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Shari Wells vividly recalls sitting with doctors at the University of Louisville's James Graham Brown Cancer Center and learning that her melanoma was so dangerous and advanced that she likely had less than six months to live. But then came a clinical trial that she calls "my lifesaver," in which a modified version of the herpes virus is used to fight the deadliest form of skin cancer, which strikes 70,000 Americans a year, kills 9,000, and is on the rise. The treatment "saved my life," said Wells, 56, of Ashland, Ky., whose cancer went into remission.

Herpes, known for cold sores and misery, is being made into a weapon, the latest example of turning one bane of humanity against another by using viruses to target cancer.
NewsOK highlights articles of interest from selected websites to increase the scope of commentary and coverage available to readers. And that female numbskull had to leave home knowing that she is under attack of the Herpes.

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