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I absolutely love the idea of marrying solar power with air conditioning but I’m still unsure of how this would actually function as a proper air conditioner.
On a hot and sunny day when the blinds are drawn, solar panels built into the top of the blinds power a built-in air conditioning unit.
Because of condensation, won’t it make a drippy, wet mess like standard window AC units, and furthermore, where will the water drip since there is not an outside component to the device? I’d like to think something like the Blind Air Conditioner would be possible in the not-so-distant future but there needs to be a few functionality kinks worked out if this concept reaches a second phase. Will the built-in solar panels be powerful enough to provide enough juice to an energy-guzzling appliance like an AC unit?

When next summer hits and my own electric bills skyrocket, I’m going to certainly dream of cool, solar-powered breezes. Can you really raise and lower hefty techno-blinds with built-in solar panels and air conditioning capabilities?
The water is nice and warm for a shower but as soon as you take the water away, the unit would overheat since the fan is removed. I guess in an ideal world, someone would make an AC unit which had a selector where normal operation would use the internal condenser coil but with an option to switch it to an 'external coil' which could then heat water.My AC unit is designed to pool a little water inside which is then splashed up by the fan against the condenser and cools through evaporation.
Furthermore I would use propane for a refrigerant as propane is a lot more efficient than R134A.

This would be great for heating a 20 gallon preheat tank from 60 to 120 in less then an hour. 2 how would this set up perform in the loft space of a house.3 how does the refrigerent cope at loft temperatures during the summer period 30+c.

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