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A lot of clients that I’ve been talking to recently find themselves ridiculously pressed for time.
They lament that they’d like to be able to reach more advisors and they feel compelled to want to reach these advisors live via phone. Now this may sound obvious to you, but a lot of clients that feel like they must reach the client live are overlooking the fact that just leaving the message is letting the broker feel the love. Let the broker know that you reached out to follow up on the hypothetical illustration that was sent earlier in the day.

Let the broker know that you’ve followed up on a literature fulfillment order that went out last week.
As a matter of fact, what I suggest you do is use voicemail during the hours when you know positively that the phone number you have dialed will roll to voicemail, i.e.
You can hit 10, 20, 30 different people in the course of one session, spread lots of love, and at the same time not have to get bogged down in a conversation that may take up three, five, ten minutes. Now granted, there will be certain circumstances where you don’t get the power of the same touch that you have with a live conversation, and this tactic is not designed to replace all direct contacts.

Over 25 years of distribution experience provides the knowledge and granular insights Rob's clients require to assist them with their practices - whether working one on one, in groups, or live events; with senior leaders or frontline wholesalers. And, because they would like to reach them in person, they plan to do the dialing during regular business hours.

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