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Pocket Manual of Homeopathic Materia Medica and Repertory is probably one of the most popular books on homeopathy worldwide. The Department of Materia Medica aims at providing a sound knowledge of the effectiveness of homoeopathic drugs. Students learn practical medicine prescription with the help of bedside clinical classes held weekly. Hering saw in his own experience as well as from the experience of others interesting probabilities and possibilities and confirmed them in practice. Department has progressed by adding various teaching aids and materials like 75 slides of medicinal plants, 12 video cassettes of lecture series of Materia Medica by eminent homoeopaths of India, 90 samples of drug substances. Case-taking from a homoeopathic perspective, analysis and prescription are taught effectively. Jain, however, accepted the challenge and agreed to produce an edition which will be within the reach of every practising hom?opath.

Since this was my suggestion, I have been persuaded by him to write this introduction to the new edition. This was based mostly on Hering's evaluation of the symptoms for a particular drug in his Guiding Symptoms.
The reliability of the symptoms is doubly insured by repeated observations and confirmation on the sick in certain conditions of sickness. I am, however, glad that the publishers have agreed with my view and may publish subsequently further volumes as additional data.
Regular workshops are conducted for the students by the faculty for facilitating them to prescribe medicines correctly and efficiently. A research project on clinical drug proving has been commenced for increasing the present knowledge of drug's actions and understanding the effects of new or relatively unknown drugs.
Jain Publishers, was discussing with me the reprinting of Kent's Repertory and informed me that he was ready to go in to press for bringing out a new reprint. There is a genuine demand by the profession, provided a reasonably priced edition could be brought out by any publisher.

Judging by his previous performance and inexhaustible energy, I was convinced that he will be able to do it.
Several books of related subjects are available for reference in the adjoined departmental library. I dissuaded him because I felt that already three publishers have brought out the reprint of the famous repertory. So far none of the publishers of Hom?opathic Literature have dared to undertake its publication.

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