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The case photos shown here are of a 10 year old child with Alopecia Areata of the scalp who recovered in just 3 months. Alopecia Areata is an autoimmune skin disease resulting in the loss of hair from the scalp and elsewhere on the body. The general approach of suppressing the autoimmune response with local cortisone creams (steroid) may work temporarily and is limited to the patch only.
Homeopathy, on the other hand, addresses the compromised immune response, family history or genetic predisposition, nature and intensity of the disease as well as inherent factors which influence this condition.It does not consider Alopecia as an external disorder. We therefore treat this condition using only internal homeopathic medicines capable of regaining lost hair and normalizing the compromised immune system. Homeopathic treatment a must for children with ADHD, ADD, Autism, Mental retardation and Behavioral disorders.
For Live accounts and experiences of parent’s whose kids with Autism are treated at HomeoConsult RD by Dr. In order to derive these details we have designed a unique method by which we successfully treat children irrespective of whether they see us in person or not or are overseas. Homeopathic medicines prescribed after evaluating these details help in correcting or normalizing such personality aberrations without any side effects. Numerous homeopathic remedies like Argentum Nitricum, Gelsemium, Helliborus, Tarentula H, Coffea, Lecithinum, Hyoscyamus etc.
Your child’s condition can be significantly improved, if not completely reversed, making your child ready to cope with the worldly challenges.
These are benign, viral (DNA virus or poxvirus) skin eruptions appearing in the form of by small globular, waxy, umbilicated epithelial (superficial skin lining) tumors. Molluscum affects all age groups and is commonly seen in children and individuals having a lowered immunity.
In adults, Molluscum contagiosum are usually seen on the genitals as MCV is also sexually transmitted. The Homeopathic Treatment offered at HomeoConsult RD works wonders in curing and preventing spread of this ailment, without any side effects. After considering these factors the indicated Homeopathic remedy is prescribed for a period of 3-4 months. Also, on completion of the treatment you will have minimized the chance of a reoccurrence, evident from the thousands of cases treated at the centres. Acne or pimples is a skin disorder which should be treated holistically from within the body and not superficially using ointments and creams because the outward eruption that we see is the mirror reflection of the internal disorder of the body.
Skin disease represents an internal turbulence, be it the improper secretions of hormones or lowered immunity which attracts the bacteria and viruses to cause skin lesions. In the allopathy approach, medicines are used that work against diseases and their symptoms. And after this medicinal approach, often cosmetic surgeries, phototherapy, laser treatments are suggested if drugs are not able to solve the problem which is usually the case. But homeopathic system has a different approach to disease and remedies from that of allopathic system of medicine. In case of acne or pimples treatment, homeopathy is found to be very effective and for this purpose it is essential that the dermatologist be aware of the details regarding the patient's medical history prior to treatment. The disparity in the functioning of the sebaceous glands and the duct system is directly responsible for the formation of reddish swellings on the surface of the skin leaving behind ugly blemishes on the skin. This is one of the important modes of homeopathic treatment as here the causes of acne or pimple formation are most importantly responsible for ensuring the kind of medication to be given rather than the condition of the inflammation on the skin. Homeopathy makes use of mostly non-chemical and natural products, using herbal components upon the skin. The homeopathic treatment aims to cure the internal dishormony and the cause behind the apparent disease.
By using the right medicines, the doctor will help you in drying up pimples or acnes and a reduction in the number of existing lesions. Pimples begin in the skin's hair follicles which are connected to the oil-producing sebaceous glands. When dead cells stick to a hair follicle full of sebum, it provides a breeding ground for the growth of bacteria which can acne or pimples. Although acne or pimples is a disorder associated with teenagers but it can occur at any age of life.
It is not a serious health threat but it can lead to scarring and disfigurement of the face that can have a significant impact on the patient. Acne or pimples is perhaps the most common health condition that can affect people for their entire life.
