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A rigid foam blank is molded shaped to specification then covered with fiberglass cloth and polyester resin.
They are manufactured using our unique chemical formulas to be exceptionally uniform and consistent in all physical properties. The Foam Factory is proud to offer a wide range of foam products for residential and commercial projects.
New England Foam also stocks foam blocks buns cubes pads planks profiles rolls in custom standard sizes.
CORAFOAM is the rigid expanded polyurethane produced by DUNA-Corradini CORAFOAM polyurethane foam is a material that during its over 50-years-long history has become synonymous of Energy saving and thermal insulation in its Low density lines of foams and of workability and reliability in its High density lines of products.
Foam Styrofoam Product DetailsEco box 2 Polyurethane Medium Density Foam is perfect for protecting oddly shaped or fragile items during shipping or in storage. Expanded foam CORAFOAM thanks to its closed-cells structure has a first-rate insulating power and excellent mechanical characteristics that make it suitable to be used not only as insulating material Low density but also as structural element in technologically advanced fields such as composites tooling and modeling High density. In the early 1990s because of their impact on ozone depletion the Montreal Protocol restricted the use of many chlorine containing blowing agents such as trichlorofluoromethane CFC-11.

These sheets are made using quality assured raw material procured from trusted vendors of the market.
Types of Open-cell Foam Sheets Available Filter Furniture Polyester Polyether Polyurethane Rebond.
By the late 1990s blowing agents such as carbon dioxide pentane 1112-tetrafluoroethane HFC-134a and 11133-pentafluoropropane HFC-245fa were widely used in North America and the EU although chlorinated blowing agents remained in use in many developing countries.
Our high-density flame-retardant marine and rigid polyurethane foams are also available in a broad range of physical forms including rigid foam boards and blocks. Some boat decks including U.S Navy vessels use specialized polyurethane sealants to protect from constant moisture and harsh oceanic elements. This allows us to best align HDU foam properties with your specific needs and help you contain material and manufacturing costs.
Polyurethane foam sheets come in many different varieties making the material an incredibly versatile and useful comfort product. As an example Durabak-M26 uses a custom single-part polyurethane to prevent water seepage to unwanted areas.

Hydrostatic pressure-resistant foams provide buoyancy for underwater flotation applications without liquid penetration. Our foam is manufactured in different densities and firmnesses and orders can be custom made depending on your needs. Polyurethane has been used to make several Tennis Overgrips such as Yonex Super Grap Wilson Pro Overgrip and many other grips. Polyurethane foam has plenty of uses and applications our satisfied clients range from businesses that need bulk foam to individuals working on DIY projects.
Comprehensive of bedclothes furniture auto inner parts floor covering underlay and bundling these polyurethane polymers more.

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