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Always ask your sex partner prior to having sex if they have ever had a STD or used drugs via needles. If you notice a sore, discharge, redness or a rash, don’t have sex with a person who said they didn't have an STD or used drugs via needles. Private Diagnostics was developed by a group of healthcare providers with years of experience, in both the traditional and non-traditional medical office setting.
Our mission is to provide a private, personal and professional medical laboratory service to those who want to make sure that they know the results first. To insure that you receive the same quality, if not better, than you would in a traditional medical setting, we use a professional CLIA certified laboratory.

Sexually transmitted diseases are contracted during sexual activity, usually with a partner who already has the disease. Each year, between 13 and 15 million new cases of sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) are diagnosed in the United States. Most common sexually-transmitted diseases can be passed on through the practice of oral sex. STDs can cause general body infections or can directly affect your reproductive and sex organs. We have seen many embarrassing situations when people other than patients access confidential medical information.

For whatever reason, you may not want to go to your family health care provider or local health clinic to be tested for a sexually transmitted disease.
If you think you have been exposed, get tested, get treated and tell your partner or partners, so they can also be tested and treated.

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