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Neither the service provider nor the domain owner maintain any relationship with the advertisers. It can be pain, itching, redness, irritation or swelling.Let’s talk about last one, as swelling is the most difficult aftereffect to remove. In case of trademark issues please contact the domain owner directly (contact information can be found in whois). Any lipstick, powder or other makeup preparation can reduce size of the swollen lips (most of us know that the size can be abnormal sometimes!). In the majority of cases swelling of your lips is a reaction to disorders of different nature.Contents The main origins of your swollen lips How to cure swollen lips? Video The main origins of your swollen lipsAllergic contact dermatitis (put simply, an allergic reaction). We mean angioedema, the condition of the skin, where dermis, subcutaneous and submucosal tissues are affected. These viral illnesses can affect your lips, making them swell or making up inflammations or blisters on them.Lack of vitamins or microelements.
If your lips were traumatized, there was a chance of introducing the infection, what could make your lips swollen. Usually we can see such further developments when we bite our lips or strip the upper layer of skin off them.Cellulitus. As our lips cannot be lubricated due to absence of oil glands in the skin, swelling can be a defense mechanism of the lips when they suffer from extreme temperatures. The poison is good in making your lips swollen itself and it may cause an allergic reaction.As we can see, swollen lips can be caused by various reasons. A professional will help you to identify the origins of swelling of your lips, treat you, if it is needed and advice you the best way of curing. If you are exactly sure about what have caused the swelling of your lips, you may use one of the following methods of getting rid of swollen lips. In addition we will post some general tips about curing swollen lips that can do for various reasons of swelling.
Some advices about prevention the swollen lips will be also posted in this article.Back How to cure swollen lips?

Black tea.Simple black tea is a natural constrictor of tissues, so it can help you when your lips are swollen.
Put a black tea bag into warm water for 10 minutes (if you do not have tea bags but only loose tea, you can make a small bundle of cheesecloth and two teaspoons of dry tea), squeeze excessive water and apply it to your lips or an affected area for about ten minutes.
Repeat such procedure for three or four times per day if you want to see results quickly.Back The third method. If you have this plant nearby, squeeze some gel from the leaf and spread it on your swollen lips.
Strong anti-inflammatory effect will not take long to appear: pain, rednesses and swelling will vanish or at least will be relieved.
If you do not grow Aloe in your garden, you can buy any specialized gel or ointment that contains Aloe Vera essence.Aloe Vera does better for bugs’ bites, herpes and temperature and sun burns. You have to mix Aloe gel and oil in 2:1 proportions and apply the mask on the affected lips and let them dry. Remember that Aloe Vera will not help those who have an allergy to it.Be careful with it and, if you are not sure that you are allergic, apply a drop of gel or tea tree oil on your skin and wait for five minutes. The method is good enough for inflammation and traumatic cases of swollen lips.Back The fourth method.
Apply the mixture on your lips, wait for about 20 minutes and then wash it off with cool water. Lip balms.If the swelling of lips is a result of constant dryness of your lips, the best way may be using specialized medicated balms. You have to wait for approximately 20 minutes and then wash is off.However, somebody thinks that heating properties of honey cannot help you with the swelling of lips, so be careful. Some people are allergic to honey, so this method will not do well for them.Back The seventh method. Turmeric.Many folk medicine books describe this spice as a good antiseptic with great healing properties.
You might not know that baking soda was not just a necessary part of any cake, but a strong remedy with anti-inflammation properties.
The recipe of the healing paste is very simple: mix soda with water for a thick paste and spread it on affected area.

So, we recommend it like the first, but not the only step in curing your swollen lips.Back The eighth method.
It cannot be used on the first day of the swelling.You cannot use this method if you have opened injuries or cracks on your lips. Otherwise you may cause more problems to your lips.Back How to prevent swollen lips?As it was mentioned above, swollen lips may have many various origins and sometimes it is easier to prevent swollen lips than cure them. Staying aware about your allergy.As you could understand, allergic reactions to different things usually affect lips making them swell and itch.
A skilled allergist will surely help you.If you have an allergy to something, try to avoid it at all costs. We strongly recommend you to consult a doctor before taking any medicine, even though they are familiar to you.Back The second method. Keeping your metabolism in shape.Any metabolism disorder usually affects your skin and, as a rule, your lips.
As you remember, at least two origins of swollen lips are concerned to the problems with metabolism. Swollen lips can appear if you don’t drink enough water and if you drink too much water, especially before sleep.Back The third method. Avoiding problems is the best way of curing.We can avoid appearance of swollen lips in many different ways.
Do not bother bees’ or wasps’ nests.Well, here are the most popular and easiest ways to cure and prevent swollen lips. Remember, that any problem may require different ways and numbers of curing methods, so do not hesitate to combine them.

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