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A windbreak (a tree, or a group of trees or shrubs) will reduce the wind speed for a distance as much as 30 times the windbreaka€™s height.
To maximize windbreaks, use trees and shrubs that have low crowns and block wind close to the ground.
Planting shrubs, bushes and vines next to your house can help insulate your home in all seasons.
Your local Home Energy Team affiliate can help you plan your energy efficient landscaping project - and help you make your home more comfortable, durable and energy efficient. Jie Cheng, doctoral student in electrical engineering, stands next to the partial prototype of a wind turbine system that research suggests could yield 8.5 percent more electricity than conventional counterparts.
A new prototype from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln's Jie Cheng could give a second wind to turbines that currently waste Mother Nature's strongest breaths. Cheng, a doctoral candidate studying electrical engineering, has designed a system that could improve wind turbine efficiency by capturing and storing surplus energy for later use as electricity. In a recent study based on historical wind data from rural Springview, Nebraska, Cheng compared the prototype's performance against a conventional wind turbine for a week.
That extra juice would account for more than 18 times the monthly energy use of the average American household, according to the U.S.
Physicists have shown that only 59.3 percent of the kinetic energy from wind can be captured by a rotor, with modern wind turbines designed to approach this limit.
When the wind exceeds this speed threshold, turbines adjust their blade angles to maintain a constant energy output and prevent potential mechanical damage. Cheng's system helps resolve this problem by converting and directing the spillage to an air compression tank, where the excess energy remains until wind speeds dip enough to pull the turbine back beneath its optimal capacity. That way, Cheng said, the system addresses the wasted potential energy normally lost during strong winds as well as the energy deficit that turbines typically suffer during relatively calm periods.
Cheng said vast swaths of open land and strong, consistent winds that characterize the Cornhusker State have made it ideal for testing his system and could make it a good place to begin incorporating the design.
Cheng is collaborating with Lincoln Electric System, the American Public Power Association and UNL's NUtech Ventures office to explore the market viability and introduction of his design.
The Journal of Power and Energy Engineering published Cheng's recent study, which he authored with adviser Fred Choobineh, a Blackman Distinguished Professor of Engineering.
EU's grid connected cumulative capacity in 2014 reached 129 GW, meeting 8% of European electricity demand, equivalent to the combined annual consumption of Belgium, the Netherlands, Greece and Ireland.
Siemens has increased the generator capacity of its gearless offshore wind turbines from six to seven megawatts. Renewable wind energy is experiencing a boom, with more wind turbines popping up across landscapes in the U.S.
Google showed off a modular Android-powered smartphone it said is on track to hit the market next year. A panel of privacy experts and technology companies organized by the Obama administration has issued guidelines for using drones without being overly intrusive. Zebra mussels, a ship-borne invasive species, are such a problem in American waters that they cost the U.S. A two-hour flight from Sydney to London is a step closer to reality after the latest successful test Wednesday of hypersonic technology in the Australian desert. So it's basically a CAES based battery.The thing is, compressed air storage has abysmal efficiency because of compression heat loss and decompression pressure loss. If having it wastes 90% then you've just gained 10% extra energy production for very little spillage Also, in larger wind farms or regions with lots of wind power, the other turbines already capture the energy spilled over.
It's a good thing Eikka did not tell us they were not economically feasible before we built them. Nukes get greater subsidies, and would not even exist without them, yet the cost to produce (not sell), power from Vogtle Three is already up to thirteen cents, and still climbing. What Jie Cheng, the article's author, and most commenters here apparently fail to understand is that a properly designed wind turbine does not simply spill wind energy when its generator has reached maximum power. Were this not so, it would be simple enough to simply install a larger generator to up the design power level. You will have to learn to control your inverter outputs.Or, maybe batteries will save you, the kind they already have in Germany for reactance control. The drive to improve energy management has become so urgent that efficient installation and reliable operation have become imperative. Just a few years ago, energy management was little more than a nice optional extra; then the growing awareness of global warming moved it up the scale. There is now a heightened need to monitor power systems (both generation and consumption) for efficiency and waste, and a desire to control operation in real time so that performance can be constantly optimised.
