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From a powertrain perspective, the new HSV Maloo carries over the 6.2L LS3 Generation IV V8 from the E-Series model. The Maloo R8 features a long list of additional content over and above the standard fare on the Maloo. The new Maloo R8 also features a newly styled Remote Locking Hard Tonneau and Performance Sail Plane.
HSV has also announced the introduction of a new “SV Enhanced” option to be available exclusively on its R8 models.

A slim-line, soft tonneau cover with concealed latchings delivers flexibility and load carrying versatility. HSV produces a range of high All New ClubSport Copyright 1987-2016 Holden Special Vehicles .Current classic HSV car specs, HSV car specifications. If I was going to spend that much on a commodore, I'd spend a bit more and buy something like the R35 and make it a worthwhile blowing of cash.
Despite cost, their customers continually will come back and be happy with what they get, and the ones that arent, probably wont be happy with anything and will always want more or upgrade and change no matter what they get.

Sadly, I struggle handing over 50k for a car before backing out and realising it is a waste of cash.

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