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The first graph shows that the rate of sexually transmitted diseases more than double between the early 1960s and early 1970s. While the abortion rate has declined by about 20% over the last twenty years it is still true that one in four pregnancies ends in abortion.
New incidences of AIDS reached a high in 1992 of 31.2 new cases per 100,000 population before dropping by half to 16 in 1997. Pornography has become a multi-billion dollar industry in less than a decade through internet marketing creating anonymity and low cost for a rapidly growing base of consumers. Most indicators related to family formation and sexuality suggest a significantly declining quality of life. As a final step before posting your comment, enter the letters and numbers you see in the image below. Send Home Our method Usage examples Index Contact StatisticsWe do not evaluate or guarantee the accuracy of any content in this site. Blog for African Americans, Hispanics and other minorities on how to deal with common health issues and obtain affordable health insurance. Men are more susceptible to oropharyngeal cancer, a HPV-type cancer that affects the base of the tongue, tonsils, mouth, throat and larynx.
Marital status and sexual orientation can be directly related to the increased likelihood of men engaging in risky sexual behaviors and partnerships. DISCLAIMER: The content or opinions expressed on this web site are not to be interpreted as medical advice.

Recent debate of same-sex unions shows that the very ideas of marriage and family are in a state of flux.
The pornography industry was in retreat as recently as the early 1990s but the rise of the internet has brought it roaring back to life. It is considered an STD, or sexually-transmitted disease, by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. In fact, from 2005 to 2009, more than four times as many men developed oropharyngeal cancer than women. Compared to men who never smoked, the risk is three times higher in those who currently smoke and two times higher for former smokers. African American men are more likely to be HPV negative, and HPV negative patients have 2.7 times the risk of death as HPV positive patients.
Please consult with your doctor or medical practitioner before utilizing any suggestions on this web site. Dre Shows Off His Body at 49-Years Old -- How He Lost 50 Pounds and Lowered His Blood Pressure!
Since that time the rate has risen steadily and is now at its highest level ever, just above 600.
If we accept the premise that the two parent household is the optimal circumstance for raising children and marriage the optimal circumstance for engaging in sexual behavior, then the picture is not good. Some of these women, know doubt, go on to marry or live in stable relationships with fathers, but many children born into two parent families also experience divorce and loss of the two parent status.

The result is a significantly poorer survival rate for HPV negative African Americans. Images and video graphically portraying virtually every imaginable sexual act can be accessed with a few mouse clicks by children with unfiltered internet access.
The CDC estimates that at present one in five adolescent and adult Americans has genital herpes.
I am addressing public policy and what we know from looking at the aggregate.) While there is some modest good news about teen sexual behavior, the overall increase in sexually transmitted diseases is very high and rising. The second graph shows a similar story for these other diseases and conditions although the rate has remained fairly constant over the last decade. All this is not to mention the potential desensitizing impact of pornography on significant numbers of adults in our culture.
The pornography industry has surged in the last few years and it remains to be seen what impact pornography will have.

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