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L-Lysine tablets are ideal to be taken as a preventative measure for those suffering with cold sores regularly, it will help to reduce the occurrence as well as severity of the outbreaks. I just needed to buy the round l-lysine round tablets, because I cut them in half for my cats. What I recently learned about Astragalus and decreasing of immunosuppressive effects; Cyclophosphamide medication could have effect on human immune system, by suppressing the body immune system and it interacts with blood sugar levels hence also blood pressure.
To link to Lysine Viral Cold Sore Defence by ETHICAL NUTRIENTS article, copy & paste the following code into your website. If you get a cold sore and don’t have anything else on hand you can increase the dose as L-Lysine will give some relief from the symptoms.

They contain 800mg of Lysine, plus 2000mg of Astragalus contents, a traditional chines herb. Good to notice any potential negative signs or general body behavior changes and if any discuss these with a doctor.
These tablets are free from sugar, gluten, yeast, artificial sweeteners and preservatives, lactose and dairy products.
One of the key function of Astragalus is to improve immune system function by increasing production of immune cells. But of course this is apart the L-lysine as for the viral cold sore virus defense supplements.

Zinc and vitamin C are also in this formula, which provides for faster healing, reducing the severity of the symptoms and reducing the frequency of outbreaks of cold sores.
The tablets are free from artificial additives like colors, preservatives, nor they contain any gluten, dairy, lactose, nuts, yeast and eggs. These are positive defense-tablets against viral cold sore and for the relief of outbreaks and symptoms of cold sores.

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