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On this Veterans Day, let us remember the service of our veterans, and let us renew our national promise to fulfill our sacred obligations to our veterans and their families who have sacrificed so much so that we can live free. If you know someone who is at war, or are a soldier yourself, we invite you to say a prayer below. Veterans are people who signed a blank check to Uncle Sam for the amount up to and including their life. My brother and his wife are in Manila Philippians today to visit his father's grave at the American Veterans Cemetery there.
The numbers are positive, and most importantly I strive to engage audiences by encouraging their content creation through Health Center social networks.
This photo-sharing and social media campaign promotes nutrition awareness by encouraging students to share photos of their healthy plates. Studies show that cultivation of gratitude can bring us happiness, reduce anxiety and depression, make us more resilient, and even help us sleep better.
I use Hootsuite, a web-based social media dashboard, to access metrics and to carefully schedule posts. In 2011, the UMD Health Center transitioned to 3rd-party billing (insurance) providing the primary source of revenue.  I created a video to educate students and parents about how to navigate insurance at the Health Center. The Health Center customer service committee, on which I serve, collects and codes responses to the Quality of Care surveys in order to evaluate customer service and make recommendations to leadership. One lesson from the National Collegiate Health Assessment data is that 1 in 3 UMD students feel “too depressed to function” at some point every year.

I filmed and edited this video to promote awareness of how therapy works at the UMD Health Center. In collaboration with UMD Libraries, the UMD Health Center is starting an innovative light therapy program. This campaign promoted our self-test kit for STI’s (Sexually Transmitted Infections). Due to rising rates of Chlamydia on the UMD campus, we launched a wildly successful social media campaign in fall 2014 spoofing the popular dating app Tinder. I created this design, campaign and event promotion centered around body image issues and eating disorder awareness. This campaign successfully promoted revenue streams during winter and summer breaks when most students are away from campus.
Levine’s annual gala raises money to provide music education to students across the DMV region. I created the invitation package, save-the-date, plus web & digital signage graphics centered around the cherry blossom musical notes. I filmed and edited promotional videos and created a slideshow playing throughout the event.
I was an integral part of a team creating a coherent brand for Levine’s diverse programs and campuses with multiple target audiences. It will be the first time anyone from the States has visited the grave,since he was killed in the Luzon.

I created the video below to kick off the contest, and I managed the contest with a facebook app via Shortstack. UMD Month of Gratitude encourages Terps to express their gratitude to the UMD comunity in gratitude booklets and then pass it on to a friend to do the same. I make sure to time posts for specific times of day when our students monitor Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Tumblr.  For instance, posts during class changes and during halftime of major UMD sporting events prove quite successful. Participants learned about when & where to meet target audiences, how to use Hootsuite and how to build real engagement in social media campaigns.
I produced design and marketing strategy for this campaign to promote awareness of depression and treatment options. According to facebook insights, this campaign produced UMDHealthCenter’s most viral facebook post of the 12-13 academic year. Once a booklet is full we ask students to return them to the Health Center, and we share the collected expressions of gratitude online via social media.
I monitor the environment via Hootsuite for mentions of the UMD Health Center in order to make sure we provide excellent customer service.

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