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Nowadays, it is popular to embed video to PowerPoint presentation, which can make PowerPoint presentation much more entertaining and informative to its viewers.
This article will describe a step by step guide on how to insert video to PowerPoint presentation so as to successfully play videos in PowerPoint.
Put video in this smart Video to PowerPoint Converter by clicking the "Add File" button and then click "Open".
Ever dreamed to customize video to meet your specific needs and then embed the personalized video to PowerPoint? Cut off black edges: It is really annoying to have black edges when playing video, "Crop" function can easily cut off the black edges of video. Click the "Start" button to finish converting video file to Microsoft PowerPoint Presentation supported video format.
Before starting embedding video to PowerPoint, you need to create a folder and put both your converted video and your PowerPoint presentation in this folder. Then an alert box pops up asking "How do you want the movie to start in the slid show?" To play the movie automatically, click automatically. Click on Insert tab and select Movie to insert video into PowerPoint just as in PowerPoint 2003.

Engage your audience - Present dynamic, full-motion content with audio, narration, and interactivity.
Anyone can do it - If you can click Record, you can create your own compelling simulations.
Full PowerPoint recording - Effortlessly record any PPT file and publish to the Web in minutes. ViewletCam is the fastest, easiest way to record PC applications, PowerPoint presentations, animations, and video directly from your PC screen and generate Flash movies for use in demos, troubleshooting, training classes, and presentations. ViewletCam records all elements of your presentation including animations, transitions, voice narration, and video! Recording the precise sequence of steps to expose a problem with a new PC application and emailing it to the support staff to visually demonstrate the bug. Showing a dynamic representation of a web site complete with Flash movies and other animated elements without a web connection. Recording a PowerPoint presentation complete with animations, transitions, audio, and video and securely sharing them online to a wider audience.
You can learn more about how ViewletCam can add value to your organization by contacting Qarbon's sales staff at 1-855-VIEWLET or through our Contact Form.

It would be a disaster if the projection system or display panel is unable to connect to your VGA output port of the laptop. This is especially useful when the target audience does not have a computer or a mobile that has PPT installed.
Once a presentation is in video format, you and your intended audience can view it regardless of the kind of system hardware or OS that they have.
The amazing thing is that one can watch while on the move to save time so, whether on the phone, iPod or any device that can play videos.There is no requirement for any high tech technical knowledge All you need is a slide sharing device where the presentation can be uploaded and then they can be converted to a format like Flash. One must however make sure that the slide sharing service that you have selected supports the various multimedia features like animations, transitions, sound etc.

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