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It is important to review the breeding male several times a year to maintain their reproductive capacity. The presence of petechiae in the renal cortex of the newborn, are pathognomonic of canine herpes virus.
If you notice a decrease in the number of born puppies, at different breeding times or if you stud leaves more than one bitch empty, it can be sign of decreased fertility. Our website uses cookies so that we can make your shopping experience as simple and enjoyable as possible.
Weight gain is the result of an increase in body fat and is usually caused by eating too much, especially when combined with a lack of exercise. By purchasing Hill's Prescription Diet, you confirm your pet has been examined by a vet who has recommended the use of this food on the basis of examination and diagnosis. Ground maize, ground peanut hulls (a source of fibre), chicken and turkey meal, soybean meal, maize gluten meal, digest, soybean hulls (a source of fibre), vegetable oil, cellulose, flaxseed, salt, L-carnitine supplement, potassium chloride, taurine, calcium carbonate, vitamins and trace elements. Great prouct, my dog has been on Hills Prescription diet for over 12 months recommended by my vet and has lost over a stone in weight, I initially paid ?61 at the vets until I found it online at Chemist Direct and free delivery which arrives in two day, Great service from CD.
Great product, my beagle has been on this product for 2 years recommended by her Vet to control her weight as she has arthritis in her back hock. Royal Canin Canine Mobility - Your vet has recommended Royal Canin Mobility Support Diet, to help maintain your dog's joint health and activity levels.
Mobility with green-lipped mussel can help maintain your dog's joint health and activity levels at the same time as meeting all his nutritional requirements. Veterinary diets are formulated for the nutritional support of specific clinical conditions and are recommended to be used under veterinary advice. Administration: The suggested daily food intake for weight loss is based on the dog's current weight, average caloric requirements and a desired weight loss of 2% of body weight per week.
Whole grain corn, corn gluten meal, soybean hulls*, soybean germ meal, soybean meal, pea fiber, wheat gluten, poultry by-product meal, animal digest, powdered cellulose, tricalcium phosphate, animal fat preserved with mixed-tocopherols (form of Vitamin E), salt, choline chloride, zinc sulfate, ferrous sulfate, Vitamin E supplement, manganese sulfate, niacin, Vitamin A supplement, calcium carbonate, copper sulfate, brewers dried yeast, calcium pantothenate, garlic oil, pyridoxine hydrochloride, Vitamin B-12 supplement, thiamine mononitrate, Vitamin D-3 supplement, riboflavin supplement, calcium iodate, menadione sodium bisulfite complex (source of Vitamin K activity), folic acid, biotin, sodium selenite.
English bulldogs Bulldog or bulldogs  is the name for a breed of dog commonly referred to as the English Bulldog.
As an experienced English Bulldog breeder I would have to say that European English bulldog Bloodlines are much healthier than the American AKC English bulldog bloodlines, they have a lot less health problems!
Bulldog breed clubs put the average life span of the breed at 8–12 years, although a UK survey puts it at 6.5 years. Statistics from the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals indicate that of the 467 Bulldogs tested between 1979 and 2009 (36 years), 73.9% were affected by hip dysplasia, the highest amongst all breeds. Some individuals of this breed are prone to interdigital cysts, which are cysts that form between the toes. Other problems can include cherry eye, a protrusion of the inner eyelid (which can be corrected by a veterinarian), certain allergies, and hip issues in older Bulldogs.
In January 2009, after the BBC documentary Pedigree Dogs Exposed, The Kennel Club introduced revised breed standards for the British Bulldog, along with 209 other breeds, to address health concerns. English bulldogs – Picture of my 1 year old Female English Bulldog  Mauiexpo’s Juana champion bloodlines, side view. The English Bulldog is a breed with characteristically wide shoulders and a matching head, with a pronounced mandibular prognathism. Bulldogs are one of the few breeds whose tail is naturally short and curled and thus are not cut or docked as with some other breeds. According to the American Kennel Club (AKC) a Bulldog’s “disposition should be equable and kind, resolute and courageous (not vicious or aggressive), and demeanor should be pacific and dignified.

