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The homeopathic medicines undergo a sophisticated process of potentization, which activates hidden potency of any drug-substance, making it usable to treat diseases.
Thuja Occidentalis, for example, is a huge plant, commonly called as white cedar or tree of life.
Typically, when this medicine is required, the patient's emotions and mind symptoms are evaluated and they are found to be full of anxiety, deep rooted apprehension, some kind of rigidity in thoughts and actions, dogmatism and sadness. The use of Thuja is a great illustration of how homeopathy applies mind and body symptoms in the form of totality. Silica is sourced from the element Si, the sand; a great example showing how the homeopathic method of potentization could actuate inert substance like Silica into a powerful medicinal ingredient. While choosing Silica for a patient, the homeopath would check if the personality of the patient matches with certain trait such as one who is intelligent but may be lacking confidence, shy yet firm, mild yet strong willed, efficient yet nervous, stubborn yet apprehensive, egoist yet gentle. Made using only the finest ingredients in state-of-the-art laboratories, our remedies were designed to be the best. Pet owners face many ailments that are best treatedafter an in-depth analysis and evaluation. END GINGIVITIS BEFORE IT TURNS UGLY-ER Your pet's bad breath may be more of a nuisance than you realize. Chronic sore throat can be quite discomforting as it can be a source of perpetual irritation or pain in a person’s throat.
CAPSICUM: Homoeopathic medicine capsicum is the top-most remedy for cases of chronic sore throat. IGNATIA: I find homoeopathic medicine Ignatia is also a very well indicated remedy in cases of chronic sore throat. PSORINUM: The homoeopathic medicine Psorinum may be indicated in sore throats which tend to be recurrent. PHOSPHOROUS: Homoeopathic remedy Phosphorous is best prescribed in cases of chronic sore throats in people who suffer from ill-effects of overuse of their voice, for example, in public speakers, singers, teaching professionals etc. Sir, I have read all these 5 homeopathic medicine given above but i am unable to understand which one i should use.
I yearn for the day when someone can really understand what I have been experiencing for the past 5 years.
I have been suffering from allergic bronchitis, sinus and sore throat for last 5 years and feel burning in the bronchial tubes. My daughter, 4 years old was down with throat infection 3 weeks ago and was on antibiotics for 5 days.
I am a choir singer and am constantly facing the issue of sore throat due to over ise of the vocal chords. I am 50 year old healthy man with no apparent disease.But at every change of saeson I catch cold.
I am suffering from severe throat infection for the last month, my throat condition is very worst.
I went to Allopathic Doctor, he prescribed englis medicines ” Clarithromycin 500mg bid, Ciprofloxacin 500mg bid, Paracetamol 2tabs tds and expectorat syp 2spoon tds.
Bangalore based polyclinic offering treatments in modern medicine, homoeopathy, ayurveda, naturopathy, hypnotherapy, healing and meditation, etc. The PASI score does not correlate well with improvements in quality of life which is another important measure of treatment effect. What Taking too many baths or showers and not moisturizing the Read reviews on Vitamin D 600 IU supplements products traditional uses & health benefits effects.

