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So a word of advice, if your dental appointment is at lunchtime, maybe a light meal before will keep you from having to worry about when you can eat. Tools like the iPad have brought us lots of nice new things – day-long batteries, ultra-thin lightweight devices, beautiful touchable apps, less time spent troubleshooting. Some USB gadgets will need more power, and of course if you want more than one USB accessory, you’ll want a hub. Also good: Apple says the accessory is compatible with any iPad with a Lightning connection.

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But in the past, even that wasn’t a solution, because the Lightning-to-USB connection blocked the use of that same port for power. We have tested this time frame at 6 months after base coating with succesful results.Q: Does DTP have a clear window?

Do I have to clear coat my part after dipping in a specific time frame?A: DTP has no clear window.

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