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We can expect rate hikes to happen more frequently as the Utilities react to CO2 limiting, higher fuel costs and an aging infrastructure. Some of the rate hikes are associated with higher production costs for PG&E and some are related to infrastructure improvements, upgrades and maintenance. This is not new information, most of us learned the The Law of Conservation of Energy  in our high school physics class.
I was searching for an idea for my next sales meeting when this quote just popped in my head. Either you change your state and refresh your energy or allow your current state to dictate your low energy mode.
Every couple of hours get out from behind your desk and get out of your office – take a walk to the cantine or a colleagues desk.
Take a 5 minute day dream, it’s proven to relieve stress, foster creativity and refresh the mind, body and spirit.
The biggest thing to remember is that you control the amount of energy you have by how you connect emotionally and mentally to your life and your day to day moments. Dominic Kotarski writes about sales, motivation and team building so you can improve your skills and create a balanced business & personal life. A report conducted by the Australian Energy Market Commission (AEMC) on residential prices within the next three years shows that the estimated growth by 2014 will be approximately 37 per cent in nominal terms for Australia as a whole.
Queensland residential electricity prices are forecast to increase by 42 per cent in nominal terms between the base year and 2013-2014. New South Wales residential electricity prices are forecast to increase by 42 per cent in nominal terms between the base year and 2013-2014.

Australian Capital Territory  residential electricity prices are forecast to increase by 42 per cent in nominal terms between the base year and 2013-2014. Northern Territory As retail prices in the Northern Territory are subsidised by the Government, the report estimates expected movements in the price required to supply electricity to residential customers rather than movements in retail electricity prices.  Northern Territory residential electricity prices are forecast to increase by 16 per cent in nominal terms between the base year and 2013-2014. Within the electrical industry there is an increasing concern regarding the number of electrical products being sold that don’t comply with Australian Standards.
Inferior products also create significant potential problems for electrical contractors, wholesalers and the industry as well. Check your products bought on-line carefully to determine their validity as genuine Clipsal products.
Look for branded packaging, instructions, warranty statements and the correct Certification markings. If you are an electrical contractor or wholesaler who buys or installs electrical products that don’t meet the Australian Standards, you will be placing yourself at risk. An important milestone in the phasing out of inefficient lamps will be introduced in April 2012.
For over 20 years, Stanilite has been the Evacuation lighting industry innovator, pioneering products like the Quickfit slide connect Exit and the long life Lumatec Cold Cathode lamp technology.
QUICKFIT SLIDE CONNECT Pivotal to the design & success of the Quickfit Exit has been the unique steel slide connect bracket allowing any Quickfit, regardless of type, to be installed, swapped or upgraded without tools! LUMATEC COLD CATHODE TECHNOLOGY Stanilite’s CCFL technology with state of the art switchmode electronics gives far greater reliability and energy savings than ever possible with conventional fluorescent lamp Exits.
Sometimes, like this letter illustrates, rates will jump up at higher than the historical 4 -5% rate increases of the past.

I realized that the concept had real tangible, practical applications to me, my team and our business. I know for sure that when I ran my sales company I made better deals and created more impact when I stood up and walked around during my calls. As you get physically in motion you tap into this existing energy field that’s just waiting for a dance partner.
These products, whilst appearing genuine, are often made from inferior materials with little regard for meeting stated ratings or safety requirements. Products that don’t comply with Australian Standards mean they are potentially electrically unsafe and are more susceptible to causing harm to people and property. Turk branches will be trading at different hours between the 24th December 2011 and the 3rd of January 2012. The relevant section of AS4934.2-2011 will be legislated in each state and the expected outcome of the legislation is the 50 Watt MR16 halogen lamp will not be able to be imported after April 2012. The comprehensive Stanilite range includes standard indoor exit signs as well as weatherproof and vandal proof options.
Have you ever been stuck while working on a project only to take a 5 minute break and come back totally new and refreshed? Get a new perspective and tap into the new energy field that’s just a new thought or a new movement away.

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