Breeders have worked to breed aggression out of the breed, and as such, the dog is known to be of good temperament. The term “Bulldog” was first mentioned in literature around 1500, the oldest spelling of the word being Bondogge and Bolddogge.
Despite slow maturation so that growing up is rarely achieved by two and a half years, bulldogs lives are relatively short and at five to six years of age they are starting to show signs of aging. The oldest single breed specialty club is The Bulldog Club (England), which was formed in 1878. Older pets usually suffer from weight gain as they are less active and neutering or spaying your pets can contribute to weight gain as it alters their metabolism.
You understand it is recommended while your pet is being fed Hill's Prescription Diet, you seek veterinary advice at least every 6 months regarding the usage of this food and the on-going care of your pet.
Please feed the food for 6 weeks to see the most benefit for your pet's joint health, and the continue to feed for life unless advised otherwise by your veterinary surgeon.
For more information on feeding Mobility Support to your dog, please consult your veterinary surgeon. It contains high levels of protein to stimulate metabolism and promote fat loss while maintaining lean muscle.
Other Bulldog breeds include the American Bulldog, Olde English Bulldog and the French Bulldog. The leading cause of death of Bulldogs in the survey was cardiac related (20%), cancer (18%) and old age (9%).
These cause the dog some discomfort, but are treatable either by vet or an experienced owner. Puppies are frequently delivered by Cesarean section because their characteristically large heads can become lodged in the mother’s birth canal during natural birth. If not properly exercised it is possible for a Bulldog to become overweight, which could lead to heart and lung problems, as well as joint issues. Extra caution should be practiced in warmer climates and during summer months.English Bulldogs must be given plenty of shade and water, and must be kept out of standing heat. Opposed by the British Bulldog Breed Council, it was speculated by the press that the changes would lead to a smaller head, fewer skin folds, a longer muzzle, and a taller thinner posture, in order to combat perceived problems with respiration and with breeding due to head size and width of shoulders.
Notice the “rope” over the nose, and pronounced under-bite, great specimen of the English bulldog breed. There are generally thick folds of skin on a Bulldog’s brow, followed by round, black, wide-set eyes, a short muzzle with characteristic folds called “rope” above the nose, with hanging skin under the neck, drooping lips, and pointed teeth. Some, particularly males, may not get along with other dogs or strangers but most have a friendly, patient nature. The first reference to the word with the modern spelling is dated 1631 or 1632 in a letter by a man named Preswick Eaton where he writes: “procuer mee two good Bulldogs, and let them be sent by ye first ship”. Rodney Stone became the first Bulldog to command a price of $5000 when he was bought by controversial Irish-American political figure Richard Croker. The assistance was massive and the interest in learning and solving problems, our best satisfaction. It is also low in calories and high in dietary fibre to ensure that your pet feels full and satisfied as well as antioxidants that maintain a strong and healthy immune system.
Weight gain can result in a high risk of other conditions such as arthritis, diabetes, heart disease and breathing problems. Should your pet's condition deteriorate in any way while using Hill's Prescription Diet, seek immediate veterinary advice.

The English Bulldog is a muscular heavy dog with a wrinkled face and a distinctive pushed-in nose. The coat is short, flat and sleek, with colors of red, fawn, white, brindle (mixed colors, often in waves or irregular stripes), and piebald.
In the United Kingdom, the breed standards are 55 pounds for a male and 50 pounds for a female.
Bulldogs do not need a lot of physical exercise, so they are well-suited for living in apartments and other urban environments. Though today’s Bulldog looks tough, he cannot perform the job he was originally created for as he cannot withstand the rigors of running and being thrown by a bull, and also cannot grip with such a short muzzle.
The English bulldogs in American Kennel Club (AKC),and  The English bulldogs in Kennel Club (UK) and the United Kennel Club (UKC) oversee breeding standards. Bulldogs actually do most of their sweating through the pads on their feet and accordingly enjoy cool floors. Bulldogs can be so attached to home and family that they will not venture out of the yard without a human companion.
In 1891 the two top Bulldogs, Orry and Dockleaf, competed in a contest to see which dog could walk the farthest. It is more and more frequent to find bitches that do not get pregnant, studs with low quality semen, foetal deaths, abortions, caesareans, neonatal deaths, etc…Ask us and together, we will improve your kennel.
The folds or “rope” on a Bulldog’s face should be cleaned daily to avoid unwanted infections caused by moisture accumulation. Due to the airway obstruction problem Bulldogs may have, like all brachycephalic or “short-faced” breeds they can easily get overheated and even die from hyperthermia.
Also, some Bulldogs’ naturally curling tails can be so tight to the body as to require regular cleaning and a bit of ointment.
They can be big snorters and heavy breathers due to this obstruction, and by and large they tend to be loud snorers.
It was common for a bull to maim or kill several dogs at such an event, either by goring, tossing or trampling. These are all issues that are easy to keep under control as long as you stay aware and protect your Bulldog from these unsafe conditions. Over the centuries dogs used for bull-baiting developed the stocky bodies and massive heads and jaws which typify the breed as well as a ferocious and savage temperament. Bull-baiting – along with bear-baiting – reached the peak of their popularity in England in the early 1800s until they were both made illegal by the Cruelty to Animals Act 1835. Although some argued that the older version of the Bulldog was more fit to perform, the modern version’s looks won over the fans of the breed because they proved they were equally as fit and athletic in the walking competition.
This amended the existing legislation to protect animals from mistreatment and included (as ‘cattle’) bulls, dogs, bears and sheep, so that bull and bear-baiting as well as cockfighting became prohibited. Therefore, the Old English Bulldog had outlived its usefulness in England as a sporting animal and its active or ‘working’ days were numbered. In mid-17th century New York, Bulldogs were used as a part of a city-wide round-up effort led by governor Richard Nicolls.
Because cornering and leading wild bulls was dangerous, Bulldogs were trained to seize a bull by its nose long enough for a rope to be secured around its neck.

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