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These excruciating headaches can, however, be combated by incorporating these simple suggestions in your daily routine.
Hormonal disorders due to menstrual cycle or birth control pills also act as a trigger for most women. Usually acupuncture is used as a preventive treatment and acupressure is used to subdue the pain. Butterbur, a plant that grows in Germany, is proven to be one of the most effective and safe medicines in reducing the pain. It is important to keep calm during migraines as increased stress and tension can increase the intensity of pain.
Sandalwood and clay can be used to prepare an excellent head pack to cure migraine headaches.
A mixture of peppermint, rosemary and honey make a wonder cure for migraine due to their soothing and cooling properties. Yawning is an easy way to reduce pain during migraine headaches .Gently squeeze your earlobes, pulling the ears down and yawn to reduce the intensity of pain.
The above ways will surely help you in diminishing pain and reducing the frequency of migraine headaches. Headaches are one of the most common problems plaguing adults and children in America today – and one of the most puzzling enigmas facing doctors. Over the years, several mind-body therapies have shown to be effective in treating headaches, especially stress-related headaches. Many headache sufferers find immediate, permanent pain relief, while others require a few sessions to fully reprogram the body or change the triggering habits. Symptoms of migraine include blurred vision, eye pain, fatigue, loss of appetite, sweating, nausea, neck pain and so on.The problem of migraine may also result in sleepiness, irritability, diarrhea or depression. Rubbing peppermint oil on the temples and forehead area on a regular basis can provide relief from the pain resulting from migraine. Migraine headaches are characterized by severe pain on one side of the head; the pain can last from hours to days. Butterbur is a commonly used medicinal herb and has been used for treating migraine headaches successfully. Willow bark contains an active chemical, salicin, which has the same effects as the chemicals found in aspirin. Passionflower has very mild sedative qualities and is therefore, ideal for treating migraine headaches; many sufferers of migraine find it impossible to get a good night’s sleep, which can adversely affect the condition.
Peppermint candies have long been used in the treatment of mild headaches and they have also shown positive effects on migraine headaches.
These headaches mostly tend to appear between the ages of 10 and 45 but may also begin later in life. Soon you will realize that a little change in your lifestyle along with these natural remedies can go a long way in improving migraine headaches. A trial and error method will help you identify the cause of your headache and hence assist in self medication.
Once you learn about the pressure points (mainly on the neck, shoulders and temple) you can easily practice acupressure at home.

Rubbing ice on the throbbing area of the temple helps constrict the blood vessels and provides relief. Grind peppermint and rosemary together to make your own herbal powder and bind it with honey to make a dough. Practicing certain yoga postures on a regular basis helps to cure headaches associated with migraines. Yoga postures are easy to perform at home and provide a great cure for migraines by regulating blood flow to the brain. This will relieve the pressure on the blood vessels of the brain which will then pacify the headache. You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional.
Not always caused by a single, identifiable and preventable trigger, most headaches involve the dysfunction of peripheral or central nociceptive mechanisms.
Call BodySync today to learn more about natural, gentle relief from headaches or migraines. Inhaling the aroma produced by a mixture of peppermint oil and hot water can also provide effective results.
A mixture can be created by adding dried basil and witch hazel in hot water and rubbed on the forehead, temples or neck area on a daily basis to obtain relief. Intake of a tonic prepared by steeping chamomile (2 teaspoons) and maple syrup (1 teaspoon) in water (2 cups) after it has cooled down multiple times in a day can help in treating various symptoms associated with migraine.
Rosemary oil can be poured in water and this water can be used for inhaling the aroma to relieve the headache resulting from migraine.
There has been no solid medical theory as to the reason behind occurrence of migraine headaches but doctors believe them to hereditary. It not only treats the condition by reducing the intensity and duration of the headache; with regular use butterbur has been known to prevent the occurrence of migraines altogether. Aspirin is the most commonly used OTC medication for migraine but its continuous use is associated with high risk.
Taking passion flower supplements will not only help one sleep better but also treat inflammation of the blood vessels thereby treating migraine. The herb contains active compounds that are helpful in reducing inflammation and pain associated with migraine. Due to a higher probability of a hormonal imbalance, migraine is a more common ailment in women than in men. See what works for you by observing the results and then stick to avoiding the triggers to reduce the frequency of headaches.
Messaging the back portion of the neck is also helpful as is allows more blood to flow to the head. Massaging the forehead, neck, temple and shoulder muscles helps to reduce the pain by relaxing the muscles. Some of the yoga asanas which are useful are moon salutation, hidden lotus, boat pose, spinal twist, head stand and the tree pose. For years, the typical remedy has been Aspirin or Tylenol, but pharmacotheraphy carries the risk of side effects, rebound headaches, and addiction.

Migraine is caused by factors such as improper eating habits, physical or mental stress, hormonal changes, smoking, excessive consumption of alcohol and odours. A piece of cloth soaked in peppermint oil can also be placed on the forehead for a period of 15 to 20 minutes to obtain relief from the symptoms of migraine. Another option is to soak a cotton swab in this mixture and place it on the forehead to reduce migraine headache. Massaging temples and back (head) area with a mixture of chamomile and mint can also help in obtaining relief from migraine headache. Covering the head with a towel (while inhaling the steam) is important to obtain best results. Some people may also experience dizziness, nausea and flashing lights along with the headache.Herbs have shown considerable positive effect on migraine when used regularly and under medical supervision. The herb acts on the inflamed blood vessels and brings them to their normal size thereby treating the headache.
It effectively reduces feelings of nausea, dizziness and general malaise that come with migraine.
Willow bark is relatively safer for use and has the same effect as aspirin on migraine and its symptoms. Doctors believe that migraines are often the result of stress, tension and anxiety and all of these conditions can be treated using passion flower extracts. Inhaling the aroma of a mixture of basil oil and hot water can also provide the desired results. Migraine treating herbs should be used carefully and should not be mixed with prescription of OTC medications for migraine. The herb also helps with the treatment by regulating the neurotransmitters in the brain that carry signals of pain. The herb contains parthenolide that affects the proteins present in the body and help lower the inflammation of the blood vessels as well. Your BEST practitioner will work with you to identify the cause(s) of your headache and reset your body’s reaction to those causes, providing immediate pain relief and relaxation.
Feverfew leaves can also be mixed with water to prepare herbal tea and consumed multiple times to obtain the desired results. Intake of this tea multiple times on a daily basis can help in reducing the problem of migraine.
Feverfew is available in capsule form and 50-80 mg of the herbal medication is enough to treat migraine. Since migraine headaches are categorized as a chronic condition with recurrent attacks, we dare say that the healing of this condition could change the rest of your life.
Do not take feverfew medication if you are pregnant since there is a high risk of miscarrying associated with its use.

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