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Alopecia areata is the loss of hair in circular or oval patches from the scalp or elsewhere such as eyebrows, beard, etc. Alopecia areata is a fairly common skin disorder and about 1 per cent of the population is affected at any given time. Though not very certain, it is assumed that your body?s own defence system attacks the hair follicle. Although there has not been found a direct link between stress and alopecia, its involvement cannot be totally ruled out. Moreover, once it is treated with homoeopathy the chances of the problem occurring again are also highly reduced.
This is with reference to my Daughter who is 6 year old and has been suffering from Alopeicia Aerata since the last 5 months.
The 1st visible hair loss was on the left scalp which is now having a regrowth and 1 patch on the same side but at the back.
Hello, my name is IV and i suffer from Lupus which i think may be the cause of my hair loss.
Hi mr sharma, i m having this disease of alopecia aretia since 7 8 years andd I have tried lot of oils and medicines, and even I had got steriods inject on effectd area but nothing worked permenantly, yes by having this it worked but for a very short while and it started again, I live in dubai and hair treatment is vvery expensive. I simply could not leave your site prior to suggesting that I extremely enjoyed the standard info a person provide in your guests? I started applying minoxidil 5% solution on the scalp and also administered by finasteride tablet by skin specialist. Iam facing hairfall problems day by day im using ayurvedic good shampoo bt problem is still dere. I am suffering from Alopecia on the beard for last 8 years .please suggest a medicine how long i need to take it. Present i am using English medicine steroid injections(Kenocort 10mg and Tri cort 10 mg) but is is not curing 100% . Quirky Philomath, polymath, opsimath, and everlasting optimist, with faith that moves mountains. One of the fears that many people have when switching to a more natural life is how to avoid taking modern medicines when they have a headache. Besides drinking plenty of water, and taking some magnesium glycinate, the following are 9 homeopathic remedies that work for different types of headaches.

This is the sudden, violent headache, that wraps like a band around the head, or comes on like a bursting pain in the forehead. Besides being a great over-all painkiller for acute injuries and shock, Arnica is best for headaches that arise from falls or bumps to the head that are sore or bruised feeling.
The Gelsemium headache is often vague, beginning in the neck and moving like a band up to the top of the head.
Disclaimer: All materials and statements provided on this website are for informational purposes only and should not be taken as a substitute for professional medical or health advice. Although alopecia areata does not affect the patient health in any other form, it is certainly life-altering and its sudden onset, recurrent episodes and unpredictable course have a great impact on the psyche of those suffering from it.
Unlike other kinds of hair loss, alopecia areata is a reversible hair loss as the follicles (structure that encloses the root of the hair) of hair are not damaged.
This means that some children whose parents have had alopecia areata or are suffering from it may have a predisposition towards developing the disease later in life. Stress is known to aggravate immune (defence) system-related disorders and also a variety of skin conditions, including urticaria, psoriasis and hyperhidrosis. Researches shown that homeopathic remedies for alopecia aerata affect our body by optimising our immune system.
Although certain homeopathic medicine like Flouricum Acid and Phosphorus are very often and effectively used in treating this disorder, one need to go through a constitutional analysis before any prescription is made. I may also inform you that i am a patient suffering with hypothyroidism.Is there any relation btween hypothyroidism $ hairfall? So I cannot go around and experience new doctors new medicines so please guide me what is the cure nd how to prevent it. I have gone for almost all the treatments but,temperary results.Dr can u help me out of this problem.
Now I have an oval patch just above the centre of fore head and two round patches joined just on the left side sulf and one at back. Started loosing hair on a tiny patch in scalp around Jan 2011 and slowly it has grown bigger in size. Using my insatiable curiosity to learn everything I can about living a more natural life, healing my body with nutrition, and sharing my knowledge with anyone who is interested! This headache also comes with a flushed, hot feeling over the head, neck, and face, and is a pulsing pain.
Often starting with vision issues before the pain starts, the scalp may feel tight, and nausea may ensue. Pain, tightness, and pressure in the forehead, behind the eyes, and on either side of the nose.

Beginning in the morning and getting worse through out the day, with bursting pain from the back of the head to the front like a band, often on the right side. I never knew there were classifications for different headaches (although I experience several of them–I never thought about the fact that they are different). Here’s a link to the photo on my Facebook page, feel free to share directly from there!
Always seek the advice of your physician or a qualified health care professional for any questions you may have regarding your symptoms or medical conditions and before taking any home remedies or supplements. Some hair experts believe that there are certain conditions where the prognosis is not good. Constitutional analysis is the prescription-based assessment of your physical and psychological characteristics.
One homeopathy doctor suggested me to take Lycopodium and selenium 200, some suggested me Reckweg combination 89. I have had different treatments but I don’t see any change.Have got 5 patches at beared, 4 at head . But now I am finding bald areas in many places , plus the hairline near my forehead is receding and my hair in most of my scalp has thinned. Pigment cells and the sweat gland around it get destroyed but the follicle protects itself by moving into the higher layers of the skin and sheds off the hair shaft. Please prefer me some homeopathy medicine with name so that i can buy them from nearby homeopathy shop.
Another problem I have been suffering for long is premature ejaculation of sperm and having very bad sex life. Now there are close to 12 different patches of different sizes and including 2 in beard area. Please advice treatment and if this condition can be completely cured and will the hair grow back again. My barber had put some oil in my hair in Oct 2010 which gave me small but many blisters on my scalp whcih slowly and greadually got ok till in Jan 2011 I noticed 5mm patch where the hair were lost totally.
Also my mother suffered from Acute Transverse Myletis in May 2010 and my father had ulcerative collitis in late 1980’s.

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