The medicines have been found to be in the form of nano-particles, as per the recent research; and work at the immunity level to treat even deep-rooted ailments. This medicine, when transformed through the process of potentising, and administered in safe, small dose to humans, can bring amazing improvement in the diseases as serious allergies, tonsillitis, breast-tumors (benign), asthma, anxiety states, and also some forms of arthritis. A person requiring Silica is likely to be sensitive to cold wind, having hormonal and immunologically mediated diseases like frequent infections, headaches, skin diseases, hair loss, colds and coughs, tonsillitis, arthritis; just to name some.
It is a chronic infection of the throat characterized by a constant irritation in the throat, with or without pain, and may be associated with hoarseness of voice in some patients. There may be a constant pain in the throat which may radiate to the ears during an attempt to swallow. Phosphorous may be given when there is a constant tickling and itching sensation in the throat. Problem increases if i use rice and curd and in the inner part of throat small reddish type pimples like homeopathic globules feel congestion in lungs also please suggest me any effective medicine. I think it is cold allergy or tonsillitis.Wait for your valuable reply as soon as possible sir. There is irritation in my throat, white coated tongue, inflammation in the throat, tonsils swelled a bit with yellow dots.
I have been suffering from a hoarse throat for over 7 years and have constantly been told by ent specialists that there’s nothing wrong. The problem may not be physical at all, it could be mental, emotional or spiritual in nature and needs to be addressed by a qualified energy healer. Dr I want to know have I done this right to stop my son is taking erythromycin dosage after taking it for 3day and start giving him azithral 200 I did so because the sore throat have done him bad even in the mouth.
Can you please help me with the potency and the dosage on urgent basis as I have a concert to attend. I am feeling severe stinging pain, roughness and sensation as niddle is pricking in the throat during swallowing even liquid also.
I bought these medicines but did not use them, because I want to use homoeopathic medicines due to non-side effects. I’ve had this sore throat fo five months now have tried everything don’t know what to do anymore help!!! First I thought that it may be due to gas but after a bit of more examination i found that is because of tonsil (both sides) swelling.
That, however, needs the exact symptoms as well as the factors that make the asthma better or worse. 100s of decorative stained glass night lights for These are exercises that have been designed specifically for people with TestimonialsNot many websites can claim that they have TRUE customer service which you do and you go above and beyond that by personally answering to emails. To Use Coconut Oil For Psoriasis In order to consume coconut oil and receive the various penyakit eczema dewsa stress caused eczema by emotional spokane washington health benefits of this oil 3 tablespoon of extra virgin coconut oil are Home Care Treatment for a Chlorine Rash Includes: First of all you have to confirm whether the swelling is due to chlorine present in swimming pool. Silica is an example of a polychrest (working a wide range of diseases) remedy, found useful in children, adults as well as elderly people. Homeopathic remedies promise a safe and successful recovery and relief from this condition as they address not just the symptoms of soreness but also its underlying factors. Capsicum may be prescribed in cases of chronic sore throat which are associated with gastric or rheumatic complaints.
Ignatia may be prescribed when swallowing of liquids is more painful and the pain subsides on swallowing solids. There may a constant desire to stay warm because of the extreme chilliness, so much so that there is a desire to be dressed warmly even during summers. There may be hoarseness of voice and, at times, there may be a total loss of voice on attempt to talk. There may a sensation of swelling in the throat as if some foreign body is stuck and there is a constant attempt to clear the throat.

Nowadays I feel a layer of phlegm in the throat which some times comes out to give some relief but with coughing the soreness and red dots on roof of throat increase and I also feel of mucus of cold coming down from nose to throat. It is chronic, and becomes more frequent when stressed, and also hv problem of acidity, and it aggravates soar throat (pharyngitis).I hv already been operated for tonsils. I have problem of hard stools (only the tip or first part) and basically that triggers which goes for days. There is no pain and any other issues except that it is very irritating due to throat block type feeling.
Psoriasis And Atopic Eczema Face For Medication Or Portland nORDs full collection of reports on over 1200 rare diseases is Add to Playlist Play Share Video.
Psorinum may be given to improve the immunity in children who suffer from recurrent upper respiratory infections.
Sulphur may be given in people with a hoarseness of voice with a constant burning in the throat. 4- Breathing with high sound and due to blockage in the nose have to breath from the mouth during sleeping specially. Your problem may not be physical in nature it may be emotional, mental or spirtual in which case you need to seek out a qualified enrgy healer. However has again started complaining of discomfort in her throat and a sense of something stuck in. Making a diet for eczema is simple and here are five easy steps that will lead Alternative treatment options for seasonal allergies homeopathic allergy tips Natural Allergy Relief: Alternative Allergy Therapies. There may be a constant lump-like sensation in the throat with an urge to clear the throat. Phosphorous may be prescribed when exposure to strong odours gives rise to a sudden bout of violent cough. 5- Have to use a lot of nasal drops to open the passage for breathing during the day and night.
All the symptoms are aggravated by a cold in general and by drinking coffee, and usually get better with warmth.
6- Dr’s after checkup have diagnosed as severe inflammation of adenoids and recommends surgery. When I do not have congestion my throat is still sore with a chronic burning sensation, & sometimes feel like the throat is starting to close, very scary. This natural remedy may be prescribed in young girls who stay away from home and feel homesick. There is a constant desire to drink cold, refreshing drinks as it gives relief from the burning sensation in the throat. In addition I can speak for very long as the pain gets worse and I certainly cannot sing anymore which is causing me so much distress.
There may be a constant desire to drink cold drinks but there is a sudden, agonising pain in the throat during an attempt to swallow.
All complaints are worsened by mental exertion, change of weather as well as hot climate, and improved by cold drinks, gargling with cold water and by proper sleep. I went back to the dr and they keep telling me that I need to relax and keep gobong me breathing and vocal exercises which I have been doing religiously and nothing has changed.

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