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An initial herpes outbreak, the first outbreak of herpes after viral exposure, will be characterized by pain, the appearance of swollen blisters, and a general feeling of malaise.
People who do develop outbreaks will have an initial herpes outbreak around one to two weeks after exposure.
The patient can have a fever of around 102 degrees Fahrenheit (38.8 degrees Celsius) and may develop headaches, muscle pains, and swollen lymph nodes. Antiviral medications can be provided to treat the outbreak, although it will take several days for them to take effect.
Kevin Tehrani is proud to be honored as a RealSelf TopDoc in recognition of his high patient ratings and favorable feedback on his contributed expertise. Subsequent outbreaks will be less severe, as the body will be able to fight the virus more effectively. In oral or genital herpes, the first signs will be a sense of tingling and itchiness, followed by the development of red bumps. Some patients find topical applications of products designed to limit pain and soreness helpful.

However, sometimes patients only develop one or two blisters, and they may not recognize them as herpes sores.
People kind of freak out when they find out they have it and sometimes partners will freak out if they know someone else has it. The aches and pains will respond to the same things you might use for a flu and you can put soothing lotions on the blisters. The RealSelf Top Doctor badge is awarded to less than 10% of the RealSelf doctor community. Not everyone who is exposed to the herpes virus will develop outbreaks, and people can carry the virus without having any symptoms at all. The bumps will turn into fluid-filled blisters and the blisters may pop, creating open sores. In the case of women, vaginal discharges and difficulty urinating can develop, as herpes blisters may form in and around the vulva and vagina.
Genital herpes outbreaks can be soothed by baths in baking soda and other products known to limit skin irritation and pain.

For this reason, people who are sexually active should receive regular medical screenings to check for signs of infectious disease and other medical issues. Regular testing for sexually transmitted infections is the only way to confirm disease status in the case of herpes. Close personal contact with areas where blisters are present should be avoided, and patients may want to contact any recent sexual partners about the herpes outbreak to encourage them to get tested. And if you have the initial outbreak, it's better to go and see your doctor about it anyway, because it might be herpes and it might be something else. And even if it is a herpes diagnosis, you'll want to discuss with your doctor how to keep from infecting anyone else.

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