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The inverter(s) convert DC electricity from the solar array to the AC electricity found in the building.
The bidirectional meter which is supplied free of charge by the utility, keeps track of both the energy imported from the grid and the energy exported to the grid.
If you own an electric car, you can charge it up with solar power generated on your own home. Your home remains connected to the utility grid to supply you with electricity when you need more power than your system is producing, such as at night.
Currently, small Micro Generation producers in Alberta will automatically receive credit which is equivalent to their current electricity rate, for surplus electricity generated and exported to the grid.
The Alberta Municipal Solar Program will provide rebates of up to $0.75 per watt, to a maximum of $300,000 per project, to municipalities for installing solar on municipal buildings, such as offices, fire halls, community centres and more.
This new Growing Forward solar program for agricultural producers will provide $500,000 in provincial and federal funding towards solar energy systems on Alberta farms. The Town of Banff has launched a new solar PV incentive program, which provides residential and commercial property owners with the opportunity to pay off their solar PV system within 7 years. Offers a one-time rebate, equivalent to 20 per cent of eligible costs to a maximum payment of $20,000. Covers eligible costs that include capital and installation costs for the energy production meter, identified separately on the invoice; and capital and installation costs for the renewable power generation equipment. Available to SaskPower, Saskatoon Light & Power and City of Swift Current electricity customers. A 50% accelerated CCA is provided under Class 43.2 of Schedule II to the Income Tax Regulations for specified clean energy generation equipment. A detailed and comprehensive solar site assessment is a necessary component for any solar electric installation.
Initial estimate – If high quality satellite images are available, we can provide accurate estimates for system size and energy production for your specific house.
Site assessment – We visit the site to obtain detailed site specific information required for a solar installation including detailed roof measurements, electrical capacity of your electrical system and a shading analysis (if required). System design & quote – SkyFire will design a system specific to your roof space, budget and electricity needs.
Canada may not be your top choice for a tropical destination, but luckily for us warm weather actually has very little to do with our ability to generate solar power!

Canadian winters are synonymous with snow so it is important that consideration be given for the effects of snow on winter and year round energy production from solar electric and solar thermal systems. To help illustrate this point, we recorded a time lapse video showing the snow clear from our Calgary office’s solar array after a snow storm blew through.
The solar array in this case is at 35 degrees, which is a good angle for year round production while limiting the ‘sail’ affect and structural concerns of a more upright solar array. Well, that being said, we learned that solar panels are not 100% safe when tennis ball and baseball sized hail hit a Southern Alberta town called Cardston. I would like to join the SkyFire Energy mailing list to receive newsletters, updates and event invitations from SkyFire Energy. The program will help producers generate their own electricity and save on energy costs while reducing their carbon emissions. Eligible equipment includes solar thermal, solar air and solar photovoltaic equipment while project size restrictions have been eliminated. We would be pleased to provide a free and comprehensive site assessment after this initial step.
For a new construction home, SkyFire can design a system right from the architectural drawings.
Although clearing the snow from a solar array can help you squeeze a few more kiloWatt-hours (kWh) from your solar PV system, this blog entry will hopefully prove to you that this isn’t worth the hassle or the risk!
This system uses Enphase Energy microinverters which allow for energy monitoring of each individual module. A solar module or panel that is installed properly and tilted to face South should never break from hail. In the absolute worst case, if your house gets pummeled by basebell sized hail, the solar modules, the rest of the house (shingles, siding, skylights, windows, eaves, etc.) and your vehicle glass and body will all be covered by insurance. Having your modules face directly South (Azimuth = 0) and at a 45 degree tilt from the horizontal is ideal in Calgary. The bidirectional meter which is supplied free of charge by your Wire Services Provider, keeps track of both the energy imported from the grid and the energy exported to the grid.
Depreciation of the solar asset can only be applied to solar revenues unless the business is involved in manufacturing or processing, mining or the sale, distribution or production of energy of any kind.
For new construction residential and commercial projects, SkyFire can provide a design and quote directly from the drawings for the building.

SkyFire provides you with a sketch showing what your home will look like with solar on the roof as well as an economic analysis. For example, a solar PV system located in Calgary will produce approximately the same amount of energy on an annual basis as that same system in Miami, Florida. Up until a couple weeks ago we would tell people, “we’ve never seen or heard of a solar module (panel) being damaged from hail”.
Then again, virtually everything in Cardston was damaged or destroyed by hail, including a report that half the vehicles at the dealership in town were damaged so bad that they had to be completely written off! As we can see, the overall effect of deviating from the ideal is not altogether significant. These meter reads are processed on a monthly basis and any excess solar energy supplied to the grid will show up as a credit on your monthly electricity bill. Calgary receives lots of sun all year round and solar PV modules actually produce more energy when they are cold!Canada also compares extremely well when comparing production potential of leading solar industry countries. Lost energy production due to snow during the darker months of November to February is not as important. That includes many hail storms over the years (we have had solar panels installed in Alberta since 2001), many of them bringing golf ball sized hail or larger.In fact, we sometimes need to remove (and later re-install) an intact solar system so roofers can re-shingle a roof that was destroyed by hail!
For example, Alberta’s solar resource is significantly better than Germany’s (up to 50% more) despite the Germans leading the solar industry globally!
With all that said, solar electric and solar thermal systems will actually clear themselves of snow! Had they been tilted South, they likely would have survived indirect strikes of hail from the NW. For more information about the SPARK Green Offset Program and how to sign up as a SPARK Certified Green Generator, please click here.

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