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Rehabmart is owned and operated by Occupational and Physical Therapists - we would like to show our gratitude to health science professionals as well as any student who is differently-abled!
Most items are processed within 24 hours and shipped from the warehouse within 48 hours via 3-5 day ground delivery service (unless otherwise noted). Heavy items (anything over 150 lbs), bulk-freight, palletized items and custom fabrication made-to-order items may have longer shipping lead times. Riva’s Remedies for Dogs and Cats is  a division of Riva’s Remedies a natural health clinic based in Armstrong BC. Therefore, Riva’s Remedies offers more than just products, we also provide the complete health package with health consultation services (in-office and distant), education, books, seminars, workshops, conference presentations and personalized customer service for all people and animals. Riva’s health care, for both animals and people, is not an “Alternative”; we are mainstream and consider drugs and surgery an undesirable alternative. For information on specific canine-feline health conditions including symptoms, causes; and treatment with diet, nutrition and Riva’s Natural Remedies please click on Symptom Check. We assure all of our customers expert and professional health advice, compassionate and confident customer service and trusted products with proven results over two decades of clinical experience. A must have!'Fast Forward to the Cure'Veterinary HomeopathyIn use by homeopathic veterinarians and holistic animal practitioners all over the world! Homeopathic MedicinesAll for pets, homeopathic remedies for dogs, homeopathic remedies cats, homeopathy horses, bird health, homeopathy veterinary.

Scott and Gael Mariani explores how the healing power of the Bach Flower Remedies can be used to enhance the well-being and happiness of dogs. At Riva’s Remedies, we pride ourselves on offering specialized, personalized and heart-based health care for everyone – people, horses, dogs, cats and even the occasional goat, lamb, cow and chicken.
Our clientele have trusted our health advice, our knowledge and our products for over two decades! Our dedicated team has been assembled to deliver our Brand Promise with passion and professionalism to meet each customer’s individual needs.
This is the step-by-step guide that reveals everything you need to know about dosing, choosing a potency and treating and healing acute and chronic diseases using veterinary homeopathy for dogs, cats, horses, birds, pocket pets and wildlife. We recognize that effective health care, for both animals and people, encompasses a complete and holistic program consisting of diet, nutrition, exercise, natural medicines and emotional well-being.
During this time she helped guide thousands of animals (and their people) back to health – many of whom were considered untreatable. Skin infections, bad fur, feathers, nails, hooves, beaks and bone - in all species.In veterinary care silicea (Silica.
This has a lot to do with its effectiveness in helping remove toxic reactions from heavily vaccinated animals (vacinosis).
It helps them ripen and come to a head and then discharge the pus (what we call suppuration), it is also effective for blocked tear ducts, blocked salivary glands and styes.

Silicea is a great remedy for many different nail conditions, such thick, misshapen, nails, and brittle cracked, splitting nails. They simply have little strength, whether for healing, for exercise, or even for passing stools. The silicea state is one of great sensitivity -- to new impressions, to noise, to light, and to cold. Pain and stiffness of bones and joints with real discomfort when fist moving after rest.Long-lasting skin conditions often associated with sepsis and pus formation.
Useful for Sore that wont heal.Split, brittle and malformed nails, beaks or hooves often improve with treatment of silica. It is a good rule of thumb to never use these remedies one after another because the great similarity between the two causes these remedies to be discordant, and occasionally we see severe problems when the two are given in succession. Silica is found in the structure of many plants and is present in minute amounts in the tissues of the animal body, including the dental enamel. Anyone with an animal with a medical condition requiring veterinary attention should consult a qualified DVM practitioner or veterinary emergency care clinic.

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