading to pleural effusions. Ascites is a worrisome and painful condition which should be followed up by frequent abdominal examinations. Dehydration can lead to heart attacks, kidney failure, affecting of the brain and eventually the inevitable death.
Even the habit of drinking less or no water can add up to this problem. Electrolyte imbalance can cause lesser oxygen being supplied to the cells, improper functioning of the heart, brain, kidney, etc. It can cause frequent urination and vomiting wherein the required amount of electrolytes are lost and certain important minerals required by the body is also lost in the process.
The system through which the body automatically tends to fight cold and keep the body warm during the times of eating disorders. Low blood pressure can cause frequent giddiness, terrible weakness, disorder in the functioning of heart, etc. The endosperm of wheat grain contains the bran and germ which can be obtained at the time of milling.
Wheat grains include germ, bran and endosperm in it unlike refined flour which is composed only of endosperm.
United States has specified a total of 5 major varieties of wheat grain in a commercial scale.Wheat is mostly grown in winter and spring season requiring specific range of temperature and climatic condition. The amount of protein content in such variety ranges from as low as 12.5% to as high as 17%.
It is translucent and light amber colored grain with a coarse texture and used for making hard dough. This variety is used in the manufacture of hard baked food items such as Asian noodles and pan breads for burgers.
Stroke, which is also called as cerebrovascular accident (CVA), may lead to life threatening diseases like diabetes and heart attack.
As a consequence, an individual may find difficulty with respect to movement, vision, and speech etc. Due to insufficient supply of oxygen and nutrients to the brain, the cells of brain stop functioning appropriately, thus causing stroke.
With the help of following a healthy diet consisting of green vegetables, fruits, milk and yogurt, the risk of being affected by obesity would be reduced to a great extent. Further, it is very important to do regular exercise, so that there is proper blood circulation in the entire body, consequently guarding against the risk of being affected by stroke.

A few common symptoms of pneumonia include fever, cough, difficulty in breathing, fatigue, vomiting, diarrhea, and poor appetite. Due to strong immunity power of adults, they are able to tackle the problem effectively and are able to recover soon. Babies can also be infected with Chlamydia trachomatis bacterium, which is usually diagnosed with pink eye. Cough, wheezing, and breathing difficulty are a few symptoms which are associated with viral pneumonia. Also, it is suggested to keep the toys, door handles, and phones clean and tidy, so that the children do not get infected by the germs contained in them. This fluid primarily accumulates when cancer spreads to the abdominal lining from its original site, usually cancers of breast, stomach, ovaries, colon or pancreas.
When large amount of ascites fluid accumulates in the tummy, it exerts pressure on the diaphragm. Abdominal pain occurs as a symptom of ascites, due to infection or malignancy in the peritonea. As the fluids fill the abdominal cavity, the person having ascites experiences a feeling of fullness, even if he or she consumes a small volume of food. However, one should also consider the potential risks that are related with the underlying causes of ascites, like liver or kidney disease or various cancers.
You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional. Hyponatremia can cause deposit of water in lungs, inflammation of the brain and even death.
This leads to improper digestion, heaviness of head, irritation, emotional disturbances, hormonal changes, etc.
If you experience sudden or frequent changes in your blood pressure just by sitting or standing then it can be termed as orthostatic hypotension.
However, the immune system of the children is not completely developed to tackle this lung infection properly.
Viral infection is considered to be milder than bacterial infection; however its symptoms may persist for a longer time, say two weeks or more, as compared to bacterial pneumonia. However, in most of the cases, intake of lot of fluids and proper rest can help to deal with the problem effectively. Since the diaphragm is under pressure, it hampers its movement and shortness of breath is experienced. Due to fluid accumulation and pressure exerted by it, ascites can lead to portal hypertension.
Malnutrition can cause the failure of major organs and systems namely the kidney, respiratory organs and can finally result in the death of the patient.
Insomnia makes a person terribly weak and it can even lead to mental disorder of an individual. This can cause frequent urination, palpitation of heart and headaches. On the contrary if the blood pressure becomes unduly high due to overeating it can cause your blood to become thick or in crystal form known as angina, growth of muscular region in the heart leading to bulging of heart, failure of the brain membrane and the kidneys. In this, the portal venous system is under pressure, not letting flow of blood by veins to go smooth. The affected person may not feel hungry at all and ever if he experiences any hunger, he may be satiated by a meager amount. This results in sensation of constant pain in the abdomen, which is definitely uncomfortable. Nausea and vomiting also give a constant feeling of sickness and can be very uncomfortable at times.

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