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Anne Butcher BSc RSHom, Penistone HomeopathyRead MoreThe homeopathic consultationis a unique experience in medicine.
Please feel welcome to phone or email  to discuss whether homeopathy may help you, or with any other queries. Click here to contact me for a free 15-minute clarity consultation to see if Homeopathy could help you gain back some control! Finished watercolour by Sydney Parkinson made during Captain James Cook's first voyage across the Pacific, 1768-1771. I have long thought that vaccination over-specialises the immune system, at the expense of general immune capability. Homeopathy is a form of alternative medicine where treatment is based on the two essential principles.
To form the system of treatment, he merged a number of laws that come out from the classical methods of research and health assessment.
Homeopathy aims at treating a sick person, not a disease which is considered to be nothing but a shortcut. Studying the effects of drugs on healthy people, which allows to capture the totality of the symptoms that occur during the test – pathogenesis of drug. The amount of allopathic drugs consumed must be reduced gradually in order not to cause a sharp deterioration associated with withdrawal syndrome; the recommendation especially applicable to hormonal and anti-hypertensive medications administered for a long time.
In general it can be noted that the state of affairs around the research on effectiveness of homeopathic remedies and techniques is way more optimistic than the critics say.
The cost of high-quality comprehensive study that homeopathy critcis speak of usually demands 5+ million pounds.
The main problem of clinical research in homeopathy is that clinical trials are conducted exclusively by funds specializing on alternative medicine and manufacturers of homeopathic medicines. Since alternative medicine profit margin is significantly less than in traditional medicine, where a package of patented drug may cost 100+ pounds, manufacturers of homeopathic remedies lauch researches having limited funds. All in all, according to numerous polls, homeopathy is still very popular among the population, and the conducted studies of homeopathic remedies show generally positive results, so the further development and financing will certainly push homeopathy to the next level. Taking advantage of using herbal remedies for menopause is one of the most efficient methods to level the climacteric syndrome and undesired manifestations. A good half of smoking cessation methods is based on the use of manifold substitutes – nicotine patches, gums, electronic cigarettes and etc. Hayfever is a widespread name of pollen allergy, the main symptom of which is allergic rhinitis. Tagsdetox green smoothie acupuncture for anxiety chamomile mud therapy arthritis linden camomile cold hemorrhoids nicotine free cigarettes nirdosh allergy herbalism green cocktails insomnia homeopathic remedies anxiety nervous system homeopathy herbal remedies natural health healthy lifestyle sleep acne menopause sedatives liver detox raw diet smoke cessation rhinitis herbal cigarettes diarrhea chinese medicine fever rose hip holistic therapy St.

Apart from the risk of serious side effects, these is a risk of increasing your susceptibility to other bugs. The first one implies that a disease can be cured using the medications that produce effects resembling the disease itself (similia similibus curantur). The second principle states that the medication is more effective when it is less concentrated.
The patients are oftentimes seeking for reassurance they can get in a conversation with homeopath.
Homeopathy adherents tend to provide evidence primarily based on personal experience, while structured and comprehensive scientific arguments are rarely focused on. While allopathic therapy is aiming at combating the consequence rather than the cause, i.e. Thus, in diabetes type 1, when the patient is on permanent insulin course, and hormone therapy irrevocably ruins still functioning beta cells in the pancreas, the treatment is no longer possible do without insulin. Though, even if the figure of several hundreds studies glance seems to be impressive at first glance, it is still negligible compared with the traditional research methods of treatment.
This means that the systematic studies of the clinical efficacy of homeopathic medicines, supported by public funds, have not been carried out yet. This relative lack of financing has a particularly strong impact on the fundamental studies investigating the mechanism of action of drugs potentiated.
Herbal treatment of severe menopause symptoms with the help of herbal medicine is not aiming at substituting the missing hormones, but at promoting the comfortable adaptation to their reduction.
You broke up with a cigarette through exchanging it for one of these substitutes; unequal exchange, of course, but smokers believe it is better than nothing.
The term ‘hayfever’, appeared in 1829 and today it is no longer relevant, because the disease has nothing to do with hay or fever conditions. Rather than covering up symptoms without addressing the root cause, a homeopath’s approach is to aim to rebalance whatever’s the cause, then the symptoms will naturally stop.
Samuel Hahnemann, the founder of homeopathy, believed that an overdose of certain drugs leads to symptoms of the same disease being treated, therefore he laid the foundation of homeopathy basing on the law of similars.
Therefore, homeopaths make use of diluted medicinal substances to an extent that it may be hardly possible to identify a single drug molecule in the solution. Another aspect the patients appreciate is the method of drugs appointment; the drugs that give virtually no unwanted side effects and often available at a more democratic price than conventional pharmaceuticals.
This fact, of course, does not preclude the use of homeopathy as a complementary set of therapies. However, a carefully chosen remedy can reduce the required dose and significantly slow down the progression of diabetes complications.

Therefore, it is considered that many homeopathic studies are far from being fair and professional, since they are not arranged in accordance with the requirements adapted in pharmaceutical institutions.
However, we are not going to discuss phytoestrogens, oftentimes prescribed during menopause as extremely powerful medications.
Hayfever is primarily accompanied by rhinitis – inflammation of the mucous membrane lining the nasal cavity. Homeopathic drugs represent the dissolved to negligible concentrations extracts of medicinal plants, and chemical elements (calcium, sulfur, arsenic, potassium, iodine, gold and etc.).
Homeopathy usually involves skilled doctors with the additional courses in homeopathy under the belt.
By the way, the efficiency of homeopathic methods has been recognised by the British royal family, which is indubitably powerful evidence in support of the treatment. The aim of homeopathy is a complete healing, not the suppression of individual symptoms that is typically accompanied by transferring to a deeper level of the body (this is what happens during allopathic treatment).
If homeopathic treatment is started immediately after the diagnosis of juvenile diabetes, even a complete healing is sometimes possible.
EBM is "the conscientious, explicit and judicious use of current best evidence in making decisions about the care of the individual patient. This kind of consultation is one of the high arts of medicine and needs to be experienced to be appreciated." Mo Morrish (2007) Homeopathy - A Rational Choice in Medicine Read MoreMini-consultationsWe’d like you to be entirely comfortable with your decision to have homeopathic treatment so we offer prospective clients a free initial 15 minute mini-consultation. It means integrating individual clinical expertise with the best available external clinical evidence from systematic research." (Sackett D, 1996)EBM is the integration of clinical expertise, patient values, and the best evidence into the decision making process for patient care.
Clinical expertise refers to the clinician's cumulated experience, education and clinical skills. The patient brings to the encounter his or her own personal and unique concerns, expectations, and values. The best evidence is usually found in clinically relevant research that has been conducted using sound methodology. The full integration of these three components into clinical decisions enhances the opportunity for optimal clinical outcomes and quality of life. Any valid systematically collected data that is relevant is also to be considered in the patient treatment picture that is being developed.This approach blows wide open the simplistic fundamentalist dogma currently being spewed froth by the ‘Cult of the RCT’.

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