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If the above diagnoses are inconclusive or if a treatment regimen has already been started, a biopsy of the affected skin (i.e.
Spray tub and bathroom floor with disinfectant after each use to help prevent reinfection and infection of other household members. Wash feet, particularly between the toes, with soap and dry thoroughly after bathing or showering. If you have experienced an infection previously, you may want to treat your feet and shoes with over-the-counter drugs. Dry feet well after showering, paying particular attention to the web space between the toes. Try to limit the amount that your feet sweat by wearing open-toed shoes or well-ventilated shoes, such as lightweight mesh running shoes. After any physical activity shower with a soap that has both an antibacterial and anti-fungal agent in it.
My family and I have used the Homeopathic remedies from Robyn Goozee for several years now with outstanding success. Over the years there have been incidents where a serious concussion impact to both horse and rider have threatened their ability to continue competing due to the time frame required under normal circumstances to allow for recovery. Another incident was when the skin surrounding the horsea€™s eye was torn and subsequently stitched, however the stitches did not last 2 days, and with aid of wound and infection drops there is not even a scar to show where the tear was.
On Wednesday I found one of our geldings hung up in a fence & he had been there a couple of days. I have attached some photos I took on Thursday morning & hope you may be able to suggest something that may help.
The horse is walking but has severely cut the legs with the bone showing on the inside of the near hind leg (The wire was in 2-3 cm into the muscle). There was massive swelling in both hocks & I don't know whether they will blow right out or not - depending on how much tissue dies. I recently saw a photo you had used of him in one of your ads & I thought I should send you these photos showing his remarkable recovery, since I hadn't sent any to you after his recovery. Hottys injury: After one week of homeopathic treatment the discharge had stopped and the wound was much improved.
Towards the end of the healing process I was able to start riding my horse again, even doing some light jumping. It had taken it three months to work its way to the surface, and in all that time my horse had been completely healthy with no sign whatsoever of infection! Injury that responded well to Homeopathic treatment:Midget was hooked as she was passing through a gate beside her mother. I am delighted to say that since commencing administering your drops for Chronic Laminitis in June this year my mare has been perfectly sound and enjoying life grazing with the other horses and galloping round the paddock. I have also had remarkable results with your Colic drops, these have been used with great success to quickly relieve symptoms of colic arising in a variety of situations.
On 16-3-11 we took Alfie to the farrier again and he was impressed with his growth and the fact that he was not lame. When Rose was 10 months old, she cut both her back legs, severing the tendon and damaging the other tendon in one leg.
I did this for approximately 2 months, and not having much success as the shoes seemed to thick and heavy for him (fine riding pony). So I took the shoes off him, contacted Robyn and told her Jack's problem and my devastation, Robyn was very confident that she could help Jack, so in the mail came the miracle cure, so I started giving Jack the drops as described, that was back in June 09. As he will not eat anything put in his feed, the drops were magic and so easy to use, he didn't mind at all. Thunder has not been lame since, to be sure we always travel with one on Robyn's first aid sets, and have treated successfully everything from cuts, knocks, bruises, and colic in both the horses. Robyn has not only given Thunder many more years of competition, with a few more to come we hope, but also given our children the time of their lives in their chosen sport, on a wonderful little horse. Along the way we had a T''Bred mare who cracked a sesamoid bone, our vet was not sure she would ever be O.K.
I would and do recomenend Robyn to everyone who has horses and does not have a vet on hand 24 hours a day, she is literally a life saver! Our second reason for using Robyna€™s remedies was that a young mare, Nicolette, was getting repeated, unexplained bouts of colic. Robyna€™s colic Drops were an enormous help, and Nicolette came to look for them when she felt a a€?twingey tummya€? coming on, and early intervention certainly seemed to minimise her distress. We had several years of intermittent colic with her, until she was diagnosed with an ovarian tumour, which necessitated the removal of her left ovary problem, and the vets are still puzzled, but naturally we are very happy. Her legs kept improving, and quite soon we could see healthy shin and nice even hair regrowth. We can thoroughly recommend Robyna€™s homeopathic remedies for a variety of conditions - particularly, it seems, for things that more conventional veterinary treatment cana€™t seem to help. I was looking through the Horse Deals and saw Robyn's advert, I read on with great enthusiasm as I thought I have finally found a cure, I emailed Robyn telling her about the problem and then rang her personally. Because he had a very bad crack on the back of his fetlock that had to be cleared up first, so he had the oral treatment 3 times a day for 1 week, within that time there was a great improvement in the crack.The second part of the treatment - was oral treatment once a day until "mud fever" was 70% better. MAfter the last consultation with the vet, I was to spray the infected area with another skin wash for three days and if con improvement they wanted to do skin scrapings and a biopsy. This season we have managed to go out and successfully compete and also made the Adelaide Royal Show. In March 2004, a friend asked if I had read Horse Deals because there was an advertisement for a homoeopathy treatment that had photographs of a horse suffering from greasy heel. For 6 months I struggled with every conventional treatment including systemic antibiotics, visits to equine vets and every word of mouth remedy I was assured would "cure" her condition. In late June I was at an event and a lass in the next stall looked across as I was coating her legs with zinc and told me her horsea€™s legs had been as bad as ours and were cured by Robyn Goozeea€™s homeopathic drops and the "ointment".There was no sign her horse had ever had any trace of mud fever.