The British Journal of Plastic Surgery published the article, "The Quasimodo Complex." The two physicians reported on a random study of 11,000 prison inmates who committed serious crimes (murder, rape and so on). In the average adult population only 20.2% of all people may be said to have these characteristics.
But homeopathy offers a vital piece of the puzzle to restoring the individual's constitution for overcoming acne or pimples.
Acne or pimples typically appear on face, neck, chest, back, shoulders and the areas of skin with the largest number of functional oil glands. WHITEHEADS : These are created when the openings of hair follicles become clogged and blocked with oil secretions and dead skin. PAPULES : Inflamed lesions that usually appear as small, pink bumps on the skin and can be tender to the touch. PUSTULES : These are raised, reddish spots that signal inflammation or infection in the hair follicles.
CYSTS : These are thick lumps beneath the surface of the skin, which are formed by the buildup of secretions deep within hair follicles.
During pregnancy and menopause, changes in hormones lead to an imbalance in the levels of testosterone and can result in acne. Heriditory and genetic constitution: Many school-age boys with acne have a family history of the disorder. Side effects of certaing medicines: Corticosteroids, androgens, oral contraceptives, lithium, halogens, isoniazed, phenytoin, phenobarbital, high levels of iodine and so on. Pressure can aggravate: Sweating and friction on the skin caused by headbands, back packs, bicycle helmets, or tight collars. Environmental factors: Pollution, humidity and so on can contribute but may not be causative of acne or pimples. KNOW WHAT FOOD ARE THE OFFENDERS: It's good idea to avoid foods such as sugar, white flour products, soft drinks, refined foods, artificial sweatness, chocolate, butter, meat, cheese and iodized salt. MANAGE YOUR STRESS: Regular exercise is important for overall health as it boosts endorphin levels, which in turn can ease stress, anxiety and so on. BE GENTLE: Your skin is already irritated if you have acne or pimples, so be sure to use a mild soap. Clay masks and mud packs can help lift off superficial grease, dead skin, and tone the skin.
Do not prick, press, or rub acne or pimples as you risk spreading bacteria which increases the chances of scarring. Men with moderate to severe acne or pimples should use a new razor blade every time they shave to lower the risk of infection. Niacinate tablets, provided by Douglas Laboratories®, contain 600 mg of inositol hexaniacinate which provides 540 mg of niacin.
Niacin (vitamin B3) occurs in the body as two metabolically active coenzymes, NAD (nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide) and NADP (NAD phosphate).The niacin coenzymes NAD and NADP have pervasive roles in energy-related and biosyntheticmetabolic processes. Don't break your back bending over your begonias--protect yourself from potential aches, pains, and injuiries with preparation, prevention, and prompt treatment. Summer is the season where people enjoy manicuring their lawns and tending their gardens in anticipation of enjoying fresh, homegrown produce and glorious flowers. Gardening offers many benefits such as providing stress relief, an outlet for creativity and is an excellent activity to just get us moving. As amateur and professional gardeners dig, bend over, rake, plant, reach, prune, hoe, lift, twist, move, carry debris and create gardening masterpieces, it’s important they protect themselves from potential hazards.
To help stay injury free throughout this gardening season, Topricin offers the following tips. Topricin Pain Relief and Healing Cream is a favorite treatment for gardeners around the country.
Hot and cold therapy, along with Topricin, can shorten the duration of the recovery so the body heals faster and you feel better sooner. NOTE: For severe pain and swelling, seek medical attention (Topricin may be applied as a first line first aid treatment while enroute to a medical facility). Topical BioMedics is the research and development leader in patented topical natural biomedicines for pain relief. Topricin products are formulated with approved medicines as found in the HPUS (Homeopathic Pharmacopoeia of the United States) and are in compliance with federal rules for homeopathic over-the-counter medicines.
Reach out to the author: contact and available social following information is listed in the top-right of all news releases. August 19, 2015 by Sonya McLeod Homeopathic remedies are always safe, non toxic and natural. Little Mountain Homeopathy offers no medical opinion to parents about whether or not they should decide to vaccinate.  Parents are encouraged to weigh the pros and cons of their decision and to do as much of their own research as possible about the pros and cons of vaccination.