If new equipment is being installed on a greenfield site or if a project calls for all new equipment, it is relatively easy to choose the most efficient solutions.
The difficulties usually arise when integrating new equipment into an existing control network, as there may be issues with compatibility and interoperability.
Automation engineers have been making decisions about networking solutions for many, many years.

Standard Ethernet has been the communication tool of choice for information technology systems integrators for many years, but for a long time it was not robust or dependable enough for factory floor applications.
The CLPA’s Industrial Ethernet offering is CC-Link IE, the only open 1Gbps technology, that enables real time control of the multiple field devices that are connected into an industrial system. CC-Link IE’s capabilities have now been extended with the addition of a new, specialist protocol extension, CC-Link IE Energy. Moreover, Industrial Ethernet is both cost effective and well supported by equipment manufacturers, suppliers and qualified installation and maintenance engineers. Once a CC-Link IE Energy system is in place, it will make maintaining the optimum performance of a system straightforward. Unless your heating and air conditioning system has been recently updated, chances are your home is using a ducted system for heating and cooling. If you’re looking for an eco-friendly heating and cooling system that will provide comfortable temperatures in your home year-round, perhaps it’s time to consider a ductless system.
You can choose a different style and capacity unit for each zone in the home, providing a customized experience for each room. The difference is that in a multi-split system, each of the units has a line running back to the outdoor unit.
While the multi-split system must be controlled via each indoor unit, you can control your entire home’s temperature through a single control with a flex system, which allows for better management. Before you jump on buying and installing one of the above systems, it’s important to note that there are different options for each. If you live in a climate where heating and cooling are equally important, then you’ll want to consider a heat pump.
Also consider if you’d like to completely replace your heating and cooling system or if you can use your home’s current duct system to supplement temperatures changes throughout the home. If you need to manage different areas of the home independently, then a single-split system isn’t going to cut it.
If you’re not sure which option is best for your home and needs, contact a professional in your area for personalized advice. Brands we service:Rheem - Lennox - Amana - Carrier - Fujitsu - Ruud - Luxaire - Goodman - Trane - Bryant - York - Day & Night - Mitsubishi - Payne - Comfortmaker - Tappan - Honeywell - Williams - Nest - Coleman and more! A thorough cleaning of your home will not only provide a fresh start to the season, it will also help to improve the energy efficiency of your home. A Windbreaks can save you a lot of money on heating and cooling costs, and the benefits grow as the trees and shrubs grow. A The wind chill is how cold it a€?feels likea€? based on how fast heat is lost from skin due to wind and cold. A Ideally, the trees and shrubs should be planted at a distance from the home that is 2-5 times the height of the mature tree. A So use windbreaks to make your landscape lovely and keep your heating costs down when the wind kicks up.
Cheng found a 250-kilowatt system would yield an additional 3,830 kilowatt-hours of electricity per week a€“ about 16,400 extra kwh a month. However, these turbines also have a capacity for generating electricity that corresponds to a given wind speeda€”a speed far slower than what nature regularly whips up. The resulting "mechanical spillage" means that turbines fall well short of utilizing their full capacity.
The better the individual turbines capture energy, the more they slow down the wake they leave behind, so it's not strictly necessary to optimize individual turbines to maximum efficiency rather than minimum price and minimum maintenance.Rather, it would be cheaper and more effective to have a larger CAES battery that is served by multiple turbines through the grid.
Later the introduction of carbon targets made it a serious matter; more recently rocketing of fossil fuel prices made it imperative.
Now senior executives in all types of organisations are focussing on control of all costs, including energy. However retrofitting energy saving equipment into existing plant and systems can sometimes prove very tricky.
There are several potential solutions that allow free communications between various pieces of equipment, but selecting the right one for a given job can be more involved than expected. In the last five or so years Industrial Ethernet has been proving increasingly popular because it is almost universally compatible with both existing and new equipment and is now robust enough to stand up to the harshest working conditions. This allows managers to easily monitor energy consumption of individual machines or processes over the same networks they are already using for general control purposes. Significantly it is ‘open’ meaning many control engineering companies make CC-Link IE compatible products that can be ‘mixed and matched’ within a system.
