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Nonetheless, a research study indicates the extract from Japanese Shiitake mushrooms called Active Hexose Correlated Compound (AHCC) shows promise in treating HPV – the virus that causes cervical cancer and genital warts. 10 women with HPV-positive status were treated orally with the AHCC extract once daily, with dosage of 3 grams on an empty stomach, for up to 6 months.
5 out of the 10 patients achieved a negative HPV test result, with 3 of them with confirmed eradication after stopping AHCC. AHCC has been successfully used to treat a wide range of health conditions, with below among the benefits of all natural AHCC compound. Side effects are rare, though some reported mild complaints like nausea, diarrhea, and bloating. AHCC up to 3 g is safe to administer and definitely helps cancer patients in reducing side effects of chemotherapeutic drugs. Hyperdose feedback in CancerCompass forum that his father was diagnosed with stage 4 pancreatic cancer, and started taking AHCC Kinoko Gold. As indicated above, supplements with AHCC mushroom extract (like Kinoko Gold) have received positive customer reviews that testify AHCC supplement do help to fight cancers and reduce adverse effects of chemotherapy – just as the medical research results show.

However, there are still very limited reviews that prove AHCC mushroom supplement can effectively cure HPV – which requires further clinical studies.
Nevi-Skin is a topical cream formulated with natural herbal extracts to treat HPV genital warts, common warts, and plantar warts (verrucas). The active ingredient in Wartec cream is Podophyllotoxin, a plant extract with antiviral and antiwart properties. Get more information on human papilloma virus (hpv) - its symptoms, root cause and natural cure.
Philippa Cheetham further discussed about HPV and this AHCC clinical study in the first 3 minutes of video below.
By the end of the 2 weeks the doctor checked his blood, everything improved, white and red blood cells. I underwent Chemotherapy, taken targeted medicine (Tarceva) for about 2 years, underwent a second Chemotherapy again last year and is now again undergoing remission.
There has been some research now that shows AHCC can lower you HPV viral levels so low the virus is killed by your immune system.

Human papillomavirus (hpv) is a dna virus from the papillomavirus family that is capable of infecting humans. For 2 and a half year I have been taking Kinoko Gold AHCC 500mg, I give credit to Kinoko for my physical well being. He went from not opening his eyes to know taking brisk walks, exercising, fixing up the house!
I exercise daily with an hour of walking and 15 minutes calisthenic and feeling good about myself.

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