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Did You Know?FDA does not approve use of OTC cough syrups for toddlers (children under 6) for the treatment of cough.
Frequent coughing can disrupt normal routine of any child, as it causes chest pain and throat irritation.
Cough due to build up of mucus in the upper respiratory tract should always be treated with syrups that act as cough expectorants. In order to improve cough and clear away the mucus from the respiratory tract, Mucosolvan cough syrup has been quite useful in this regard.
DayQuil contains guaifenesin, an expectorant which means it thins the mucus to facilitate its expulsion. It does the dual job of alleviating chest congestion (by draining the mucus) as well as suppressing the cough. This is another best-selling brand in cough syrup that does a great job of suppressing cough.
At the Winton Practice, Dublin 6, our Osteopaths and other practitioners have the skills and healing hands to put you and your children back on the path to better health. And don’t worry if we haven’t mentioned your particular ailment or illness - call us anyway and osteopath treatments  may be able to help you. Children suffering from viral infections such as common cold often suffer from persistent coughing. Cough expectorants are formulated to liquefy the thick mucus, thereby making it easier to cough up this sticky fluid. Thus, patients with common cold and flu can certainly take DayQuil to get relief from cough and chest congestion. It contains both dextromethorphan and guaifenesin, hence is useful to loosen the mucus and reduce the cough.
As the name suggests, they help to suppress or quiet the cough that occurs from inhaling irritants. Here is a breakdown of everything you need to know including what green mucus means and options for chronic and constant nasal discharge.

It does not contain any ingredients such as alcohol, that are found in most commercial cough syrups.
Take the prescribed dosage during the day and cough won't bother your child for over 8 hours. In such circumstances, suppressing the cough is the need of the hour which is easily possible by using Delsym syrup. There are parents who increase the dosage of the syrup, without taking advice from a doctor. Moreover, Robitussin contains dextromethorphan (DXM), a drug well-known for its cough suppressing abilities. The syrup prescribed for children over 12 years contains dextromethorphan, which works temporarily to silence the cough for about 12 hours. However, Robitussin is not prescribed for children less than 12 years of age, as honey is not safe for toddlers. Under any circumstances, the number of doses should not go beyond 3 in a time span of 24 hours. At a price of $5 - 6 per bottle, Robitussin seems to be an inexpensive way to treat dry cough. One should also carefully go through the label before taking the syrup to get a clear idea about the exact dosage.
Furthermore, toddlers tend to touch anything they come across which makes it easy for them to pick infections. Allergies are usually associated with clear nasal drainage (mucus) as opposed to the green or yellowish one that often characterize common cold. NB: While sinusitis (sinus infection) is a common cause of runny nose and other symptoms such as cough in adults, it is not as such common among children aged below 7 years. Christopher Chang, a Otolaryngology-Head & Neck Surgeon based in Warrenton, Virginia says. A runny nose can especially seem to last significantly when a cold runs into another as Jennifer Shu, MD, the author of Heading Home With Your Newborn says.

A constant runny nose may be an indication of continued exposure to allergens, cold weather (which irritates the nasal lining leading to runny nose), and spicy foods. It is common for symptoms to last as long as 10 days and you should not worry before 10 days unless your toddler: Gets lethargic Is having trouble breathing Refuses to eat or drink Has high-grade fever Seems irritable and inconsolable Green Runny Nose in Toddler Common colds often cause a watery clear mucus which may then thicken and turn green or yellow at later stages (a week or so later).
Unfortunately, green and yellow nasal discharge (mucus) is also often an indication of other more serious problems such as bacterial infection and foreign objects stuffed in the nose.
The Baby Center UK website recommends checking out for tell-tale signs of more serious infections such as high fever that lasts more than 2 days, pulling and rubbing the ears, refusing to eat, etc. It should also concern you if the runny nose is accompanied by such as diarrhea and vomiting, which are often associated with flu.
Toddler Chronic Runny Nose What about chronic runny nose in toddlers, the kind that never seems to ever go away or keeps coming back every now and then. Allergies, enlarged adenoids, and respiratory tract illnesses and infections top the list, but deviated septum, cystic fibrosis (a rare genetic disorder) and choanal atresia (rare anatomical defect) may as well be to blame albeit rarely. Having a foreign object stuck in the nose could also be a causative factor for chronic runny nose and is often associated with other symptoms such as unpleasantly smelling nasal discharge that drains from one nostril only, bloody-tinged discharged, and sudden pain. All chronic runny nose in toddlers warrant medical attention for proper diagnosis and appropriate treatment. How to Stop a Toddler Runny Nose with Saline Solutions – How to Treat or Treatment A runny nose is the body’s way of getting rid of perceived threats and will in most cases clear on its own in a matter of days. This guide on how to stop a toddler runny nose focuses on the use of saline solutions as a way to loosen and flush out excess mucus and allergens and unclog the nasal cavities Prepare a salty water solution by placing ? teaspoon in a cup of warm water Place a few drops of the solution into each nostril Use a bulb syringe (you may hear other names such as nasal aspirator, suction bulb etc.) to draw out the excess mucus in your kid’s nostrils. Press the bulb first to drive out air and then release it gently when inside your baby’s nostril.

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