Twelve months later Mary has almost all the hair regrown with just a few small scars that have been reducing in size on the new drops. I cannot thank you enough Robyn for your help and support and have recommended your treatments to a number of people already. Burns that responded well to Homeopathic treatment:In September 1991, show jumper Gail Powell rescued her champion show jumpers Hank and Toby from a burning float and after many months of top veterinary care, including skin grafts, but mainly Gaila€™s devoted nursing and tender loving care they survived, returning to top competition. After more skin grafts in April 92 at Agnus Banks Sydney and further Homoeopathic treatment, Toby regained a black skin- something the vets didna€™t hold any hope for (if he recovered the scar tissue would be pink) Pigment also returned in Tobya€™s burnt eyes. Gail at this time was sponsored by Saddleworld who contributed toward the treatment for Hank & Toby. Stringhalt responded well to Homeopathic treatment:November 2002 - In drought conditions, a yearling colt (14 months old) contracts stringhalt.

As the weeks progressed the hitching of both rear legs worsened to the point of springing to the colta€™s under belly with every step a€“ you could literally hear the back feet smack the underbelly. On first noticing the signs the colt was removed immediately from the offending paddock a€“ dandelion being the culprit, we believe a€“ as there was an abundance of that weed, but very little cape weed or other flat weed on the property.
As not much is known about stringhalt and the information received always differing in both cause and cure, much advice was forthcoming all of which was tried. It was also almost impossible to put on any condition, even with the healthy amounts he was consuming. On speaking with a Homoeopath that treated horses all over Australia for this and various other ailments, the suggestion was made to try homeopathy drops and that the cause should be treated rather than the symptom. The Homoeopathy treatment was commenced at the beginning of June 2003 a€“ which was simply a€“ one half of an eye dropper of the first bottle onto the colts gums every second day a€“ and one half of an eye dropper of the second bottle on the gums once a week.
I am sitting here watching him a€“ it has been just over ten weeks since the treatment commenced a€“ he shares a paddock now with a gelding and they have become good friends a€“ although it did take the gelding some time to become accustomed to the noise that was made from the colt slamming the back feet down.
He is presently walking down to the water trough a€“ keeping stride with the gelding and a small hitch (about six inches) is just noticeable in the offside rear leg a€“ there is nothing but a normal step on the nearside rear. Whether he will be completely cured and whether we will always need to be careful as to where he grazes, is unknown at this stage, we will have to wait that bit longer. My aim with this case study was to advise of our good fortune and the great results that we have encountered in such a simple treatment and hopefully this can help others who have the misfortune of dealing with stringhalt. We have used them on ourselves and our horses for many and varied ailments from something as simple as a cut to something as serious as a deep flesh wound that needed stitching but its location made it impossible to do so. I have a full kit of drops at home and one in the tack box whenever we are away with the horses whether it is for a day or a week. We experienced very dry conditions in June, July and August with brief showers producing green shoots periodically and now we are in the flush of spring but the old girl is still happily enjoying life in the paddock. Here was our halter prospect all cut up and the thought of ever getting her to the show ring was long gone.
I had written Jack off and had been looking for another Galloway (still giving the drops to him) but by what the Vet had said I thought it was time to move on. So the bond and partnership was formed, 12 months of everything going great our wonderful little horse went lame.