Prior to having my child, I never considered or knew much about supplementary natural medicine. My child has been in preschool for 1 year and he is enrolled in many group activities with other children so he is exposed to all sorts of viruses and so far he has not caught anything.
After the nosode is administered, this very minute dose of homeopathically prepared disease material is recognized by the body, thus strengthening the immune system.
Homeopathy has been used successfully for hundreds of years in many different countries during epidemic outbreaks. That being said, there is some limited evidence that homeoprophylaxis produces an antibody response.
I offer Childhood Homeoprophylaxis, Travel Homeoprophylaxis, Flu Homeoprophylaxis, and Homeoprophylaxis Immunity Boosters for Teens and Adults.
In 1831 Samuel Hahnemann prevented and treated cholera during the 1831 Asiatic cholera epidemic with the remedies Camphor, Cuprum metallicum and Veratrum album. In the 1800s Clemens von Boenninghausen used Thuja for both the treatment and prevention of smallpox during an epidemic. In 1950 during an epidemic of poliomyelitis, Dr Taylor Smith of Johannesburg, South Africa protected 82 people with homoeopathic Lathyrus sativus. In 1996 Dengueinum 30 was administered to at least 39,200 people in the Delhi area during an epidemic of Dengue haemorrhagic fever. In 1999 the Department of Indian Medicine and Homeopathy started distribution of nosodes for Japanese Encephalitis in a systematic way throughout the Indian state of Andrha Pradesh. A study published in 2010 by researchers at Kolkata’s School of Tropical Medicine and the Central Council for Research in Homeopathy showed that the homeopathic medicine Belladonna prevented infection in chick embryos infected with the Japanese Encephalitis virus.
The study showed significant decrease in the viral load when treated with the homeopathic medicine Belladonna in different potencies, in comparison to placebo, said principal investigator Dr. BACKGROUND: Leptospirosis is a zoonotic disease of major importance in the tropics where the incidence peaks in rainy seasons. RESULTS: After the homeoprophylactic intervention a significant decrease of the disease incidence was observed in the intervention regions. CONCLUSIONS: The homeoprophylactic approach was associated with a large reduction of disease incidence and control of the epidemic.
For a more detailed analysis of Cuba’s success with using homeopathic vaccines, read Dr. In 1974, during an outbreak of Meningococcal disease in Brazil, 18,640 children were protected homeopathically against Meningococcal infection, and 6,340 were not. Based on the infection (attack) rate in the unprotected group, 94 cases of infection would have been expected in the homeopathically protected group.
The results of the first study led to the Brazilian government funding a larger study in 1998. A total of 65,826 people between the ages of 0-20 were protected homeopathically against Meningococcal disease while 23,532 were not. Based on the infection (attack) rate in the unprotected group, 58 cases of infection would have been expected in the homeopathically protected group. Abstract: Homeopathy has established its supremacy in the control of infectious viral diseases. Chininum sulphuricum 200 was used as a titrated medicine for distribution in the community and total 8 weekly doses were given in the field from mid-September to 1st week of November, 2011. A total of 98,719 persons consumed Chininum sulph 200 out of total 1, 02,977 population contacted in Kota block (Bilaspur). Of the total 470 cases of fever, blood slide results were available only for 321 cases. A laboratory experiment in 1932 published by Dr Chavanon showed that 45 children became Schick test negative (indicating the presence of antibodies to diphtheria) after being treated with Diphtherinum.
The CHPA cannot recommend the use of any homeopathic medication, in lieu of conventional medical vaccinations. The person's own immune system attacks the hair follicles, resulting in round, smooth bald patches. They tend to keep to themselves, reacting abnormally to their surroundings, express sensitivity to normal sounds and touch, and have trouble linking words to their meanings (therefore learn better by using picture) as well as their inability to understand or comprehend feelings expressed by others. He typically lacked concentration and learning ability, did not recite or repeat anything that was taught and was restless. They can be administered over a longer duration of time unlike most allopathic or conventional medicines used for such conditions.
