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One of homeopathy's most important uses is for patients with mood & emotional upsets such as Depression, Grief or Anger issues.
It's so important that it works for you that I stand by my work by offering every patient this guarantee:- if the best chosen remedy that I prescribe doesn't help you, your second treatment is completely free. Homeopathy is a complementary medicine which uses small doses called homoeopathic remedies to encourage the body. Modern Homeopaths like myself believe in integrated medicine, which means that I encourage the use of Homeopathy alongside conventional medicine.
This service is not intended to provide diagnosis & does not detract from nor is a substitute for normal primary healthcare.

The quality of their investigation, their ability to take in what you say, right there, on the spot and see the implications; to understand what it means and crucially, to know what questions to ask next to get to the bottom of your case.
It is a very precise process, coupled with a meticulous prescribing consultation that takes much longer than an appointment with your GP.
A Homeopath considers how you are different and uses this to treat you, rather than conventional medicine which looks instead at how your symptoms are the same as those of other people, in order to diagnose and give you the same medicine as them. Efficiency is another great advantage of Homeopathy:- you will take the minimum dose, the least possible amount needed to make you better, rather than face a lifetime of "Take one a day". I have had patients with Autistic Spectrum Disorder, Arthritis, Auto-immune syndromes and complex abdominal & gastro-intestinal problems.

I always discuss a prospective patient's case before they come for an appointment, in case I don't think I will be able to help. That's why I offer a free 10 minute chat over the phone, to talk over your health concerns with you and if I think i can help, for you to explore if Homeopathy interests you.
You can be confident that the prescription is the best possible fit, for you, because an extensive case history is taken and carefully analysed.

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