A call to Robyn, drops and rest, had this mare back in full work in three months, she is now totally sound and leading a productive life, even jumping X-country!! Firstly we were interested in using a treatment that seemed non-invasive; and we also liked the way that if the first remedy prescribed was not effective, then an alternative could be tried straight away - there was no waiting until the first one had left the system. Our vets couldna€™t pinpoint the cause, as nothing specific seemed to be causing the attacks. We also started to use Rescue Remedy in conjunction, which also worked well - she became calm and peaceful, lying quietly in her stable until the colic bout passed - which it would, quite suddenly, when it seemed good and ready, she would then sigh deeply, get u, stretch and immediately look for something to eat! One of our young chestnut fillies with two long stockings developed this skin problem, and nothing our vets tried could prevent it relentlessly spreading onwards and upwards. Robyn supplied and a€?intercurrenta€? remedy to be given as a single dose should there appear to be sign on the a€?Creeping Deatha€? returning. We had never had a horse with this complaint before and set about treating it with potions and lotions, new and old remedies and nothing was working, by this time nearly a month had gone by and it was not getting any better. We received the treatment a few days after the phone call and started treatment immediately - early June 05.
She reacted to this product and her leg swelled up over the knee, the skin blistered from the hoof up o the knee and she was lame! The Cream that was to be put on the infected scabs softened them and they started to come off easily. After suffering an accident on the transport and the stress of moving from her home environment she developed a skin condition on her back white socks, which I thought was greasy heel.
After visiting a friend of mine one night, Joanne showed me an article in horse deals that was on a horse with the same skin condition. I am so lucky that I made the call to Robyn she is a saviour, I would highly recommend the homeopath treatments to anyone.
When I finally saw the advertisement I was shocked - it very well could have been my horse!
This improvement has continued although we had a couple of minor breakouts on occasion and Robyn has been a great help with great support and very prompt delivery of the medications. We have not had a "breakout" in over a month now in spite of the very wet weather we have been having. Gail does deserve the highest praise for her devotion and in her effort for single handedly rescuing her horses from a burning float.
Obviously the colt became quite anxious and stressed, hence worsening the symptoms, but at that stage he was still able to move about and walk a€“ although hitching to his belly.
When attempting to move he would move his front legs to the left and then to the right with his back legs glued to the ground, finally pivoting on the front legs for a minute or so a€“a€“ as if trying to gain the momentum to move forward, he would then lunge and launch forward into a gallop. The colt had now had stringhalt for seven months and there was no improvement what-so-ever with the treatments and efforts that had been made.
The cause being that the horsea€™s system had been poisoned - and the need is to remove that poison from the body as opposed to treating the symptom, which is the extraction of magnesium from the body causing the hitching and in turn loss of condition. No other difference to the colta€™s diet or conditions was made to ensure we could see whether the treatment worked. After three weeks it was noticed as the colt grazed (in a relaxed state) he was slowly moving his back feet forward, taking small steps, about a foot at a time a€“ without the spring a€“ and without slamming the back feet down.
Each week saw more improvement a€“ his steps lengthened - he was now taking a couple of steps back a€“ although he was doing this slowly as if testing to see if he was able. The colt still has a bit of a way to go a€“ he still at this stage cannot trot but has no difficulty walking off from a stand or galloping off a€“ he no longer pivots on the back legs, so from what I have seen over the past two months the trotting will not be far away. Many people had advised that this colt was so bad he would never recover and if he did it would take years.
One day, some three months after the original accident, I was cleaning the wound site when I noticed a funny flap of skin (Which hadn't been there the day before). I can only think that it was a combination of the drops and cream that led to such an amazing result. Her quality of life was becoming increasingly poor, she frequently had to be locked up and was obviously was in pain, I thought I was going to have to make "the hard decision". On the 23-3-11, we noticed the split along the top of his hoof getting wider and we gave him risers in his shoes.
We then remembered how Mapley's leg had healed with little scaring, so we got in touch with Robyn again. The other bonus we get, is his amazing coat color, that we can only put down to his drops, as he doesn't get anything special.

Unlike most medications, if a homeopathic remedy does not work for a particular condition, then nothing happens; no side effects. We felt that calling our vet each time it happened was not only expensive, but that just giving gut relaxants and pain-killers was only a a€?band-aida€?, not a satisfactory cure. It got to the stage where it looked as though someone had poured acid down Sariaa€™s leg and they were swollen, blistered, weeping and extremely painful.
Ita€™s now about three years since Saria came down with this complaint, and despite living outdoors most of the time, experiencing rain and mud, she has never had it again.
Over the seven-month period I had used numerous products to try and clear it up, including skin washes, iodine washes, pregnaderm, preddy powders, phenylbutazone and courses of penicillin injections.
