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If you suffer from a deviated septum, your doctor would have suggested a septoplasty surgery as a cure. Below I will provide a list of homeopathic medicine which is freely available as over the counter medication in most pharmaceuticals. Arum Triphyllum: Use for soreness of nostrils and obstruction of the nasal passageway which forces breathing from the mouth. Euphrasia: If you hate the indoors and always feel better and can breathe easier outdoors then use this medication. Aurun Mettalicum: This medicine is to be used, if you suffer from a painful, obstructed, swollen and congested nose. The above are the list of medication which you can make use of for symptoms related to a deviated septum.
All types of health information are provided by this site free of cost for social welfare if you like this; please share this site on your platform as like- Website, Blog, Your Social Media account and any other web portal. Homeopathic medicines are prepared by different types of materials, Organisms, herbs and plants and Flora. The manufacture of homoeopathic medicines involves a process of dilution and succussion resulting in a special substance that does not have an impact on the material level but acts directly on the non-material template of the physical body. As a result, no chemical substance will be detected in these highly effective homoeopathic medicines and consequently the patient will suffer no side effects. The priority of the homeopathic treatment of the patient in the present conditions is largely explained by the harmful effects of environmental conditions and aggressive social environment on the activity of immune processes in living organisms. Though there are no grave side effects reported by use of homeopathic medicines, there are minor illnesses which some people experienced after the use of homeopathic medicines.

Some homeopathic medicines especially liquid ones may contain high level of alcohol which might not suit some people. Homeopathic medicines can be taken along with other conventional medicines as they do not seem to conflict with other drugs; but it is always better to consult you doctor about it. Disclaimer:  The information in this article is not medical advice and is not designed to take the place of any licensed health care practitioner. What’s in your medicine cabinet?  Pain relievers, fever reducers, antacids, laxatives, antihistamines, cough suppressants, decongestants, anti-diarrheals?
How can you relieve these problems without nasty side effects?  The answer is homeopathic remedies!  For those times when you would reach for a drug from your medicine chest, but would rather avoid the side effects, these remedies will often bring you and your family much wanted relief. What other aliments do you and your family members contract occasionally?  Chances are there is also a homeopathic remedy for that! Lisa Rose is a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner passionate about real food and sustainable living. While septoplasty is the best currently available treatment for a deviated septum, it has many side effects.
The best part is that it is proven to have zero side effects.  Homeopathy is a holistic form of treatment where the entire body and mind of the patient is considered before treatment. If you feel the need then visit a homeopathic doctor who will take an in-depth analysis of your physical and mental state before prescribing medication.
In this way effecting its change and ensuring a complete and actual recovery from an illness. Homeopathy adopts a treatment process wherein the patient is given small dosages of medicines which if taken by a healthy person in large doses would show symptoms of illness; this is based on the approach of “like cures like”.

If any kind of adverse effect that you may experience continues for more than 4-5 days then it should be reported to the doctor. Pamela Abramson-Levine, Family Practice Non-Force Chiropractor, returns with another guest post (check out her post for natural summertime remedies here). Sarah Ballantyne, PhD is a must read on the proven risk for major chronic health conditions associated with insufficient sleep. If you purchase a product through an affiliate link, your costs will be the same but Real Food Kosher will receive a small commission. During the process of potentizing a step by step dilution and agitation is carried out, increasing the healing power by the transformation into a non-material agent.
The homeopathy practitioners are very careful in administering the medicines or remedies to the patient and each remedy is always customized as per the patient’s condition. Pregnant mother must be extra careful while using homeopathic medicines and must consult a doctor before taking any homeo medicines. Abramson-Levine has certificates in Herbal Medicine, and in Ayurveda, the 5,000 year old healing tradition of India. At the end of the day you get relief from your symptoms without having to go under the knife.

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