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You will still need to find at least mid-teens to get into a VR ClubSport, such is the prestige placed by V8 fans on the HSV badge.
Not much of a local, big-bodied, big-performance car comes close to a ClubSport, although the Ford Falcon V8 Sprint probably comes closest.
WA¤hrend sich Teamkollege Kevin GroAYkreutz bei Galatasary Istanbul nicht mehr wohlfA?hlt, dreht Lukas Podolski in der Millionenstadt am Bosporus richtig auf. Although Australian muscle cars are enjoying a giant boost in collectability, the older and newest muscle cars are most sought after, with the VR and VS-model HSV ClubSports caught in the middle - not old enough to be truly collectable, too new not to be overshadowed by the Gen 3 Chevrolet engine.But what does this mean for the most popular HSV model of all time, the ClubSport?
The body kit featured a deep front apron, solid side-skirts, a prominent rear spoiler, and aggressive five-spoke 17-inch alloy wheels.

A VS with the driver's airbag should fetch mid-to-late teens while a late-model VS Series 2 with about 140,000 km showing can easily break the $20,000 barrier. Even then, the Falcon lacks the cachet of the HSV brand and is neither as hard-edged to drive nor as radical to look at.Prices and details correct at publication. Galatasaray liegt mit 26 Punkten aus 14 Spielen als Tabellendritter nun vier ZA¤hler hinter Spitzenreiter und Stadtrivale Fenerbahce.
Are they good enough to live with for somebody looking for a decent lump of performance metal on a budget?The answer is "yes" and, since there's plenty for the choosing, finding a good example shouldn't be impossible. Overall, the ClubSport had a raw, racy feel.HSV fitted anti-lock brakes to the ClubSport as standard, although the airbag that was standard on the Holden Acclaim was deleted on the VR Clubsport in the name of a racier-looking sports tiller.

By the time the VS model came along, the driver's airbag was standard.Things to watch for include worn out mechanicals, since the ClubSport is a car that begged to be driven hard.

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