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A common side effect of radiation therapy is a skin reaction (radiation dermatitis) that varies in severity from a mild rash, to red and itchy dry skin, to irritation that resembles a moderate to severe sunburn. Medical professionals can help patients manage all of the side effects of radiation treatment. In general, healthcare experts advise patients to avoid exposing irradiated skin to direct sunlight both during treatment and for several years after completing treatment. All products that come into contact with irradiated skin should be unscented and soothing to the skin. Check with your healthcare provider for suggestions on how best to moisturize skin during and after treatment. Use non-adhesive bandages, wear comfortable, loose fitting clothing, and avoid wearing anything (such as tight-fitting bras or underwire bras) that might further irritate the skin.
Remember that the side effects of radiation therapy do pass, often within 1 month of completing treatment. Your oncology team may recommend an over-the-counter or prescription moisturizer, cream, lotion, or astringent that you should use as directed (typically twice a day). If your skin is itchy, ask your nurse for recommendations on products that can help relieve the irritation. Domeboro® is an effective astringent in powder form that is used to treat a variety of skin conditions. Click here to learn more. Click here to learn what Northwest Memorial Hospital recommends for radiation burns from breast cancer.

We are proud to have been recommended by doctors for over 50 years, and we continue to provide fast, effective, soothing relief for minor skin irritations. When applied at the onset of the outbreak [the first tingle] AZZURX is formulated to stop your outbreak before it erupts. If applied after the outbreak has started, AZZURX will help reduce the discomfort and duration of the outbreak. Unlike all other OTC "remedies" that are designed to simply numb and dry out your skin, AZZURX's precision measured dose is formulated to STOP the outbreak, soothe, moisturize, and heal your skin. Each ATTACK-PAK contains 5 individually packaged sterilesnap-dose™applicators to help you STOP your next outbreak before it starts, Don't be caught unprepared. AZZURX unique snap-dose™ single use applicators guarantee the precise delivery of the formula to the exact area needed. Botanicx has developed a a proprietary formula of botanical antivirals suspended in a blend of rare natural essential oils to help mitigate HSV outbreaks. Most OTC herpes remedies contain only empty promises and numbing agents to reduce the pain. All orders are shipped in plain vinyl envelopes or brown corrugated boxes from BOTANICX AG.
This company was founded by people who have suffered for years from the very same issues as you. So as excited as we were to share a miraculous product that changed our lives, equally as important, was to be honest and be the company that we always hoped to find. Keep your oncology team informed about how you are feeling, and don’t hesitate to ask them for advice on how to soothe and comfort your skin.

Follow their advice on when to and when not to use moisturizers or any other topical treatment. They may also prescribe medications to control pain that cannot be well-managed with over-the-counter medicines. Carry one and leave one in the car so that you are ready the next time you feel that first tingle. AZZURX contains 10 million times more active ingredient then the natural remedies presently available, yet is safe to use alone or in conjunction with prescriptive antivirals.
Besides a product that actually worked, we want to provide you with the same sense of urgency, concern, quality and attention to detail that we expect. It is important to keep your team informed of any changes in your skin, or other symptoms, that you may experience. The formula stimulates the bodies natural defenses to end the outbreak quickly and then helps to soothe and heal your damaged skin to shorten your recovery. We fell for the ads with fake science and images of BBB and FDA logos that offered us a guarantee that our credit card already provided and sent non sterile bottles of stuff that does nothing.
We were astounded that even Large drug companies are selling OTC cold sore remedies that contain virtually no ingredients that actually do anything to heal your cold sore. AZZURX Is manufactured and packaged by BOTANICX AG in the USA in FDA registered and licensed drug facilities in conformance with Section 510 of the Act and 21 CFR 207 in accordance with current good manufacturing practices, Section 501(a)(2)(B) of the Act and 21 CFR 211.

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