Numerous consultations with the vet and trying all sorts of treatments on the skin such as prednaderm, anti fungal washes and oral courses of cortisone nothing seemed to work. Traditional treatments of Prednaderm, washing, bandaging, clipping, wearing paddock boots were all utilised with varying degrees of success. This progressed to an extreme case of "mud fever", spreading up to the hocks on both hind legs and also involving her front legs up to the knees. Leading this colt would be at a run as he was unable to walk, he would gallop for about 20 steps and stop - only to start the process over. Although it took 3 weeks to see any improvement on this treatment, once the improvement began, each week had been dramatically better. I pulled back the piece of skin and you can imagine my amazement (and horror) when I discovered the barb from the fence imbedded in my horses flesh!! Funnily enough, at the same time that all this was happening my father had a particularly aggressive cold sore.
He stayed sound till the 12-4-11 and went lame again so we had to take his shoes off as the wall wasn't carrying him anymore.
The homeopathic treatment reduces the inflammation and increases the integrity of the lamealle (connective tissue), thus allowing a more normal hoof to grow down. In desperation, we contacted Robyn to see if she had a solution, and she immediately sent a remedy. Her younger half-brother developed the same problem, but as soon as we saw the first signs of it, we contacted Robyn for her Drops, and Elmo was cured very quickly - also with no recurrence, despite living outdoors in all weather conditions.
It has been four weeks since I first started her on the treatment and the swelling is gone, the scabs have cleared up and she is back in full work!
I even tried bandaging the legs and if I clipped the socks out or didn't it made no difference. Joanne suggested that I call Robyn and have a consultation with her, so I did it was also the best thing I have done for the pony. I even moved the horse to another property where he could be stabled to keep him out of long, wet grass and poor weather. I was more than a little sceptical at first; I couldna€™t see how this was going to make a difference.
It progressed to the point where her legs were oozing scabby and balding, very inflamed and very painful to touch although at no point was she lame with it. This was in February 1992, and by March 92 a graph of his lungs showed they were clear, free of scarring. If the results that had been seen had not happened so quickly a€“ I also would have been sceptical, but the improvements have been so dramatic, so quickly!
Because of proud flesh being removed and the location of the wound etc., it took three months for the wound to heal. It had been buried so deeply in his flesh at the time of the accident that neither the vet, nor myself had been able to see it when the wound was cleaned out! In addition, herbal spray was used to combat the proud flesh, which is common in a wound of this size.
By the 29-11-10, he was even lamer and we took him to a corrective farrier who said Alfie has a bout of laminitis and we put heart bars on him. Alfie then became extremely lame, so lame that the farrier had to come to him instead of the drive to Gatton. He still needs to lose a bit more weight, but thanks to you Robyn we will not be losing this wonderful boy.
Because I say it is a miracle - Jack has no sign of lameness and fact this spring show season has won - champion Galloway & 2 reserve champions. This first one didna€™t show any improvement in a few days, so Robyn sent another bottle of drops and this time they worked: within three days we could see an improvement in Sariaa€™s condition. I must admit I was very skeptical about the homeopath treatment as first, how could a few drops put in Onyalia€™s mouth cure this condition? I had to admit I was rather skeptical about the drops and couldn't see how they would help, but thought with all the money I had spent on veterinary treatments to give it a go!!. As each year went by the bouts of greasy heel became more aggressive and despite vigilance and care, harder to remove. After three weeks the scabs started falling away and lovely, healthy, pink skin could be seen!
At first I used Yellow lotion (as directed by my vet) which was less than useless then I started using a homeopathic cream which I got from Horseland Hobart (and I assume it was one of your products) and it was fantastic - the rate of healing to the wound was nothing short of amazing.
I gave him some of the cream I was using on my horse's leg and his cold sore disappeared in TWO days. On the 17-1-11 Alfie had a re-shoe and we found more abscesses in his near side hoof which is the worst one. The farrier work was excellent and together with homeopathic treatment and the dedication of the owner, it appears Alfie has made a full recovery.
His competition days were over, and we were not in the position to purchase another one as good as him for Daniel. I kept the leg as clean as I could, clipped the white areas, bandaged it when she was worked and made sure it was kept dry. It took about 4 weeks of being on the drops before I noticed any drastic changes but May had a very low immune system caused by the cortisone she had been on. We then tapped frogs made from thongs to his feet and in a couple of days he seemed to be relieved. After my horse had healed I had half a container left which lasted me for ages and when I finally needed some more and went in to Horseland to get some everything had changed and they no longer had it. After a very lengthy phone call Robyn assured me there was hope, and we finally had something to look forward to.

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