The medicines have no side effects or adverse reactions and can be taken indefinitely and as the condition demands.
3 months after birth she suffered symptoms of CMV infection but unfortunately was not diagnosed for nearly 6 months. They tend to spread by contact and a person may have multiple Molluscum due to spread of the caseous matter within the Molluscum. Early genital lesions may be mistaken for Genital Herpes, but unlike herpes, Molluscum is usually painless.
This duration is usually sufficient to contain the virus and a further course of 3-4 months can permanently eliminate this condition. It refers to that branch of medical science which concentrates on the natural healing power of the body and therefore stresses cure with placing more importance on the body's own immunity system.
Therefore in order to analyze the causes behind the acne formation and therefore provide adequate and suitable medication, it is extremely important for the homeopathic doctor to know thoroughly about the patient's lifestyle, eating and sleeping habits, temperaments and so on.
These are extremely effective in regulating hormone levels as hormonal imbalances facilitate the growth of acne or pimples on the skin.
A remedy is selected considering the emotional state of the patient, the probable causative factors (physical or mental), general state of body and all the diseased symptoms of the body. However, the correct choice and the resulting relief is a matter of experience and right judgment on the part of the doctor. Medically it is a disorder of skin resulting due to blocking of pores of skin called pilosebaceous units (pilo - means related to hair and sebaceous means related to sebum or oil). It usually appear on face, neck, back, and chest due to the abundance of pilosebaceous units in these areas. They clearly documented a trend showing 60% of the 11,000 offenders had facial deformities: acne scars, birth marks, protruding ears, misshapen noses or receding chins.
The article ended suggesting that hostility and rejection these criminals encountered from classmates through school could have pushed them towards the state of emotional imbalance that ultimately led to criminal acts.
Whether teenager or middle aged, there is hope for the condition that scars in more ways than one. A comedo that reaches the surface of the skin and opens up is called an open comedo or blackhead because it looks black on the skin's surface. Too much of testasterone causes excessive secretion of sebum which leads to blockage of pores.
Instead of alcohol-based aftershaves, try herbal alternatives that include essential oils lavender, chamomile or tea tree. This ester of niacin and inositol eliminates the uncomfortable skin-flushing side effects often observed with high-dose crystalline niacin. Besides fresh vegetables, beautiful flowers, and manicured lawns, it is a creative outlet and a great way to get exercise and fresh air. If done improperly, gardening and yard work can lead to muscle and joint pain, repetitive strain injuries, tendonitis and Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, as well as other accidental injuries. Wear long-sleeved shirts and long, light-colored pants tucked into socks or boots and check yourself and family members for ticks. The company’s flagship product, Topricin® Pain Relief and Healing Cream, was introduced in 1994 and is now a leading natural therapeutic brand. Safe for diabetics and pregnant and nursing women, the products contain: no parabens, petroleum or harsh chemicals, are odorless, greaseless and non-irritating, and produce no known side effects. Our remedies should never be confused for or conflated with pharmaceutical drugs, including vaccines. The disease material is then prepared in a homeopathic manner in order to render it completely safe and non-toxic.
The disease material, which is the starting ingredient, is rendered completely safe after a long series of dilutions and succussions (which is the way all homeopathics are made). Homeopathic medicines are always prescribed based on similarity to the symptoms that need to be cured. For example, for the last few years, homeoprophylaxis been used successfully on millions of people in Cuba to prevent the tropical disease Leptospirosis. There is currently a large scale study being done by US homeopath Kate Birch to answer this very question. Samuel Hahnemann, used the homeopathic remedy Belladonna successfully to prevent Scarlet Fever.
