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Oil made from Tea Tree, Herbal Sage and herbal Violet can be considered as one of the best treatments of fever blister.
You can also make use of petroleum jelly on the affected areas, so that you can moisturize as well as soften those areas and it can further prevent bleeding and cracking. Lemon balm which contains tannins that is acting as antiviral and astringent can also help us in reducing the symptoms and it can also speed up the process of healing. We can also rub the ice of the affected area for at least ten minutes so that it can provide better relief from pain and itching. Another home remedy can be a warm tea bag, if it is applied regularly, then it can surely go away within short span of time.

We can also press the common salt on the cold sores twice a day, it will be a little bit painful, but it can give good results. Even, mixture of oil made from Tea tree and olive oil equally and applies the same on the affected area; you will see a great result. If blisters have become hardened, then this can be good thing because it will soften the same and prevent bleeding.
Even a person can also take Lysine in the form of tablet and also cream available in the health stores.
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In this, we can start getting itches and soreness. After one or two days, it will appear as red and painful blisters. We can also take Bergamot oil and mixed it with eucalyptus oil, so that it can help us in reducing the pain and burning sensation.

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