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All women considering abortion should be tested for STDs even if they are not experiencing any symptoms to ensure that there are no possible complications. This information is intended for general educational purposes only and should not be relied upon as a substitute for professional medical advice.
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The Human Genome Project has set the stage for countless advancements in our understanding of human DNA and its role in the diagnosis of disease. New testing methods are creating opportunities to screen for common disorders affecting women, such as Human papillomavirus (HPV), Chlamydia trachomatis (CT), Neisseria gonorrhea (NG), Cystic Fibrosis (CF), Herpes Simplex Virus I & II and Inherited Thrombophilia (IHT). DNA can be reliably extracted from a variety of sources, including blood, tissue, or cells from a liquid Pap test, to produce a sample that can be screened for disease. Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) is the most broadly applicable method used in gene-based testing.
The benefits of PCR include increased flexibility, sensitivity, specificity and reliability.PCR provides appropriate clinical sensitivity by amplifying small amounts DNA to pick up minute disease signals, allowing for efficient interpretation of DNA mutations. In just a few hours, PCR-based testing gives pathologists and clinicians the ability to screen for a host of disorders efficiently and accurately with superior analytic performance. West Coast PAP with PCR is more then just a series of tests; it is a strategy for success in women's health. You may be concerned that you have a sexually transmitted disease (STD) but you’re uncomfortable about going to a doctor. Additionally, many STD results should be discussed with a doctor at the time the result is returned from the lab so you can receive proper treatment.

In July 2012, the FDA did approve a home-HIV testing using an oral swab manufactured by OraSure Technologies. Charlotte Gaydos, an STD and public health expert at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine in Baltimore sent six tests to various online lab test companies to check their reliability.
Only four returned the tests and two never responded back to her despite repeated attempts to make contact. In a move to enforce some regulation, the FDA did send a warning letter November 2010 to a company called Identigene, that was offering home urine testing for chlamydia and gonorrhea sold through Rite Aid.
Currently the most reliable way to have STD testing is to go to an authorized lab that tests for these diseases.
If you or your companion have one STD, your chances of contracting ANOTHER STD are considerably elevated?
50% of all guys and 75% of all females with Chlamydia don't know that they are infected and demonstrate NO apparent signs?
These innovations offer pathologists and clinicians the ability to add molecular diagnostics to their laboratories.
Using molecular diagnostics, physicians can diagnose diseases earlier, or even before they occur. The basis of PCR is the use of an enzyme to amplify specific parts of a gene, thereby mimicking what occurs in vivo during DNA synthesis. At the same time, PCR's specificity pinpoints a particular disease at the exact location of the change in the DNA sequence.
PCR allows pathologists to perform a large number of tests, scalable to the market, and offers proven technology for reimbursable clinical laboratory testing. West Coast PAP allows our pathologist to screen for Human papillomavirus (HPV), Chlamydia trachomatis (CT), Neisseria gonorrhea (NG), Cystic Fibrosis (CF), Herpes Simplex Virus I & II and Inherited Thrombophilia (IHT) from a single collection.
West Coast PAP detects an additional seven HPV types classified as high-risk when compared to the Hybrid CaptureĀ® 2 method, providing better correlation to cytology diagnoses and accurate triage management for patients referred on to colposcopy.

The Liquid Based Pap can be used for a more direct diagnosis when tested through a molecular diagnostic system like West Coast PAP.
The accuracy may be affected by errors in how you collect the sample, or problems due to the storage and handling of the sample, if it is mailed back to the lab. Half of them came back with false negatives even though Gaydos had purposely sent samples loaded with chlamydia bacteria. But, it does appear that Identigene is going through clinical trials with the product and has an estimated completion date of June 2014.
All tests can be taken within minutes of scheduling your appointment, and many of their testing results start coming in the next day. Ann, Olivette, Creve Coeur, Ladue, Town and Country, Des Peres Information on abortion procedures & pregnancy options. Louis, Clayton, Maplewood, Shrewsbury, Richmond Heights, Brentwood, Webster Groves, Kirkwood, University City, Jennings, Crestwood Information on abortion procedures & pregnancy options.
Pathologists and clinicians are increasingly turning to the power of molecular genetics for early and accurate diagnoses of disease.
Molecular testing offers superior sensitivity and specificity, as well as added diagnostic utility when combined with cytology results. HPV genotyping enables our pathologists to more accurately predict the outcome of HPV infections and to monitor mixed or multiple, persistent and re-infections by genotype. Conclusive results is currently several fda-approved, gg-based blood test gynocologist appointment weeks.

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