In 1849 Dr Clemens von Boenninghausen treated and prevented untold numbers of cholera infections during the 1949 European epidemic with the above remedies recommended by Hahnemann. When given to uninfected family members of households with members already sick with the disease, not one of them went on to contract it. Follow-up of 23,520 people 10 days later showed only 5 people (0.125%) had developed mild symptoms, with the rest showing no signs or symptoms of the disease (CCRH).
JE mortality rates had touched a high of 638 deaths from 2038 cases in 1986, but fell to four from 33 cases in 2001, following the implementation of the homeoprophylaxis program.
Vaccine Free Prevention and Treatment of Infectious Contagious Disease with Homeopathy: A Manual for Practitioners and Consumers.

Natural disasters represent a big challenge to Leptospirosis prevention strategies especially in endemic regions.
A homeoprophylactic formulation was prepared from dilutions of four circulating strains of Leptospirosis. The results suggest the use of HP as a feasible tool for epidemic control, further research is warranted.
Instead, there were only four cases of Meningococcal infection, showing that the homeopathic option had a 95% success against Meningococcal disease. It was conducted by two Professors of Medicine from the University Foundation in Blumenau, Brazil, and a Blumenau specialist physician and Health City Secretary.
Of these, 289 persons had consumed the medicine and the remaining 51 had not consumed the medicine. The test was repeated by Drs Patterson and Boyd with 23 out of 33 children becoming Schick test negative after being given Diphtherinum.
Genetics and numerous environmental factors are considered as the most probable cause of the disorder.
On 9th August 2011 we received the homeopathic medicine sent through you as per our order no.477. Of course, to make him look into her eyes she holds his chin and makes him listen to a sentence or a phrase, so that he can repeat the same. It is empirical that we study each and every case differently and take into consideration the nature and severity of the condition and your body’s immune status. Topical bactericidals, antibiotics, isotretinion, oral contraceptives (for deep cysts), antiandrogen drugs such as spironolactone to reduce the excessive oil production are prescribed. Over the years this treatment has emerged as a prefered option among various sections of the population because it provides one with option of healing naturally without having to consume allopathic medicines and antibiotics having strong side effects. By raising the immunity of the body same medicine is capable of eradicating various diseases present in the body at a time. The results of treatment can improve your mental outlook on life, increase your energy level, focus your thoughts to improve your quality of life, control your emotions and remove physical problems that have been bothering you for years.
These pores contain hair follicles and oil secreating glands which lubricate the hair and skin. Acne scars the vital self image of an individual which can orchestrate success of failure, happiness or oppression, and many other outcomes in life. It takes a rare individual to look throught that shell and acknowledge the true inherent human worth that God equally gives to all. The NAD-dependent enzymes are involved in mostly catabolic, oxidativereactions that release energy from carbohydrate, fat, protein, whereas the NADP-dependent enzymes more commonly function in biosynthesis of such compounds as fatty acids and steroid hormones. But just like any other type of physical activity, there are risks of aches, pains, and injury. Ice stops the blood flow, when removed it releases fluids and toxins, stimulates lymphatic and toxin draining and more blood flow. A combination biomedicine formula, Topricin has been awarded a patent for the treatment of pain associated with fibromyalgia and neuropathy. In Brazil, homeoprophylaxis was used successfully on thousands of people to prevent Meningitis. Chavanon measured an antibody response in his patients after the administration of homeopathic Diptherinum, used to prevent Diptheria. Samuel Hahnemann, the founder of homeopathy, used homeoprophylaxis routinely in his practice.
Following Hahnemann’s example, another eleven medical doctors prescribed Belladonna during the same epidemic. While a death rate of 54-90% occurred with conventional treatment, Boenninghausen’s patients had a mortality rate of only 5-16%. Even the World Health Organisation and the Medical and Health Department acknowledge that homeoprophylaxis has been a vital factor in the sharp decline of Japanese Encephalitis cases in Andrha Pradesh. Over the course of 15 years, between 1988-2003, he gave nosodes to 2342 children whose parents participated in his childhood homeoprophylaxis program. This formulation was administered orally to 2.3 million persons at high risk in an epidemic in a region affected by natural disasters. Statistical analysis showed that homeopathic protection offered 95% protection in the first six months and 91% protection over the year against Meningococcal disease. Its unexpected onset, recurrent episodes, and erratic course have a devastating effect on the lives of those affected.
