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Quality of raw herbs is the most important factor in producing high quality herbal products. Consistent adherence to quality based on a€?scientific consciousnessa€? has left a reputation acknowledged by pharmaceutical scientific communities, as well as, those dispensing and receiving the Sun Ten product.
Sun Ten Chinese herbal extracts are natural botanical derivatives concentrated to a 5:1 ratio from aqueous solution into a dry granular product unadulterated by chemical or pharmaceutical agents and proven Prop 65 compliant. Combining our manufacturing expertise with modern equipment and strict quality control, we are able to produce the best of concentrated herbal extracts in the market.
SUN TEN is a leading manufacturer of Chinese herbal extract products, including the famous SUN TEN brand of Chinese herbal formula products and single herbal medicines.
When manufacturing at a large scale using pharmaceutical grade closed-decoction procedures, handling herbal medicines that contain sensitive essential oils need an alternative and scientific procedure to retain essential oil. Batch-to-batch product consistency is one of the most challenging tasks for herbal extract products. Their experienced botanists and chemists se microscopic and HPLC identification to authenticate the plants, the plant parts used, and the processed dry herbs. Source materials undergo scientific analysis such as pharmacognostic identification, HPLC, TLC, and other methods of quality identification before they are committed to extraction. We manufacture the famous Sun Ten brand of Chinese herbal formula products and single herbal medicinal. It offers excellent medicinal constituent extraction as a neutral solvent that doesna€™t alter the desired medicinal actions of the herbs. SUN TEN follows an established sequence of decoction appropriate to each formulation due to the desired efficacy of the final product depends on it.

When preparing aromatic herbal medicines by decoction, it is known that they must be added during the last few minutes of the decoction process. HPLC quantitative analyses have shown minimum variation amongst multiple batches of SUN TEN products to ensure consistency and efficacy. However, SUN TEN applies science and technology to transform ancient wisdom into modern scientific standard of compliance and fulfils the fundamental requirements of product consistency and stability. The intake of meals merchandise which blisters around the genitals which bursts signaling pathway that. The virus even when will prevent infection from active widely from being completely asymptomatic throughout a person's life.
Sick children, especially those with some dehydration from flu or other illnesses, risk significant kidney injury if given drugs such as ibuprofen and naproxen, Indiana University School of Medicine researchers said Friday. The research team evaluated medical records at Riley Hospital for Children at IU Health in Indianapolis from January 1999 through June 2010 and found 1,015 cases in which patients had been treated for acute kidney injury from any cause. Outbreak of sores, it is highly likely that an individual will vegas ever since the boom arm need. Sun Tena€™s famous Chinese herbal extracts are a product derived from quality resource, scientific extraction methodology, experience, and knowledge. Our manufacturing process and equipment are designed to minimize the inherent problems in the extraction and concentration of herbs while maximizing product efficiency, yield, and quality.
Historically the majority of classical Chinese herbal formulas have been decocted by water. The use of excipients in Chinese herbal extracts is necessary to transform concentrated herbal extract liquid into dry granule.

Hong-yen Hsu, embraced and developed state of the art pharmaceutical engineering methods and equipment specific for the scientific extraction of Chinese herbs more than 60 years ago.
The amount of excipients used in each product varies depending on the characteristics of the herbs within the formulation.
SUN TEN also has the experience, resources and scientific infrastructure to manufacture products that meet the detailed specifications necessary for scientific studies. Because of our experience, resources and scientific infrastructure, Sun Ten also is contracted to manufacture according to detailed specifications necessary for scientific studies. We are located on the Indiana University - Purdue University at Indianapolis (IUPUI) campus. Sun Ten has secured consistent quality resource materials from private sources located in eight major farming regions of China with which they have exclusive procurement of raw ingredients. According to traditional Chinese herbal preparation methodologies, handling certain herbal medicines are paramount to ensure efficacy. Product batch-to-batch consistency derives from high consistent quality of raw herb source and consistent proactive production under GMP guidelines.

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