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Homeopathic treatment a must for children with ADHD, ADD, Autism, Global developmental delays, mental retardation and behavioral disorders. ADHD or ‘Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder’, a behavioral disorder in children, is characterized by inability to focus or pay attention due to hyperactivity over a longer duration of time. Genetics and numerous environmental factors are considered as the most probable cause of the disorder. For Live accounts and experiences of parent’s whose kids with Autism are treated at HomeoConsult RD by Dr. Management of ADHD and behavioral problems involves administration of a series of homeopathic remedies depending on the behavioral pattern the child presents with.
In order to derive these details we have designed a unique method by which we successfully treat children irrespective of whether they see us in person or not or are overseas.
Homeopathic medicines for ADHD prescribed after evaluating these details help in correcting or normalizing such personality aberrations without any side effects. A child (age 6 years) living in the United States was prescribed a set of homeopathic remedies (Aconite, Ignatia, Stramonium) to be administered at different stages. Numerous homeopathic remedies like Argentum Nitricum, Gelsemium, Helliborus, Tarentula H, Coffea, Lecithinum, Hyoscyamusetc. Most cases of ADHD, Autism and behavioral problems are managed using this method and our general observation is that prolonged Homeopathic treatment does help in primarily preventing or normalizing sudden emotional outbursts, hyperactivity, vulnerability and depression, considerably.
If your child or someone you know suffers from behavioral disorders, Autism or ADHD, homeopathic treatment for a period of 6-12 months should definitely be considered.

He is now more obedient during ‘work-time’ both at home and during the ‘Behavioral Therapy’. Owing to the successes we’ve made in the past decade in the treatment of ADHD or Attention Deficit Hyper active disorder and behavioral problems in collaboration with therapist and special schools, we strongly recommend Homeopathic treatment for this condition.
Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder is a neurobehavioral childhood disorder that can continue through adolescence and adulthood and is characterized by difficulties in staying focused and being attentive, hyperactivity, etc. They tend to keep to themselves, reacting abnormally to their surroundings, express sensitivity to normal sounds and touch, and have trouble linking words to their meanings (therefore learn better by using picture) as well as their inability to understand or comprehend feelings expressed by others.
They can be administered over a longer duration of time unlike most allopathic or conventional medicines used for such conditions. They are recommended for all age groups and can be taken for long durations without the fear of any harmful side effects. Homeopathic medicines have no side effects or adverse reactions and can be taken indefinitely and as the condition demands.
However, since last one week he looks into the eyes of the ‘Behavioral Therapist’ or rather has a proper eye contact with her, when she asks him to repeat words after her.
3 months after birth she suffered symptoms of CMV infection but unfortunately was not diagnosed for nearly 6 months.
Though my daughter was not diagnosed with ADHD or Autism we knew that homeopathy was very good for conditions with symptoms like them. Your child’s condition can be significantly improved, if not completely reversed, making your child ready to cope with the worldly challenges.

On 9th August 2011 we received the homeopathic medicine sent through you as per our order no.477. Of course, to make him look into her eyes she holds his chin and makes him listen to a sentence or a phrase, so that he can repeat the same. I am now taking medicines for 2 years for my daughter and during this period she has improved a lot. On starting treatment she started talking, became much calmer and started to focus and concentrate which was absent before. Oswal’s observation from research in the field of Developmental Disabilities with G Therapy.
Parents and care takers are strongly advised to consult their pediatrician or doctor before starting this therapy.We have presented case studies, photographs, video clippings, news clippings and parents' and professionals' testimonials on this site with their permission to do so, to the best of our knowledge. CLSHM will make an effort to correct errors brought to our attention.The content on the site is presented in a summary form, is general in nature, and is provided for informational purposes only.

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