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Medical shop is a place where medical requirements like medicines, health products, fitness beverages and other stuffs related to health are found. There are many medicine types like Allopathy, Ayurvedic and Homeopathy that provide separate ways treat a patient. To make the medical shop management process further easy, many software companies offer the medical shop management software. The medical shop’s sales activities can also been observed through the medical shop management software.
ASHADIP MEDICAL AND SOCIAL WELFARE ASSOCIATION a new name in the field of Social Welfare, is a registered organization, let by highly experienced, qualified, enthusiastic professionals and incorporated with a vision to provide quality products, quality services, quality life style and social recognization to its associates. You journey for Financial Freedom State with us with a small donation and be our Lifetime Associates. 6) Relief to the Suffering in times of Famine, Flood, Drought, Earthquake and Other Natural Calamites. 3) Small Scale Industry on Vermicompose Woolen Work, Mat Making By Machine, Food Processing. Medical store management should assist the both flow and reliability of supplies from source to user economically and reliably as possible, without significant wastage, loss of quality and theft.
As we know the manual processing is quite tedious, time consuming, less accurate in comparison to computerized processing. This pharmacy management software System will store the information of medicines & customers in the system. An inventory control system ensures that the right tablets are required, in the correct quantity, monitors their quality and minimizes the total variable cost of operations.
Warehouse management system monitors the physical flow of medicines within the system such as receipts, storage and issues. Daily customer management system handles the records of daily customers such as online medical prescription, prescription tablets and receipts.

Transaction management system stores the details like sales, sales return and transaction profits etc. User management system manages the different users with privilege level for providing high security.
The health shop management system is tracks information on inventory status, new shipments received and taken into stock, issues made to healthy facilities, expired medicines, damaged medicines, and methods of transport, delivery times and confirmation of receipts from user. While we are not feeling well and in the need of medical aid, we just seek for our nearby medical shop. With the necessity of using medical shops often, people are well known about the working, maintenance, sale process of a medical shop.
Similarly the medical shop is also designed such that it is in a perfect shape to run in the competitive world. Decades before, pharmacist or medical shop persons has to find the particular medicine which is stored collectively and then deliver it to the customers. This medical store management software is designed for too easy the work load of pharmacy shop professionals.
Chemist can gain control over system warehouse efficiency, transform web operations, and increase competitiveness. For every single web pharmacy user displays the medicines ordered list based on the period. It mainly provides the information about transaction details of delivering online medicines. We get the medical remedies and proper support from the medical shops, thus it finds a role in every man’s life. But now the situation is quite different, automation has evolved in medical shops such that one need not be locating a medicine for purchase. Each activity in a medical shop can be analysed and processed without handling multiple people at a time.

The software used in pharmacy system provides security by granting access rights for changing the sensitive data to administrator only. Just a click in the computer that has all the data regarding storage, pricing, maintenance and sales of a medicine is enough to promote a product towards the users.
Comparing to the direct business, online medical shops can grow faster and reach new customers.
Like the other basic needs are given in less cost, medicines are also intended to be given in a reasonable price.
The main features include invoicing, inventory, stock control, accounting, and client and vendor management. Modern online medical shops provide less cost medicines with faster access and convenience. The pharmaceutical software helps you to track all the profits, loss, profitable clients and products of medical shop moreover it’s a medical shop accounting software. This pharma software system can generate all kinds of reports as per the user’s requirements. Flexible and adaptive software suited to medical shops or stores or pharmacies of any size. Patient information can be monitored regularly and a secondary support can be given to each user simultaneously.

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