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Controlling Officer of Homeopathy is not in a position to report Lecturer vacancies to PSC, because  Government of Kerala has to amend “Kerala Homoeopathy Special rule” which is the basis of appointment and promotion of teachers. Medical Officers with Post graduation from the department of Homoeopathy are actively trying for a deputation appointment to Govt. Kerala is the only state where the External MD is not treated as par with Regular MD in Homeopathy.
For this purpose only CCH president and Secretary  recently Visited Health Minister and Govt.
According to Kerala Homoeopathic Medical College Service Rule 2001, Page 16, Note i (a), External PG is acceptable “provided three years class attendance is the minimum requirement of PG as in Kerala”. Homoeopathy  Medical Colleges of Kerala because of the shortage of teaching  staff as per CCH pattern.
For amending special rule at least three sittings with officials and service organizations required (as per the current special rule Tutor is the entry cadre).

If 20 Medical Officers got appointment as Lecturers on deputation – 20 candidates from the Medical Officer PSC list may get appointed as Medical Officers in the department of Homeopathy.
If the Academic Councils giving approval to External MD in Homeopathy – they may force to approve many off campus courses rejected so far. Nemam Vidhyadiraja Homoeopathy Medical College has additional four Medical Officer posts also.
According to  Kerala PSC professional  experience means – 4 years working experience in an approved institute. This commission submitted the report  which clearly stated that External MD cannot be equivalent to Regular MD and it cannot maintain the academic standard expected of a PG degree in medicine. The Policy makers,myopic administrators, members of the apex committees are all responsible for this sad state of affairs in the Govt. UGC pay scale is applicable only to regular MD teachers and more over External MD teachers are not qualified as PG teachers,examiners or Guide in Kerala.

All the four Universities in Kerala including KUHS has not ready to recognize or approve the external PG in Homoeopathy. I think our people’s representatives cry hoarse or wake up only when the damage takes place. Lakhs of rupees for a BHMS and MD courses are charged by the Private colleges in our country.

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