This is done through constant communication between all necessary controllers, devices and supervisory systems. Each system includes an outdoor compressor along with indoor air-handling units connected to the outdoor unit by a refrigerant line.
This is ideal for a single-zone space, such as a one-room addition to your home or if you’re installing heating and cooling for a garage or outbuilding. Unlike the single split system, the multi-split system allows you to create multiple zones in your house where each one can be controlled independently.

Like a multi-split system, you can connect many indoor units to the same outdoor unit, but the flex zone system allows for more indoor units. The heat pump system not only cools your home, but it can reverse the functions and heat your home by reversing the refrigerant flow. For instance, you could place a single-split unit in the main living area of your house and then use your current system for the bedrooms when needed.
For instance, upstairs bedrooms may need cooling power while the basement may need to be heated. Check out this infographic from Ambit Energy for all the details on energy-saving spring cleaning. A If you know how to use landscaping to maximize the benefits of windbreaks in your climate, you can save hundreds of dollars on your utility bills over time.
A Same for your home, as the wind increases, your exposed home lets more cold outside air infiltrate, making your home colder - and making your heating source work harder to keep you comfortable. The system would also marginally cut total energy costs while significantly reducing fluctuations in power generation, the study reported.
When you release the air, the tank goes cold and the pressure is reduced.For small scale systems, the efficiency is barely above 10%. The efficiency goes up and the price goes down because you don't need to duplicate effort and maintain so many moving parts. Here John Browett, General Manager (Europe) of the CC-Link Partner Association (CLPA) explains how Industrial Ethernet is playing a key role in providing efficient and reliable solutions.
Finally, the sudden move away from nuclear power in many countries is making it a more acute topic than ever. Companies are finally realizing that energy is a raw material just like cement, steel or wood, and efficient use of it is simply good business sense. This means that users will not find that they are tied into one particular device manufacturer; instead they can choose best-in-class equipment, or redeploy equipment from other systems, or connect one system with another. This then makes it easy to adjust settings to adapt quickly to changes in demand, whether they are environmental factors, production issues or feedstock changes. Ductless systems are a great choice because they don’t waste the energy typically lost through cracks and leaks in ducts. These systems usually only require a small three-inch hole in the wall to run the conduits between the indoor and outdoor units. Instead, you might have only two lines running back to the outdoor unit, and then each one “branches” so the system can accommodate up to 8 zones. With windbreaks, you provide a layer of insulation for your home to protect it from the wind. CAES starts to make sense if you hollow out a volume the size of a small apartment building Well whaddaya know: the hollow parts of the wind energy towers are just about that volume (and then some). There's money to be made in them there wind turbines, and only those who build them will make it.
So far your front runner is because some stupid birds might fly into them I think you're confusing me with someone else. Moreover, a reduction in energy consumption is good for both the environment and the bottom line! These could be controlled with a network that incorporates the new CC-Link IE Energy protocol, which would then provide the ability to monitor all of the devices individually and in real time. Hence companies will be able to ensure that their use of energy is as efficient as their use of other raw materials and that all cost and regulatory requirements can be met. My main complaint is that they're unreliable and inconvenient in their intermittency, and as a result highly expensive as an energy source.
CAES starts to make sense if you hollow out a volume the size of a small apartment building, or seal off an old mine for the air tank. So far your front runner is because some stupid birds might fly into them, as if domestic cats don't kill many thousands of times more birds or that birds fly into windows far more than wind turbines. As such they aren't a solution to our energy needs and problems, instead creating more problems than they solve, yet we are being forced to pay ever-increasing amounts of public money to the few private companies that build them.
Without CC-Link IE Energy, collecting data from each device and determining how to optimize it would be complicated and in many cases impractical.
Other proposals have been to sink large concrete spheres under the sea and use the water as counter-pressure. Instead production managers would only be able to consider overall energy consumption and be unable to focus on achieving true optimization in all areas of a plant.

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