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JIN SHIN JYUTSU –  Is the Art of releasing tensions which are the causes for various symptoms in the body. It is a simple touch therapy that you can perform on yourself to boost energy and balance your emotions through stimulating the meridians in your hands. In a study at Markey Cancer Center patients were able to feel positive benefits, no matter the stage or types of cancer. Also helps with: respiratory functions, asthma, skin conditions, ringing in the ear, excessive mucus, negative attitude. Also helps with: heart conditions, bloating, blood pressure, bone or nerve problems, sore throat.
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If you have blood sugar fluctuations, adrenal fatigue (hypofunction), anxiety, or high blood pressure, coffee is not your friend.
Caffeine artificially stimulates the adrenal glands and depletes these already overworked energy producers.
It also lowers blood sugar and causes sugar cravings, energy crashes, and brain fog mid-morning once the stimulation fades.
Find out more about the dangers of getting *hangry* and how the adrenals are affected by the blood sugar roller coaster here. Instead of breaking down your body to just get through the day, restore it’s function.

Focusing on gelatin-filled broths, pastured meats and fats, and antioxident-rich vegetables are a great way to regulate blood sugar levels necessary to adrenal health and to the health of the entire endocrine system (infertility and PMS are two conditions tied to endocrine dysfunction). If you’d like to learn more about how I cleared up my acne-ridden skin and made my skin look 5 years younger, go check out my comprehensive post on oil cleansing. Oil pulling can be as effective as a cup of coffee for getting your brain moving and ready to start the day. A glass of room temperature or warm lemon water helps to clear the liver of stagnant toxins, allows the digestive system to wake up, and hydrates your cells. For me, 60% of calories from fat gives me the best sustained energy and keeps away the late morning blood sugar crash and sugar cravings. However you decide to nurture yourself, making the mental shift is the biggest hurdle on your road to change.
Sign up for my weekly newsletter to receive nutritional therapy advice, real food recipes, and exclusive offers for FREE. Energy is a source within us that we can increase or decrease not only using the mind, but based on how we utilize our food and drink. When one or more of these paths become blocked, this damming effect may lead to discomfort or even pain.
Check the picture and decide whether to focus on one area of trouble or to do a whole body balance. Our goal is to give people latest information, make them think from a whole different perspective, and add new questions to their life, with ONE unique goal - to make themselves better at what they truly want to do in life! Eventually, you’re caught in a vicious cycle of needing more coffee and more sugar to help compensate for the continued decrease in natural energy.

Learning your limits and giving yourself permission to not reach beyond them is a critical step to a true health.
Essential oils can either be used in your personal care products, worn on the body, or sniffed as needed. The steamy warmth from the hot towel coupled with the increased blood flow and glow that it brings to my face makes oil cleansing my favorite beauty routine.
It also has the added bonus of reducing facial puffiness, bags under the eyes, and tones facial muscles.
A good rule of thumb is 30% of calories from protein, 30% from fat, and 40% from carbs and then adjust to find the best combination for your body.
This blockage or stagnation will not only disrupt the local area but will continue and eventually dis-harmonize the complete path or paths of the energy flow. Once that first jolt of java hits your brain, life begins again and allows you to merrily go about your day.
There is power in eating or drinking fruit before a meal and drinking a large glass of fresh juice is the best way to get started each day.

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