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Homeopathy, also known as homeopathic medicine, is considered by some to be a controversial alternative medicine system. One of the main philosophies of homeopathic medicine is that the body has the ability to heal itself. Homeopathy has historically been used for maintaining health and cures for long-standing illnesses, such as teething, allergies, arthritis, migraines, dermatitis and irritable bowel syndrome. The majority of the homeopathic remedies are generally considered safe, as they have been regulated in the U.S. Critics believe that homeopathic remedies merely create a placebo effect in individuals and that there is no real medicinal benefit experienced. Homeopathic remedies can be beneficial, whether or not healing is experienced from the medication or induced by a placebo effect. The term homeopathy comes from the Greek words homeo, meaning similar, and pathos, meaning suffering or disease. Homeopathy uses a system of remedies that come from nature, but they are selected for you based on all the different aspects of you – mental, physical, and lifestyle factors and preferences are all taken into account in the remedy selection. The remedy itself is a highly diluted substance, so diluted in fact that it basically just leaves the equivalent of a fingerprint behind. An easy way to think about it is to compare it to computer software, the pills carry the information that causes the software to change or reboot the system.
An individual homeopathic consultation is available at the clinic, this is an in-depth personal interview which generally takes an hour, up to one and a half hours.
Naturopathic MedicineIt is a system of medicine that recognized the complexity of the human body and of life and respects the processes that it requires. For those who suffer from recurrent kidney stones, homeopathic treatment can be very effective and a safe alternative to any kind of surgical intervention. Not only does Berberis help in eliminating kidney stones and reliving the pain, its use also eradicates ones tendency to develop stones recurrently. Kidney stones (in medical terminology called as Renal Calculi or Urolithiasis) are hard masses that develop in the kidney or urinary tract .These masses are made up of crystals. Men are usually more predisposed to having kidney stones and are more likely to develop it as they enter into their 40?s .Hereditary factors also play a strong role. Kidney stones can cause very severe pain which is caused when the stones obstruct the flow of urine or when they move in the ureter (ducts that carry urine from the kidney to the bladder).
It is a well known fact that many stones tend to come out on their own but some do require medical intervention.

I have multiple calculi of maximum size of 5.3mm in my gallbladder.what is the risk to my health? Report- evidence of dilation of right pelvic cryceal system with ureter up to echoreflective focus of 12m.m.
Would like to know more about the homeopathy medicine for kidney stone because I’m having renal stone size of 8pm.
Berberis vulgaris Mother tincture is the best homoeopathic medicine I have ever known used for the Treatment of kidney stones. I went to hedgewar hospital in emergency ward they inject me 2 injections a painkiller and another one is for gas. Respected Sir, I have found after USG CUB, that a stone in my right upper ureter, size is 6.6mm. I have 1.4 CM stone at my left kidney is this can be come out if I use homeopathy medicine. I have 9mm kidney stones in both right and left kidney, found out after the scan done 2 days back. Due to my right side heart pain, I talk with doctor, as per doctor advice doing ultrasound, report come 1. Sir, I am suffering from kidney stone problem now I am using homeopathy treatment three years back I suffered from kidney stones now again I am suffering kindly suggest me permanent treatment. A homeopath, or a homeopathic health practitioner uses pills or liquid mixtures containing a very small amount of the active ingredient. This therapy is also used to treat minor injuries, such as bruises, cuts and muscle cramping. Just be sure that you discuss with your health-care provider any alternative therapies you might be considering. There is no physical substance added, but the function is completely changed, for the better.
Homeopathic medicine Berberis Vulgaris (medicine made from the bark from the plant named -Barberry) is well known for its great action in treating stones in the kidney and urinary tract. Although there are many other medicines in homeopathy that are found useful in treating kidney stones but Berberis alone can treat a great variety of renal stones and the symptoms of pain arising out of it. They may contain many chemicals but usually are made up of calcium (with combination of oxalates or phosphates) and uric acid.
Hypercalciuria (where there is excess of calcium excreted in urine) is also genetic acquired factor which leads to frequent development of kidney stones.

Even though, Berberis Vulgaris is homeopathy?s best bet, other medicines like Sarsaparilla, Hydrangea, and Benzoic Acid are also used very extensively used in homeopathy for the treatment of renal calculi. I had a ct iv scan and it came out that my right kidney has stone measuring around 10 to 15mm. However, as with any drug or dietary supplement, side effects or adverse reactions can be experienced from these homeopathic remedies. These studies were not conclusive; however, many patients did experience benefits from the remedies that were different from the reactions of those who were given placebos.
Instead of using a substance or treatment that is the opposite of what you are suffering from, like an antibiotic to treat an infection, homeopathy uses the law of similars; like cures like. Keller then takes all this information and puts it all together to determine which remedy is right for you. It is also true that once someone develops more than one stone he is likely to develop such stones more often. It is popular belief that avoiding food that is high in calcium is must in people who are suffering from stones; in reality this is not true. Pls Dr, I need ur medical advice on what drugs to use to dissolve the stone and what can of food to avoid?
Although many homeopaths may discourage the use of standard immunizations, it is still vital to consult with your physician about vaccinations and their benefits and risks.
It is always best to consult with a reputable and trained homeopathic practitioner before beginning any regimen, as well as to consult with your medical doctor when seeking out this or any other alternative health practice.
On the contrary, recent Studies have shown that having food high in calcium like dairy products may actually prevent calcium stones. In a nutshell Homeopathy forms a very safe and an effective bet in avoiding surgery by removing and preventing renal calculi from recurring again .Other lifestyle modifications like increasing fluid intake (10-12 glasses of water) and a well regulated diet is the first step in prevention of stones.
Regimens are tailored by the homeopath for each individual after thoroughly reviewing the patient’s symptoms.
It is also recommended that you do not discontinue the use of any prescribed medications and that you review with your physician which homeopathic remedies would be safe to use.
Certain foods and medicines like (calcium based antacids) are known to promote the production of stones .if one has acidic urine avoiding foods like fish meat and poultry can help.

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