I am now taking medicines for 2 years for my daughter and during this period she has improved a lot. These have got number of side effects and drugs like isotretinoin can cause birth defects in the developing fetus of a pregnant woman. Natural homeopathic remedies can be an effective solution to stopping embarrassing acne today. Thus remedies are tailor made unlike allopathy in which all patients receive the same antibiotics, steroids and so on although trade name may be different. The universal stereotype of equating ugly with bad and beautiful with good is a worthy challenge for all. When a number of macules are present at one time they can contribute to the "inflamed face" appearance of acne. No part of this website may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system, or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording or otherwise, without the prior written permission of the copyright holder. Independent of its functions as NAD or NADP, niacin is also involved in the regulation of normal blood lipoprotein and cholesterol levels, and the maintenance of normal vascular tone. Here are tips from Topical BioMedics to help gardeners enjoy working in the great outdoors with less pain.
Samuel Hahnemann, the founder of homeopathy, discovered the law of similars over 200 years ago: those same symptoms a particular medicine produces in a healthy person can thus be cured in a sick person. They reported that of 1,646 children exposed to scarlet fever after being given Belladonna, only 123 (7.4%) developed symptoms of infection. Eaton reported that during a smallpox epidemic in Iowa, 2806 patients were treated prophylactically with homeopathic Variolinum. He tabulated the survey responses, and found that the overall success of his homeoprophylaxis program was 90.4%.
He surveyed parents of 781 children; some used vaccinations and some used homeoprophylaxis. Homeoprophylactic interventions might help to control epidemics by using highly-diluted pathogens to induce protection in a short time scale. The data from surveillance were used to measure the impact of the intervention by comparing with historical trends and non-intervention regions. The genus epidemicus was selected after detailed analysis of the first cases of Chikungunya. He repeats a new word as soon as he hears it or even repeats words, when asked to for eg. On starting treatment she started talking, became much calmer and started to focus and concentrate which was absent before. Other side effects include dry eyes, mouth, lips, nose or skin, itching, nosebleeds, muscle aches, sensitivity to the sun, poor night vision, changes in the blood, such as an increase in fats in the blood (triglycerides & cholestrol), change in liver function.
Infringement of copyright will attract criminal and civil proceedings simutaneously against the infringer. In contrast, the infection rate in those who did not receive the prophylactic was as high as 90%. In 1975 during another poliomyelitis epidemic in Buenos Aires, 40,000 were given the homeopathic prophylactic Lathyrus sativus. We report the results of a very large-scale homeoprophylaxis (HP) intervention against Leptospirosis in a dangerous epidemic situation in three provinces of Cuba in 2007.
Thus, the proportion of malaria positive persons was more than 5 times than those who had consumed 2 the medicine. Side effects of antiandrogen drugs may include irregular menses, tender breasts, headaches and fatigue. In 1838 the Prussian Government ordered the use of Belladonna during all scarlet fever epidemics after a report from their chief of physicians, Hufeland, showed it to be an effective prophylactic. Golden found that children who received standard vaccinations were 15 times more likely to get asthma, 7 times more likely to get eczema, and 2 times more likely to get allergies than those who used homeoprophylaxis. This indicates a clear association between consumption of medicine and decrease in number of malaria cases during intervention period. He picks up any magazine or newspaper and at random points out individual alphabets (A-Z) and also numbers ( 1-10). Because the liver has a limited capacity to metabolize niacin, high doses of regular, crystalline niacin are often not well tolerated, causing vasodilatory side effects known as skin-flushing and itching.
The study showed a very high significant effect of Homeopathic medicine in the prevention of Chikungunya fever. For maximum benefit and fewer side effects, Niacinate releases its niacin over a longer time frame than crystalline niacin.

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