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A 35-year-old Indonesian man named Dede suffered a simple cut as a teenager and thereafter began growing tree-like warts all over his body. If anyone that see this picture should know that God is real and pray for this man and all mankind and know that we are blessed. I THINK THAT IS REALLY SAD FOR WHAT HE HAS TO GO THROUGH HE DOES NOT HAVE TO DIE NO ONE HAS TO HE NEEDS TO GET TREATMENT. If you read the article again, it says he has a rare genetic flaw that causes him to have a weak immune system so MAYBE he’s had this for a long time and this is what could happen if you have a weak immune system.
Also, I believe Dede has a genetic mutation that affects his body’s ability to control the spread of the wart growth.
Anyone wanting more information, please go to your doctor or visit a medical site to get accurate information. I am from Bangalore, India.I cam to know about this man from a show broadcast ed on Discovery channel. MAN GOT 3 WARTS AND MY DAD IS TAKING MI TO THE DOCTOR AND NOW HERE SUPER SMALL AND IM ALREADY EMBARRESED ENOUGF ABOUT MY HAND IMAGIN HOW HE FEELS AND WTF FUCK ALL OF YALL WHO SAY HE NEEDS TO DIE HES A HUMAN BEENIN 2 HE DESERVES TO STAY ALIVE JUST AS MUCH AS YOU …. Facebook Twitter Buffer Individuals suffering from both, the gum disease periodontitis and human papillomavirus (HPV) have a greater risk of developing tongue cancer. In a newly conducted research, at the University at Buffalo School of Dental Medicine, experts noted that the two infections work together as a deadly duo to raise the risk of cancer. The latest revelations put previous studies in question, which stated that HPV and periodontitis were independent risk factors for tongue cancer. The study analyzed 30 patients suffering from squamous cell carcinoma on the base of the tongue.
Though most people do get an HPV infection at some time or the other in their lives, in most cases it gets cured and causes no lasting harm. Tezal further added that the latest study shows that chronic inflammation and co-infection with oral bacteria may be important factors in the natural history of HPV infection. Most HPV infections have no signs or symptoms; therefore, most infected persons are unaware they are infected, yet they can transmit the virus to a sex partner.

For 2004, the American Cancer society A estimates that about 10,520 women will develop invasive cervical cancer and about 3,900 women will die from this disease. Dont even attempt to say you would if you were him, because your not, and your also probably never going to be in a situation like this. Mine Tezal, assistant professor in the UB dental school and research scientist at Roswell Park Cancer Institute at the 2008 American Association of Dental research meeting in Dallas.
It was revealed that 90 percent of patients with HPV-positive tumors had periodontitis, and 79 percent of patients whose tumors showed no presence of HPV did not have periodontitis.
It is estimated that nearly 80% of women are exposed to HPV at some point in their lives (HPV and Cervical Cancer Screening 2003).
For persons who are sexually active, condoms may lower their chances of getting HPV, if used all the time and the right way. He can finally write again and walk without pain, but they discovered that he has osteoporosis disintegrating his finger bones, and the growths were also trying to return. For clarification, I have found in my research that HPV does not cause infertility on its own. I think its extremely low for someone to think they have the right to say you should kill yourself, this man needs help and saying garbage like that is just making it worse. The authors of the study believe that constant infection plays a key part in the development of cancer. Most women who develop invasive cervical cancer have not had regular cervical cancer screening The population that is generally infected is 15-24 years of age.
Doctors could never figure out what Dede’s condition was, and the growths worsened with each passing year. Infertility may be indirectly caused by the cancerous conditions that some strains may predispose a person to. Just cause hes suffering doesnt mean he shouldnt be alive, keep your idiotic comments to yourself.
The more sexual partners a woman has, the greater chance she has of acquiring a strain of HPV that can lead to cervical cancer.

It wasn’t until an American dermatologist traveled to see Dede’s odd growths and cutaneous horns that the proper diagnosis was made: Dede was simply suffering from HPV, or human papilloma virus. I think that we need to think God that we were are blessed when it comes to different situation. There is currently no cure for HPV, although most infections go away on their own (Stanely, Pett, and Coleman 2007). Usually the doctor will suggest a C-section if it is known that a woman is pregnant and has HPV to prevent transmission to the child during delivery. The virus can be latent, which means it can be present in the body but will cause no damage to the host.
Unfortunately for Dede, he happens to have a rare genetic flaw that causes his immune system to be as weak as someone with AIDS. Some of you have diseases and would never admit it or have as much courage as this gentleman to come forth. Once you acquire one strain, you develop antibodies for it and cannot be infected with that same strain again, but it is possible to be infected by the numerous other strains that exist.
I fell in love with someone who carried the HPV string and had one of his friends tell me that he had it and didnt listen so its my oen fault.
And as far as praying to your non-existant DOG and JEBUS, i tried that and i still cant have children.They have treatments for it yes so the warts go away but you cant get rid of a virus. Fortunately for Dede, proper treatment and several surgeries offer the promise of a normal life.

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